So the topic for today’s blog post – “Should I add my downline and other Consultants to my VIP Customer Group?”

I will be honest, this is a question that will get you a lot of different opinions when asked in a group of leaders, but I am going to share my thoughts and then why I think that way.

If you follow me on Social Media, you know that I was in Las Vegas last weekend with CinchShare’s W.I.L.D Retreat (Women in Leadership Development). It was a training weekend for Leaders and CinchShare knocked it out of the park. They invited amazing speakers  to present, including yours truly! I loved the workshop style of the event and the time allotted to put the learnings into practice.

The event was so eye-opening for me as I saw the needs of leaders and heard the areas they were struggling in. It really helped me to get even more clarity on what leaders in the field need and how I could help them. Over the next few months, I plan to take one blog post a month to really dive deep into some of those struggles that Leaders have.  If you have something you would like to see me address here in the blog, please let me know in the comments below and I will do my best to make it happen.

But back to our topic… – “Should I add my downline and other Consultants to my VIP Customer Group?”

I personally do not think you should add your downline, upline or other Consultants to your VIP Customer Group. The purpose of the group is to have a place of communication for your customers and potential customers. I want you to dig deep and really think about WHY you have added those Consultants to your group.

For some leaders, they say it is to “share” what you are doing with those Consultants so they can go do the same thing in their customer group, right? Well, in my eyes, I see that as enabling my Consultants, not equipping or empowering them. One of the most important things I believe I need to teach my Consultants is to take control of their business and work it as a business from day one. I am all about giving them tools to use to learn the ropes of the business, but I am careful not to be the mama bird going out and getting their food, bringing it back to the nest and literally feeding it to them. If you are always feeding them (literally from your mouth to theirs), they will never leave the nest, and why would they ever want to?

I do not want to create a nest of birds on my team that are dependent on me to give them everything or they can’t function; I want to mentor them and teach them to build their own business. To leave the nest and have their businesses take flight. My job as a leader is to equip, empower and grow my Consultants. And then mentor them to do the same with their Consultants. My Consultants do not lack the flow of information, encouragement or communication. I still give them everything they need and then some, but they are not members of my Customer Group, they don’t need to be.

Teach them to fly…

I keep my Customer Group closed to any of my downline Consultants. It is truly just me and my customers inside my group. I want to converse and build authentic relationships with those customers, just me and them.  But I do SHARE what I am doing in my Customer Group with my team often.

I take screenshots of conversations or posts and upload them to my team group to give them ideas of what I am going, and what is working for me. By sharing a screenshot, they can take the idea and make it their own, without copying and pasting my exact verbiage or images. I use the screenshots to inspire them and get them thinking about what would work in their Customer Group. I also post just about everything I do in my customer group ON our team page. So they can go do it themselves. Therefore, there’s no real need for them to be in my group.

I also try to keep my Customer Group closed to other Consultants and Leaders outside of my team. While I do not feel competitive with other Consultants and Leaders, this is a business and I am working hard to build something BIG for my family.  I am ready to sell to, book, and recruit anyone that wants to do business with me. Adding outsiders to my customer group just creates a tangled web that I do not think is healthy for my business.

If you do have downline consultants in your group (or other Consultants/Leaders) that is entirely your choice. But I will ask that you stop for a minute and really think about WHY you have them in there. What is the intended purpose? Is it working? Is it what is best for your Consultants? Is it helping them to stand up and OWN their business as a business? How are you equipping and empowering them by allowing them to be group members? If you answered positively to all of those, that is awesome and you should continue what you are doing. If you can’t answer positively to all of those, it might be time to consider a change.

Some people say they having other consultants in their group because they “like” and comment on posts and that helps boost views. So what you’re saying, is you don’t want an accurate account of what’s working and not working in your customer group. Because you will never know. And don’t even get me started on the fact that people take your posts and reuse them over and over. And that’s how we end up in Facebook jail, right?

Remember, your job as a leader is to equip, empower, and encourage your Consultants to grow a strong and sustainable business and to mentor them to success in that business. How is that going for you?!

Just some random thoughts from Melissa on your track to leadership!

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  1. I have several consultants in my downline that started out as customers in my V.I.P. group. When do you release them and how? I’ve had to take a couple out for taking graphics and even entire posts. I got some flack from my up line for not letting them take anything they want. I decided that I’d rather do my business in my style even if it means going it alone and even making mistakes.


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