Oh May! I am desperate for your beautiful weather, I need to get these kiddos out of the house!

Can’t you just hear Justin Timberlake singing “It’s gonna be May”! (You know you just totally read that like he sings it! Well done!)I am excited to throw open the windows and let some gorgeous May weather come flooding in my house! This is more than Spring Fever, ladies, this is “Mama needs a break, go play outside” fever!

Got the fever too? Ready to ROCK your business in May? Here are some fun May Marketing Ideas to get you moving and shaking today for an awesome May!

#1 May Day (5/1)

This day is all things flowers. Do you sell a product with a flower pattern on it? Or sell something that has to do with flowers? You will want those products to be your marketing focus for May Day.

 #2 – Cinco de Mayo (5/5)

You could have a blast with this holiday as a theme party in a home or online. Think Mexican food, drinks, fun and fellowship. Do you have products that lend themselves to food or cookware, this is a perfect one for you. Do you like margaritas? nuf’ said!

#3 May the FOURTH Be With You (5/4) and/or Revenge of the Fifth (5/5)

All my fellow Star Wars fanatics will be all over this one! Can you imagine how much fun this would be as an online Facebook Party theme? Complete with theme-y recipes and drinks, games, trivia, etc. Who wouldn’t want to attend an awesome party like that?

#4 Change your FB Customer Group cover photo to something more “May-y” themed

This is an easy way to update your group and get a post into your group member’s news feeds. Make sure you are using that prime real estate of the cover photo space as best you can. Make sure you are not always just featuring product, be sure to include your smiling face sometimes! And use the group photo size 1920×1080 for optimal visualization of your awesome banner and details!

 #5 Update your Facebook Business Page cover photo to something more Spring-like

Make sure you are updating your Facebook Business Page with the season, you definitely don’t want a cover photo featuring Christmas items up when it is May. But I cannot tell you how many times I see this on some of your business pages. Your cover photo is like your storefront window for your business, make sure it is attractive and in-tune with the season. Use a filter and put some flowers in your hair or add a flowery frame, jazz it up!

 #6 May Day Mon-aaaay (go on, say it, it is fuuuun!)

Remember Cupid Cash from February and the Bunny Bucks in April? You can totally May-it-up by allowing your customers to “earn” $1 in May Day Mon-aaay for every $10 they spend with you in May. The May Day Mon-aaay is only redeemable with you and only redeemable in the following month, in this case June. So this ideas gets you sales this month and potentially next month too. If you want to move some cash and carry products, you could easily change the coupon to where they can only redeem the May Day Mon-aaay toward something you have cash and carry and then payout the difference. For example, if they have $10 in May Day Mon-aaay and the item is $31, they give you the $10 in May Day Mon-aaay and pay the $21 difference. That’s a sale for May AND a sale for June!

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#7 Happy Mail – Send flower seeds to upcoming Hostesses and team members

Imagine what the response will be when you send flower seed packets through the mail. Just slap a mailing label and stamp on them and you can mail them. To your hostess you can mail Forget Me Nots and say something about them being an unforgettable hostess, for team members you can send any type of blooming flower packet and let them know how excited you are to see them “blooming” in the business! Scared to mail the seed packet by itself? You can always throw it into an envelope!

#8 Share cute spring recipes, crafts and tips with your followers

Think flowers, planters, spring meals, bird houses, anything May-ish! People love that kind of thing and cute tips and ideas get shared!! This is called “curating content”, go find something cool on a blog and share it!

#7 Create a May Ideas Pinterest Board and share it

Head over to Pinterest and create a theme board for May and pin what you love for May (tips, recipes, crafts, DIY, outdoor cleaning, etc). Once you have a minimum of 10-15 pins (I am sure you will find far more that you love), share the link to your Pinterest board in your customer group, your FB business page, your personal timeline, your customer newsletter, etc. Share it everywhere! Invite them to follow you while they are over on Pinterest!

 #8 Spring-ify Your Vendor Booth

We are heading into vendor booth season again! People completely pre-judge your vendor booth in about 3 seconds. Think about ways you can completely “spring-ify” your table and display to make it attractive to those scanning the room or just passing by. Be sure to use colors that go well together, maybe just 2-3 colors. Keep things simple and clean!

#9 Host a Mother’s Day event

Did your company come out with new products recently? Host a Mother’s Day theme event, either in person or online, celebrating the mamas out there. Even if they didn’t come out with anything new lately, it doesn’t matter! Spring-ify the current offerings and get people excited! People are looking for Mother’s Day gifts, why not help them get it from you? Get out there and market yourself and what you have to offer the moms in their lives.

#10 Bundles! Bundles! Bundles!

Bundles are fun and fast sellers! Can you create some fun baskets or bundles with your products? Some of my faves in the past have been nail polish bottles filled upside down on the top of a stem like flowers! Or hand lotions tucked inside gardening gloves. Think outside of the box. People LOOK for things that are different, be what they are looking for! Create 4 Spring bundles and post one a week with $5 if they order during that weekly deal

What fun May ideas do you have?

Melissa Fietsam


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