WOO HOO! August means back to school and back to a (somewhat) normal routine at our house.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the kids being home and spending time with all of them, but I do miss have a strong daily routine, I think we all do!

So since it is time for the kids to go back to school, it is time for YOU to go back to work!
Let’s do this!


Here are 10 Ideas to ROCK your AUGUST:

#1 Back to School Promo for Teachers

We all know teacher or two that could use some extra funding for their classroom supplies, right? You can use your business to help teachers! They share a catalog around and collect orders as a fundraiser for their classroom. Here is an example that a friend of mine ran a couple years ago with great success!


 #2 – “Fab 5 Special 

This is a fun idea for a special promotion you can run any day you need some extra sales. You can put 5 items “on sale” specifically for a certain day or a certain period of time. A quick special like this works because of the urgency to order before it is gone!

#3 “4 for $40” Sale (7/4)  

This is a 24 hour sale on Aug 4th only (because it is the 4th of the month). Showcase some of your lower priced products and how they can get an awesome 4 for $40 deal, you can make a special flyer or image with the 4 for $40 products on it. This would also be a super easy Hostess-on-the-Go party where she just sells from the flyer! The point of this is to front-load your month with sales, verses everything coming in at the end of the month.

#4 Support the Troops Fundraiser/Product Raiser

August is an awesome month to do something special for the troops. You could create a fundraiser and donate your profits to an organization that supports the troops, or you can use specific products from your company to donate to the troops. The customers buy products and donate them to the troops through you! You can use your commission to purchase care items to go in those too! Be sure to check out the back to school supply sales to get those additional items on the CHEAP!

#5 – Run Your Own “Back to School” Sale

Choose 8-12 products to put on “sale” and create a cool flyer! People are naturally drawn to the word SALE (aren’t we all!!) and who doesn’t love a good B2S sale!

#6 Change your FB Customer Group cover photo to something more “August” themed

This is an easy way to update your group and get a post into your group member’s news feeds. Make sure you are using that prime real estate of the cover photo space as best you can. Make sure you are not always just featuring product, be sure to include your smiling face sometimes! And use the group photo size 1920×1080 for optimal visualization of your awesome banner and details!

 #7 Update your Facebook Business Page cover photo to something more August-like and add a FB Frame!

Make sure you are updating your Facebook Business Page with the season, you definitely don’t want a cover photo featuring Christmas items up when it is August!Your cover photo is like your storefront window for your business, make sure it is attractive and in-tune with the season. Use a filter and add a summer frame, jazz it up! I saw lots of great frames on Facebook! Have you ever added a frame to your profile picture before? Just Click on your profile picture (update profile picture), then click on Add Frame at the top, then search for “Back to School” or whatever else you want and add a frame! Easy peasy!

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#8 Post engaging content the whole month of August!

Your followers and customers LOVE great content that makes them want to engage. I love to do trivia with my group, they’re all over it. Find yourself some fun Back to School trivia and ask a new question every couple days and see what people say! They just can’t help themselves, they all want to prove they know the answer too, so they comment even when the trivia question is already answered! LOL! Easy recipes for quick dinners and tips for packing lunches are always popular this time of year!

#9 Create a AUGUST Ideas Pinterest Board and share it

Head over to Pinterest and create a theme board specifically for August and pin what you love for August (tips, recipes, crafts, DIY, morning chaos planning, organization, etc). Once you have a minimum of 10-15 pins (I am sure you will find far more that you love), share the link to your Pinterest board in your customer group, your FB business page, your personal timeline, your customer newsletter, etc. Think all things end of summer/back to school and share those cute tips and ideas to get people sharing your content. Share a tip a day or at least a few a week! Share it everywhere! Invite them to follow you while they are over on Pinterest!

 #10 Host a Flip Flop Frenzy!

Are you familiar with the Turkey Trots and Reindeer Romps? The Flip Flop Frenzy works the exact same way! You get 6 people to collect $100 in orders, they start collecting on August 1st through 15th. You put all the orders in as one single party and split the hostess benefits/gifts. You can run special promotions like they get an extra gifts for being the first to turn in their order, for have $200+ in orders, etc. You can run one group the 1st-15thand another group on the 16th-31st!

What fun August ideas do you have?

Melissa Fietsam @DirectlySocial


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