Want to know how to train your new consultants?

Want the exact words, videos and posts to literally copy/past.

Brand new training on the site!

New Consultant Unit Training for Facebook

This training is perfect for ALL BUSINESSES/COMPANIES

What are you getting with this New Consultant Training Unit?

    • It’s going to show you my exact training UNIT on my team’s group.
    • It shows you the exact units word for word. So you can literally copy/paste to make your own.
    • It gives you videos you can use and/or recreate as your own.

You’re not only getting the wording and videos:

  • It teaches you how to make the units
  • It teaches you how to make recordings of your phone screen for your team, to show them apps and entering orders from your phone
  • It teaches you how to do a screen share from your desk top so you can teach them how to enter an order, or log into the back office, or create a group…
  • I also teach you how to get the links to unit and do a really easy welcome post to your new peeps.
  • This is GOLD and I’ve just made it so easy for you to duplicate for your own team members!

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