The Facebook Notification

I am sure you have seen the newest flurry of anxiety making its way through Facebook world. Earlier this week, Facebook sent a notification to many users letting them know that they were “reducing clutter by showing you fewer notifications from some groups”.
(See image below)


If you clicked on the notification it would take you to a screen where a bunch of your groups are listed and you can see that they set them all to Highlights Only, whereas you might have had them set to All Posts at one time. Which means, if someone set themselves to All Posts in your Customer VIP Group, Facebook my have just defaulted them back to Highlights Only with this notification.

Facebook #Truthbomb:

Now before you completely freak out about this, I want to take a minute and remind you of a few things.
1. Facebook is a totally FREE platform
2. You are using their platform to build your business for FREE
3. “It is their playground and their playground equipment” (Melanie Moore)
3. You cannot get your panties in a twist every time they make an update
4. The more time you spend whining, the less time you spend working!
5. Nothing you say or do will change Facebook and how they choose to do business, get over it…. and fast!

New Pinned Highlighted Posts:

Facebook is also rolling out a new feature that will allow you TEN HIGHLIGHTED PINNED POSTS in groups. This is where you want to add your most important information to get across to your customers because THIS is the “highlighted posts” your customers may be choosing to still see. Facebook is rolling out changes to HELP. Trust and adapt to the changes. That’s you’re only choice. Get all chameleon camando


Green chameleon hunting. Portrait of an exotic animal. Macro

What I am Doing with My Customer VIP Group:

So first things first, I am planning to make a quick banner for my group to encourage my group members to choose All Posts for notifications in the group. Then I am going to spice up the *fun factor* in my group by running a couple contests over the next couple weeks, making sure that with each contest I remind them to set themselves to All Posts so they do not miss anything. I am going to tease them with FOMO (the fear of missing out). And that’s it — there is not a whole lot more you can do. But I am not going to sit around whining and hold a “woah is me” self pity party, I got stuff to do.

Melissaism: Do you want to complain, or do you want to make money?

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Blessing in Disguise?

But what about the Facebook Groups that I am a member of and love and want to see notifications from? I went to my Groups page on Facebook and honestly my jaw hit the keyboard. I had NO IDEA I was in so many groups!! Like seriously… no wonder Facebook needed to reduce clutter, there is no way I could possibly see notifications for all of the groups I am in.

“My name is Melissa Fietsam and I am a Facebook Group hoarder!”

I am not even kidding, there are so many groups listed that I don’t have time to count them all. Many, many, many of them are groups that I was added to (without my permission) and then tons of them are Customer VIP Groups for other companies, business groups, hobby groups, etc.

So it’s almost March right? Well, I started my Spring Cleaning early. I started removing myself from groups left and right. There is no reason for me to be a member of these groups if I am never going to check them, right? I need to stop kidding myself that I will get back to them one day… no I won’t, I have more important things to focus on. I do not need to be in 15 legging groups, that is INSANE! I do not need 6 kitchen gadget consultants, I need one. I need to pick a consultant and be loyal to them, just like I want my customers to do with me and I need to remove myself from the other groups.

While you are on the Groups page, you are able to see every group you are in and choose the notification settings for each group, so for some I choose All Posts, some I choose Highlights Only and looooots I chose to remove myself from entirely.

You know what, at the end of the day, Facebook sending that “reducing clutter” notification really made me get my butt in gear and reduce some clutter in my own business. It felt GOOD to remove myself from the excessive number of groups I was in. With each group I removed, I could actually feel weight lifted off my chest. Cleaning house in your business feels good, simplifying feels good, organizing feels good and removing excess noise and clutter feels GREAT!

When you get a little downtime, hop over to your Groups page on Facebook and take a look at what Groups you are in and what you can delete to streamline & reduce clutter in your newsfeed and your business.

Get back to good old fashioned customer service.

  • Customer Newsletters
  • Engaging graphics
  • Videos
  • Weekly contests in your Customer Group
  • Get your BUSINESS PAGE up and running and HOPPING!
  • Personal text to every single person who orders
  • Facebook parties: First post should be a drawing for each person to COMMENT to be entered in to win. This way…they’re already engaged from the get-go

I promise…you can do it!

Let’s get to work!

Melissa Fietsam,



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