This is the best Instagram scheduler I’ve found.

I’ve been testing a site called Later for a couple months now. Apparently I’ve had an account for a couple years but never dove in. I have fallen in love with so many features on this site, that I paid an annual plan. I get ZERO kickbacks from this company, I just want to give you an honest review of a tool I love.

Here’s the features I love:

Auto Posting:

I need something reliable and easy to use. And I need something that posts for me. I schedule and BAM! It posts for me. Auto posting at it’s finest.

It’s Free:

Yeah. Need I say more? It’s free to post 1 post per day to Instagram (or any social media platform you choose).

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Hashtag Generator:

The hashtag generator is what sold me 200%. I bought in to the annual fee of $190 per year because I wanted the daggone hashtag generator. Was it worth it? Every last penny. I spend a lot of time creating my Instagram posts. And it won’t do me a bit of good without some great hashtags. Time=money. And the amount of time it took me to research my 30 hashtags was INSANE. So this feature alone…is my favorite by far. But it’s on the paid spectrum. And again, worth every penny.


I love seeing the analytics. I love how it’s broken down. I can view all my posts, see which ones are working, which isn’t. I can quickly see the style, the thought behind the post, the feel of it. And then see what’s working. You can see these for free on Instagram, but not anywhere near to the extent you can on Later’s analytics.


I love the emoji search bar and being able to have that right there when I’m doing my Instagram post. It just makes me smile.

Hashtag Counter:

Again, I have nightmares of counting hashtags LOL! When I get in Instagram mode, I start scheduling and don’t stop. Having that hashtag counter is a time and sanity saver.

I made a video to show you exactly how to post and show you all the features I love above. You can also watch that here on YouTube:

Melissa Fietsam @DirectlySocial

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