10 ideas to rock your business in March

10 ways march

If you have been following this blog any length of time, you know how much I love themes and seasonal marketing. I have always been an out-of-the-box thinker and am always looking for ways to set myself apart from the masses and stand out.

I love March! It is the beginning of Spring and (usually) the end of snow here in Ohio. Spring gets me all excited and “twitterpated” (remember that word from Bambi?)! I cannot wait to get things rolling this spring. Have you seen the Dollar Tree? OMGsh — so much awesomeness there that you can use for your business from shamrocks, to Easter eggs, to baskets, to flowers and more! Here are some fun March Marketing Ideas to get you excited about Spring too! Easter is April 1st, so that throws a little wrench into Spring marketing, but no worries, we got this!

#1 Clover Cash (or Bunny Bucks):

Remember Cupid Cash from February? How about some Clover Cash or Bunny Bucks for March? Your customers “earn” $1 in Clover Cash for every $10 they spend with you in March. The Clover Cash is only redeemable with you and only redeemable in April, so it gets you sales this month and potentially next month too. If you want to move some cash and carry products, you could easily change the coupon to where they can only redeem the Clover Cash toward something you have cash and carry and then payout the difference. For example, if they have $10 in Clover Cash and the item is $31, they give you the $10 in Clover Cash and pay the $21 difference. That’s a sale for March AND a sale for April!

#2 Change your VIP Customer Group cover photo to something “March-y”:

This is an easy way to update your group and get a post into your group member’s newsfeeds. Make sure you are using that prime real estate of the cover photo space as best you can.

Don’t forget to join Directly Social on Facebook:


#3 March Madness: 

The entire month of March is MAAAAAD for your customers! Post something fun on Facebook like:
It’s March Madness!!!!
Now and through March 31st
Any purchase made during the month of March, will enter your name in a drawing for ______________. But wait, there’s more …… each customer you refer that makes a purchase will increase your odds. Refer a friend and your name will be entered for each referral! Hurry this deal will only last for the month of March!
Try your luck of the Irish during this March Madness deal!!

#4 Don’t forget about “Pi Day” (3/14):

Have some fun with this one, host a live party in your home where you serve pie. Give away free little pies in online contests. Which pie do you like best engagement questions? Get it?

#5 An EGGcellent Easter Idea:

Purchase a couple bags of plastic Easter eggs from the Dollar Store, put product samples, candy, goodies inside the eggs. Seal the egg shut with your name/contact label then give these cute eggs to all of your customer this month in their order bags, put them on your vendor tables as a free giveaway, hand them out to people as you meet them, leave one for your server at the restaurant. Use the Easter eggs as a marketing tool.

#6 Host a “Take a PEEP” Business Opportunity Event:

You can host this online or as a live event where the invitation, posts, everything are kinda PEEP themed. Just think about how much fun that could be! You could even give someone a biz oppty packet at your parties along with a 5 pack of PEEPS. The ideas for this theme are endless.

#7 PEEP Happy Mail:

Speaking of PEEPS, why not mail some as Happy Mail to your team with a note that says “I’m so happy you are one of my PEEPS!”

#8 LUCKY Socks:

Send a note with a pair of St Patty’s Day socks (Dollar Store!) that says “Super LUCKY to Know You” to your March party Hostesses!

#9 Host a Shamrock Shuffle or Bunny Hop!

Similar to the Turkey Trot, you find 10 people to sell $100 retail = $1,000 party
The participants split the hostess credits or one person wins the hostess credits on the party.

#10 EGGcellent Booking Challenge:

You can do this at a live party or online party. Fill 12 eggs with candy and a piece of paper. 6 pieces of paper say “Book at Party”, 5 pieces of paper say “Win a Prize” and 1 piece of paper says “Grand Prize”. Party attendees can choose an egg, and they do or get whatever the egg says. If they get a book a party, they book a party in the next 30 days. If they get win a prize, then you give them a prize….and if they get the GRAND PRIZE, you give them something awesome (usually small product).

What fun March/Easter ideas do you have?

Melissa Fietsam



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