You’ve been asking for it and it’s finally here.

A leadership workshop for you.

There’s only 16 spots available

Why? Because it’s completely hands on. We will be working closely together and building programs and systems on your computer together. You’re going to walk away with tools that will last a lifetime. You will learn skills that will teach you how to work your business in just one hour a day. So you can get back to being the leader you need to be and run your own business accordingly.

What will you learn?

You’re going to learn a lot:

  • how to manage your team
  • how to complete your taxes on a monthly basis
  • how to manage your schedule
  • how to manage training
  • how to track your team
  • how to set up a new consultant training program
  • how to celebrate your team
  • how to support your teams growing social media needs
  • how to create materials for your team

Where will it be?

AC Hotel Cincinnati at Liberty Center

 7505 Gibson Street, Liberty Township, Ohio 45069 USA


November 2nd, 2019




  • No special room rates
  • Only 16 spots available, so you must be quick!
  • You can stay wherever you would like, including this location
  • Transportation is on your own. Nearest airports are Dayton and CVG
  • There are NO REFUNDS
  • This location is at a mall and in walking distance of every store and restaurant imaginable. Including a luxury movie theater


A full day of hands on training is $249

Once you register you will receive an email within 24 hours to confirm some details and be invited to a group for our workshop where you will have continued support after our meeting.




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