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Create an EASY Professional Video for Your Business with Facebook!

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Easy and FREE. Two of my favorite words!

I’m going to show you how to create a professional video for your business, right from your Facebook business page!

Creating original content is simply a requirement if you’re running your own business. And Facebook has so many amazing tools to help you do that.

Once you make this video, you can download it and SHARE it to all your social media platforms:

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook Customer Group
  3. Instagram
  4. Pinterest
  5. Your Facebook party scripts
  6. and so much more!

Learn how to make your own awesome video in less 5 minutes!

Happy video making! Post a link to YOUR video below!

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Melissa Fietsam

Let’s Talk Business Etiquette for Direct Sales

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There’s been some things going on that we need to chat about!

#1 on that list: someone decided to start some rumors that Melissa is leaving Thirty-One. 100% FALSE. Let’s just put that out there. Thirty-One is the heart of my passion and love for direct sales and social media. And I would NEVER in a MILLION YEARS walk away from that. So, in short, NO. I’m not going anywhere. Y’all are stuck with me!

I am working as an Independent Social Media Strategist. I’m doing what I love! I get to train and travel and be ME. And it’s a huge dream come true to be able to have TWO jobs that I am so passionate about! That’s the jist of it. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m pursuing ALL my goals and dreams this year. So you can tell everyone to ZIP IT;)

#2: We need to talk business etiquette. So please take a listen to this video. I’m going to start promoting my business on my personal and customer business page. And I need people to respect my space on that. And this goes for ALL consultants! You should be following these simple rules for every sister in direct sales. There’s a way to do things, and a BIG way to NOT do things.

What is okay?

Posting on someone’s picture:

  1. that’s so cool
  2. what an awesome job!
  3. congratulations!
  4. i love that color!

What is NOT okay?

  1. what did you put in that packet?
  2. where did you buy those bags?
  3. how much was shipping?
  4. do you mail this to all your hostesses?

Those kind of comments immediately turn the post into SPAM. Don’t do it. I’ve been hesitant for years to post my customer group link, my customer page, all kinds of things. And it’s time for me to GROW. So everyone needs to understand that my personal posts, my customer group page, and my Business Customer Page on Facebook are OFF LIMITS to consultants!

I’m ready to teach you all how to grow your businesses in 2017! I’m taking my business to new heights. But I need your help to do that! I can’t grow if I’m constantly being restricted by other consultants. So thank you in advance for even reading through this and I truly hope that I have given someone some new insight on this subject!

Hustle & Hugs,

Melissa Fietsam


Create an Offer on your Facebook Business Page

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This is one of the coolest tools on your Facebook Business Page!

You can create an OFFER! Check this out:

So what would you link it to?

  1. Link to your opportunity page. When someone asks you for information on the opportunity, you can share the link for this offer and it will send them directly to YOUR site!
  2. When someone asks about booking, you can send them directly to YOUR site with the booking tab on your site. So they can see the benefits of hosting a party with you.
  3. Create an offer for a tab that links to the customer specials on your site.
  4. Create a “landing page” on your blog or Facebook page that talks about joining a Hostess of the Month Club, hosting a fundraiser, literally anything you want!

How can you share it?

  1. When someone asks about information, you have it at your fingertips and you look incredibly professional!
  2. You can share these in your Facebook events
  3. You can share these in your customer group

Want to know something extra cool?

When someone clicks on this, they will get a REMINDER notification about whatever they clicked on!! How cool is that?!

Someone said they don’t have the “OFFERS” tab on their business page:

Go to your page

There is a menu on left hand side

Click on manage tabs

Click on “add tab”

Click on “offers”

BAM! You just added it to your page!

Now it’s time to go rock your business!


Hustle & Hugs,

Melissa Fietsam

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