Need to jazz up your Facebook parties?

Let’s make sure you’re taking care of these basic things first!

You can check out this video and your list is below!

Here’s my 7 top tips for making your Facebook parties successful:

Top 7 List for Facebook Party Tips:

1. Shopping Link on Every Single Post

Each post you do in your party should have the exact link to order. It’s as simple as copy/pasting CLICK HERE TO ORDER: ((insert link))

2. Pinned Announcement

A pinned announcement in the group should include:

  • catalog links
  • order links
  • customer special link
  • link to join your team

3. Use the Welcome Button

If you look at the right hand side of your group, you can see where it says, “create a welcome post for your new members”. Click on that and it tags all new members. In that post, ask them to answer a fun question for engagement; example below!

4. Go Live or Use Watch Party

Go Live in your group or on your Facebook business page. You can go Live once and create a Watch Party in all your groups. That way you’re only doing it once.

5. Stop Giving Crap Away

Stop doing giveaways for things that don’t benefit you. Everything you do should have a return on investment. Period. No exceptions. Here’s three things I listed that you can do giveaways for:

  1. join your customer group
  2. first order on party
  3. comment on the welcome post

6. Don’t Add People to Parties

Stop adding people to parties because Facebook won’t show them anything in the group. You MUST start with hostess coaching and make everyone request to join via the LINK to the group, that includes your HOSTESS. Set the bar from the beginning. We don’t add people without their permission.

7. Shorten the Length of the Party

Stop talking so much. Say what you need to say and let them shop. Throw in some reminders and let that be it.

Watch the video for full details

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