Here’s your January content ideas, blog post, marketing, and hashtags.

There’s a few aspects you need to think about in your business in each month with all your social media platforms. My job is to make it easy for you.

Social media platforms

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Group
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Personal FB Timeline
  • Pinterest
  • Snap Chat
  • Twitter

All your social media platforms should be bubbling over with the New Year and winter season. So let’s talk about January themes, post ideas, blog post ideas, hashtags and key words…

Post and content ideas for January:

  1. How to pack away Christmas decorations
  2. Winter crafts for kids
  3. How to keep your new year’s resolutions
  4. Goal setting for 2019
  5. 5 Tips for taking care of your skin during winter
  6. Two products that make your life better that have nothing to do with your business
  7. Money saving and budgeting tips for New Year
  8. Book review of something you loved from 2018 that everyone should read
  9. 2 healthy recipes you love
  10. Winter date night ideas for adults or kids

January Themes:

  • Snow
  • ice
  • blue
  • snowman
  • sledding
  • snow days
  • frosty
  • frozen
  • organize
  • get healthy
  • new year’s day
  • fresh start
  • weight loss
  • de-clutter
  • new you
  • new year’s resolutions
  • football
  • hibernation
  • new beginnings
  • taxes
  • cabin fever
  • goals
  • word of the year
  • eating healthy
  • going to the gym
  • snow flakes
  • throwing old stuff away
  • out with the old, in with the new

You should be joining the conversation and engaging your customer with some great content.

Join the Directly Social Elite Club and get:

  1. January themed graphics to use on all your social media platforms
  2. An entire month of social media posts
  3. and an entire January Facebook Script

Hashtags to use for January:

#winter #love #newyear #2019 #happynewyear #goals #celebrate #inspiration #motivation #healthy #resolutions #newyou #home #organized #organization #decor #design #inspire #declutter #ideas #risingtidesociety #wordstoliveby #intentionalliving #fitness #healthychoices #lifestyle #eatclean #focus #january #january2019

Words to include in your January posts:

  • new
  • new you
  • organize
  • cold
  • cozy
  • frozen
  • chilly

Melissa Fietsam @DirectlySocial


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