Manners matter.

Mamas all over the word just shouted AMEN in solidarity to that statement, am I right?
Having good manners is something we teach our children from a very young age as an important life skill.

Manners matter.

So why don’t we exercise this same focus on having good manners in our every day business? I have been in this industry a very long time and it never ceases to amaze me some of the things I see and hear about people doing in their business and how they treat paying customers. I just want to slap them in the back of the head (mama style) and say “Didn’t your mama teach you any manners?”

Let’s chat about six customer service manners that I think we need to work on in the direct sales industry:

“My pleasure”

Bet you can’t guess what my favorite restaurant is?  They are notorious for saying “my pleasure” every time you say thank you to them. My kids actually turn it into a game when we go there, every “my pleasure” they receive is a point and they try to see who can get the most points in a visit.  I find it very comical, but I am also very impressed with the level of service that comes with a simple “my pleasure”. That simple phrase strikes me as servant leadership with a smile. How often do we practice servant leadership with a smile in our business?

“Thanks for choosing me”

This is another customer service phrase that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Now, it’s usually my auto repair guy that’s saying it at check out, but it’s a phrase that catches my attention every time. It isn’t just a “thanks”, it is a “thanks for choosing us”, their recognition that I do have a choice of who I do business with and I chose them. How often are we saying something similar to our customers? They have thousands of consultants to choose from in your company and tens of thousands to choose from in the industry as a whole, including your competitors (#hello). And they chose YOU to do business with. Are you recognizing that?

“What is most convenient for you?”

This is like the hallelujah chorus to a mom of toddlers! This simple phrase could win my business for life. A business that is willing to find a time that is convenient for me and my crazy lifestyle will always receive referrals from me. This phrase makes me as the consumer feel like I am made a priority, my time is a priority to them and they want to honor that. How are we doing this with our Hostesses and potential recruits? Is this a phrase you use? It is a phrase I plan to use more often in my own business.


“You made my day!”

This phrase just makes my heart swell. My kids are I were at a restaurant for lunch (we actually went inside – whaaaat?) and before I left I put a smiley face rock on top of her tip. The kids had painted 100 of these smiley face rocks to leave all over town, we have a huge ziplock bag of them in the car and we leave them everywhere. As I am scooting everyone out the door of the restaurant the server literally runs up to me with a huge smile on her face,  looks me dead in the eyes and says “you just made my day’! My heart actually swelled standing there, I could feel it swell up inside of me and my kids talked about that encounter the entire way home, they shared it with their grandparents, and it comes up again and again as we leave smiley rocks all over town. I wonder how often we acknowledge the amazing things our hostess and customers do? A simple “you made my day” can go so far in making them feel great and building that relationship with them.

“I’m on it!”

My assistant is a freaking rockstar! My absolute favorite phrase that she says to me is “I’m on it!” That phrase speaks volumes about who she is and her willingness to get things done for me quickly and excitedly! I love that excitement that I “hear” her say (via messaging) that she is on whatever project I have given her to do. Not an “okay” or a “will do”, but an I’M ON IT! Do you hear and feel the difference? I think our customers and hostesses need to hear some more excitement from us, they need to hear the “I’m on it” so they know that you are there to assist them AND you are excited about it!

“That is not available, however…”

For the love of Direct sales, do not EVER tell a customer “NO”. No is such a negative word with icky ucky feelings. When a customer says, “Do you have smelly oranges?” And you reply back with a flat NO…or “no we do not”…you deserve to lose a sale! How about, “My apologies, we are currently out of smelly oranges. However, most of my customers who love smelly oranges really love our stinky citrus. Here’s a link to see if that may suit what you’re looking for (insert stupid smelly link).”

You are not in the business of short comebacks and you certainly are not in the business of NO’s. It’s called customer SERVICE because you SERVE them. So often we resort to quick replies, when we need to be thinking about building trust, making them SMILE, and going above and beyond in every opportunity to serve them.

Our mamas taught us good manners, we need to start using those good manners to deliver better customer service to our Hostesses and Customers.

Treat others how you want to be treated, right? These 6 phrases above reflect how I want to be treated, so I am upping my game on how I am treating others with intention and purpose. I challenge you to join me in adding these 6 simple phrases into your business and see what happens!

Since it’s Mother’s Day month, how about a quick giggle from my girl, Anita Renfroe!


Melissa Fietsam @DirectlySocial


One thought

  1. Such simple phrases but they can make or break our businesses. I’m writing these down on post it notes and sticking them on my computer. You’re the best Melissa!


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