See how influencer marketing helped create a team of over 7K.

I had the pleasure of doing an interview with Paula Ramm. She’s an extremely successful leader and small business owner from Lilla Rose.

She talks about how she gained a team of over 7,000 women with this simple system.

To learn more, check out Paula’s free Influencer Marketing Quick Start Guide:


 What is influencer marketing?

Well, it’s the new wave of marketing and it’s taking over in 2019. It’s taking someone with influence; a high profile YouTuber or Instagram star. And having them do a review, a shout-out, or spotlight on you or your product.

So, for example. I have a woman on Instagram who has a ton of followers on her “planner focused” Instagram account.

Let’s say I send her (or let her choose) some products of mine that would fit into her niche of the planner community.

Now she creates a post highlighting that product and how she uses it with her planners.

Now all her planner friends want your product.

That is influencer marketing.

Someone of influence, showing their community, your product. Therefor, creating a NEED for your product in a new niche.

What makes influencer marketing so special all of the sudden?

Necessity my friends. See, we’re so flooded with ads. From Facebook, to Instagram, television, YouTube…everywhere we turn…we see nothing but ads. Our brains have learned to read over ads.

We have literally programmed our brains to tune out ads. Cause they’re annoying as hell, to be quite frank. Who doesn’t grumble when you’re watching your favorite show and a commercial comes on? Unless you have to pee, then it’s okay. But these days, we can even pause live tv in order to pee. So screw those ads...I need to know how Kate’s dad died. #ThisIsUs

We have the attention span of gnats. BUT…we are also very loyal to our interests. So, if I follow this lady who does planners, I probably want to try everything she does. And buy everything she buys. Because I view her as the expert. And I actually pay attention to what she says. And it’s not an AD when your favorite peep is showing you a product they love. It’s a friendly gesture because she’s showing me something she loves, right?! Yeah, you’ve been duped.

It’s the new way of marketing. Paying influencers to market your products in a non-spammy way. So people don’t even know they’re being marketed to. It’s brilliant and comes in many different forms. And you need to know all of them 🙂


Melissa Fietsam @DirectlySocial


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