We have a brand new training available!

Want to get your new consultants on a fast track to success?

Do you want a tool to use during your recruiting conversations?

How about a system that gets them to sell $1000 in their first few months as a consultant?

This system has made a huge difference in my recruiting efforts AND my retention of those new consultants.

Some of us need a tool to give us the confidence to share the opportunity, this gives you that tool. 

And others are really good at recruiting…but are having a hard time keeping those new consultants and getting them active. Guess what? This will knock your socks off!

  • You’re going to get an entire system for before and after sponsoring someone.
  • You’re going to get a tracker to print and keep tabs on those new consultants and their new program.
  • A video training on how to rock this new system and set up your own.
  • You’re going to get templates to create your own flyer to include all this new information in a message and their packets!
  • …and so much more!





I opened this training to a select group of consultants from different companies and here’s what they had to say:

Clear and easy system that is customizable for all companies and budgets! I am already seeing success from it! I opened it up to my small team to get them excited again. One who hasn’t placed an order in 2 months earned levels 1 and 2 already. Showed it to a recruit I was “courting” and she signed after I showed this “extra” incentive to her! I asked her what finally made her decide and she said it was this. She wasn’t sure she could earn the company incentive, but this was doable to her!

Jenn Penn~Personally Poetic

I finally have a system that saves me time, focuses on the success of my new team members, was easy to implement, holds me accountable to my team and has changed my business! Thanks Melissa Fietsam!

Kyla Duguay~Thirty-One Gifts

I just love the step by step instructions. It allows my entire team to participate, contribute and excel. It gives them a guideline as to what they need to become a contributing team member. It also showed me what I need to present to my team without overwhelming my slow starters or hobbyists. It has me thinking about some recent consultants too.  I think it will give them a way back in without feeling judged. I’m offering and giving them a good excuse to stop making excuses. This put me on track and gave me focus.

Connie Maras~Clever Container

Awesome info!! Love the step by step of how to have a recruiting mindset. Where to start and how to keep it 💗and the way to present the extra incentives, breaking it down to see it as doable.

Teresa Simmons~Thirty-One Gifts

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