12 ideas to Increase your sales on a monthly basis.

This month, the Elite Group got 5 of these ideas to start rocking their business on a every month. I really just got tired of depending on hostesses to meet MY BOTTOM LINE NEEDS.

I wanted to make sure I had my minimum sales met, and then my hostesses were simply an ADDITION to those sales. So this is what I came up with for my own $1000 minimum goal each month; in PURE RETAIL SALES.

The first part of the training is a 25 minute video on where I think the future of direct sales is headed and why you need to protect yourself and your business by OWNING that bottom line.

And whether you like to party in home or on Facebook, the truth of the matter is, it’s all changing. And you better know how to protect your business on ALL ends.

You’re going to get:

  • 12 video trainings
  • Text training with each video training
  • Printable to track and plan these ideas each month

CLICK HERE to purchase!

Here’s what Amanda Ellithorpe from Usborne Books had to say:

🎉THANK YOU Melissa Fietsam for another AMAZING training in the Directly Social Elites group! 👏I’m so grateful I joined your Elite community almost 2 years ago. It’s a TREASURE TROVE of tips, tricks and support. 💯 You’re always one step ahead, predicting trends and helping us find ways to take advantage of them! Your recent training on Transactional Sales couldn’t be more timely and I have a great list of things I can do RIGHT NOW in my business to not only up sales from right within my customer group but create quality engagement for my community and provide them VALUE which, in turn, will result in their LOYALTY to me. 🎯My DSE membership is an essential part of my business and an expense that is well worth it!! Such a great value! 🙌

$39.00 gets you lifetime access to the entire training! You’ll be increasing the bottom line on your terms.

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