Want to plan ahead for your business?



Here’s a printable for $24.99 that will help you:

  • Plan your monthly content
  • Includes Wacky Holidays
  • Includes Weekly Celebrations
  • Includes Monthly Celebrations
  • Includes National USA Holidays

Create Wacky Holiday Graphics

Use these wacky holidays to celebrate one wacky holiday a week. I choose one because it’s FUN. Using too many wacky holidays can be annoying. But one a week is perfect to engage and inform your audience. For example, you can see my graphic below. You’re:

  1. Asking them a QUESTION to encourage engagement. Which boosts your posts in their feed in the future…if they answer.
  2. You’re informing them. Keeping them on top of the fun stuff!
  3. You’re also getting to KNOW THEM by asking a question. You get to know what they like, how they react, and get clues into the minds of your customers (which people pay big money for…by the way).
  4. AND…you’re creating community. When your customers start chatting and creating conversations on their own…because of these awesome engaging graphics you’re making…your business will smile back at you.
  5. If you’re part of the Directly Social Elite group…you get 4 graphics for FREE each month. LEARN MORE HERE



Melissa Fietsam


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