We have 3 coaching opportunities with Directly Social that I would like to introduce you to today.

  • Social Media Audits
  • Social Media Clinics
  • Team Trainings

Julie put together our media kit a few months ago and it includes a new set of services for our community of amazing entrepreneurs. So let’s break down what those involve.

Social Media Audit:

I will perform a 50 point audit on your Facebook Business Page or Instagram page. We will be adding new platforms soon.

You will get a printout of your assessment and know exactly where you need to work on improving your content and search engine options.

The time slot you choose will be a 30 minute coaching call to go over your detailed audit. I will need access to your account before the call in order to perform the audit on your account.

Payment ($149) is due before our call. There are no refunds for these services under any circumstances.You can use the information to make improvements on your own or I can do it for you for an additional cost (your social media clinics below).

To request your social media audit, complete BOTH steps below:

  1. Pay HERE ($149)

  2. Request your time slot HERE (only after payment is made)


Social Media Clinics:

This 30 minute session in our Social Media Clinic is a hands-on service where I will conduct improvements on your social media profiles while you are watching and learning through a screen share session.

I will show you how and why we change everything, so you will be prepared to make changes in the future.

You will have an assessment and assignments before and after the call to make sure we use our time efficiently.

There are zero refunds and zero rescheduling. If you sign up, make sure you do the work and show up for the webinar.

These are $49 for a 30 minute session.

What’s the difference between the audit and the clinic?

  • The audit gives you a full detailed report and printable on every single aspect of your page that needs to be fixed/enhanced. With a call to go over it and print out of your audit.
  • The clinic is a 30 minute session for me to fix/enhance some specific aspects on your platforms that you were having trouble with.

To request your social media clinic, complete BOTH steps below:

  1. Pay HERE ($49)

  2. Request your time slot HERE (only after payment is made)

Team Training:

Team Trainings are a great way to motivate your team! You select:

  • the time
  • the day
  • and the training topic

You will get an hour long webinar on any topic you choose. Prices vary on how many team members you have on your team. Up to 200 members is $250 for the hour training and recording to keep for your team indefinitely!

Shoot me a message here to get more information on a team training: MESSAGE ME

Melissa Fietsam, @DirectlySocial

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