When was the last time you backed up the most important asset you own in your business, your contacts?

So many consultants have a little too much faith in their umbrella company sometimes.

Today, I’d like to challenge you to take control of this one BIG DEAL.

Why do you want to download your contacts?

Because you’re smart. Let’s start there.

Because you worked hard for those contacts.

You never know what kind of glitch could wipe out even a portion of your contacts because of some IT department error. If you lose your contacts, it’s not their fault anymore, it’s yours. Cause you were told to back them up! There’s so much data in my company’s back office. If it crashed today, or if my company shut the doors today, this is ONE THING I know I will have. And I can prepare and rebuild instantly.

Can you?

Make a folder

Make a folder for each month. Mine this month is titled January 2019. Clever, I know…

But guess what? I put everything that pertains to January in that folder:

  • scripts
  • special
  • graphics
  • holiday stuff
  • team reports

Now when I go back, I can see every January. I’m not starting from scratch.

Well, an excel file of my current month’s contacts list is now part of that folder. I’ve been saving content for 6 years, but I’ve neglected the most important part of my business, my contacts. So I wanted to make sure you’re on the right track too.

Melissa Fietsam @DierctlySocial

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