10 grid layouts to inspire your next Instagram project.

These people have nailed the art of a picture perfect Instagram feed. Instagram is all about the feels. So here’s some grids and layouts to get your wheels turning.

And you can click on any of these graphics to go to their profiles and follow their accounts for more inspiration:

1. Color Blast

What’s really fun is turning this grid into a “rainbow” effect. I’ll post that one next. But essentially, the next 9 photos would be a new color. Some do this by row, and some do it by a full feed view. Either way, it’s gorgeous.

How: 9 graphics of the same color, every graphic is full of one particular color.

2. Rainbow Bright

This is the rainbow effect by rows. It’s SO eye catching and I’m completely mesmerized by these kinds of feeds.

How: 3 graphics in a row of a certain color

3. Walking the line

Here you have straight lines to capture someone’s attention immediately. This particular feed is black and white but you could certainly use any color combination!

How: 2 white, 2 color

4. Pretty Palette

This is a great example of how you can use an entire color palette and branding on your Instagram. You can search “blue color palettes” (or whatever tones) and come up with hex codes to create this look for yourself. I use Canva for all my graphic designs.

How: select a palette and every other photo will be a color block. Solid, graphic, solid, graphic.

5. Line by Line

This is great. It gives the eyes a place to rest. The solid line, every other line is a great accent and really high lights the photos you want them to see.

How: 3 solids and 3 graphics, 3 solids and 3 graphics

6. Filter Frenzy

This is a particular tone or filter added to each block. I love how you can change the whole feel by applying a filter!

How: Use the same filter for every photo.

I found some great filter apps for you: VSCO, Snapseed, Retrica, Polarr, and Rookie Cam will get you a good start. And of course, Instagram has some filters for you too.

7. Square Dance

This is pretty easy, very organized, and really draws attention to the content you want them to focus on, your graphics.

How: graphic, solid, graphic, solid

8. Puzzled

This is a lot of fun to simply look at! It’s Instagram art, at it’s best. You take a group of pictures and break them into posts that all go together; like pieces of a puzzle.

How: Use an app like Grids-Giant Square Maker that will help you break up your photos to fit into a grid-like puzzle. There’s many other ways, but I’m not talented enough to go into photo shop and all those other avenues. So find an app!

9. Straight Talk

This simple line effect is simple, catches the eye, and doesn’t require a ton of detail. There’s also lots of combinations of this. A line down the middle, one line on the end, or one line of color block down the middle.


photo 1: solid, solid, graphic

photo 2: solid, graphic, graphic


10. Border Bandits

Playing with border sizes for your feed can be a lot of fun and eye catching too! Sometimes they use the same sizes, sometimes they mix them up! You can use graphic design sites and apps like Canva to achieve these borders easily!


And if you’d like to brush up on your Instagram training, check thees out:











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