Thirty-One Daily Tasks Sheets to Print

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Want to work your business like a rock star? Here are 5 files you can print and work 20 minutes a day on FOCUSED areas of your business for:

  • Recruiting
  • Booking
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Hostess Coaching

Here is an example of one of the days/files:

These tasks are not to ALL be completed each day, but to give you something to do when you’re STUCK. So pick one task, if you finish it in 5 minutes, do another. If it takes you 20 minutes, you’re done!

Tuesday-Customer Service-page-0You all have seen the Power Hour files I have created…but THIS is a whole new ball game to keep you on task every single day.

Each one is for a specific day with specific tasks to keep you focused on the income producing activities you need to be doing CONSISTENTLY in your Thirty-One business!

Make sure you watch this quick video to explain how to effectively use them to:

  • increase recruiting
  • increase bookings
  • provide top notch customer service
  • increase your marketing efforts
  • provide top notch hostess coaching

I created these files to serve my team.

That’s my goal in everything. To make this business works for everyone who is willing to WORK. And to prove to them, that anyone can work their business in 20 minutes a day of focused work on one aspect of their business.

Now, when I have a team member who is struggling to organize their time and business, I have something to give them. And now…you do too:)

Here are your files to print:

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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DELETE-You Have My Permission

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One of my best friends, Tiffany Wellinghoff (genius #’s nerd friend of mine…she’s a midget too. And she always sends a text when I do this to her. So I LOVE it. LOL)… gave me one of the BEST tips ever!

She said you have my permission to DELETE and UNSUBSCRIBE.


Make yourself a challenge for this entire week. Every morning when you check your inbox, don’t just delete those pesky emails. UNSUBSCRIBE. Take one week to unsubscribe and get rid of some of the clutter in your inbox. It only takes a second to do, but you have to MAKE yourself do it.

So Payless Shoes, and concert ticket venues, and Staples, and Target, and QVC, and Aeropostale, and JC Penny, and New York & Company, and American Eagle, and the list goes on and on…STOP DELETING THEM and UNSUBSCRIBE!!

You have been challenged!!


The other thing is to DELETE. Block off 2 hours this week. Anywhere, just SOMEWHERE. Could be 30 minutes a day waiting for your kid to come out of football practice. Whatever it is, block it off. And go through every single daggone email in your inbox. And DELETE.

Start uncluttering your life.

It took me 2 and a half hours to get through all my emails yesterday. And I’m soooooo glad I did it. Kids are back in school. And I’ll be happy to take you along with me on my journey to getting back into my groove. They literally started back to school today. And I’m ready to ROCK this fall season. But I can’t do it without everything around me in order.

#GetAfterIt #MountainsToMove


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Organize Your Direct Sales Desk and Work Area

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Now let me start, by saying I am NOT an expert in organization. I’m just letting you all know what works for me. And as you can see, my work space is a mess! This is me, this is real. I’m messy and busy, but everything has a place and everything has a function and reason for being in that place! And that’s totally not a real gun on my desk. That’s a pellet gun. My 12 year old hasn’t used it in 2 years, he brought it to me and asked me to get rid of it 🙂 Told you, I didn’t clean a thing!



My messy desk. that’s all:) I will tell you that you need to pull everything off your desk and throw it on the floor and START FRESH if you are going to re-organize. The only things that should be right next you, are the things you use daily. You should not have to GET UP for anything. Everything should be in arms length. The more you get up, the more time it takes and the more distracted you’ll get. I bought this desk at IKEA, love it! The desk actually attaches to the cubicles. 



Chocolate chip cookies. Everyone needs an emergency stash, right? My printer is right next to my computer.



On top of my cubicles, I have these shelves from hobby lobby, fairly cheap. Especially with their 50% off coupons. I have blank labels of all sorts, hostess packets, empty/extra folders, large mailing envelopes. on the right one, I have 2×4 labels and regular address labels, like my big stock pile of them.



This one has my folders and team and personal binders:



The two bottom ones, by my feet, have my happy mail stash on the left, the one on the right is all my little extra products and give a ways. Mostly things i grab from the outlet sales. things i give away on my customer pages and things like that.



This little box has mailing supplies. Stamps, some nail files and key fobs, and envelopes that I use for happy mail and hostess mailings. I also use this bin to put mail in when it’s ready to go. I just throw it all in there and then it’s all in one place to go to post office.


This is a 3 tier paper holder thingy majig. On the top I have labels for my catalogs, order forms, and extra computer paper for my printer.




I don’t know who put my badge on there. LOL This bin has all my junk office supplies. craft stuff, glue sticks, glue dots, post its, scissors, stickers, staplers, all the things i have to keep from BABIES:). And the two envelopes are receipts for the tax year. But i did just buy rectangle bins for my receipts. they do not need to be within my reach.



This is all my stickers in that pink accordian file, notebooks (i use a lot) and more paper organizer folder thingy’s.



This bin has all my booking game purses. I want them close cause I can sit at my desk and re-do the little papers in them.



This is the one closest to me. I have these folder file things my MIL gave me (Dawn Fietsam York, thank you:). I have them labeled and in alphabetical order. address labels, 2×4 labels, customer special, next month customer special, calendars for guest pack


So that’s it. Now there’s other things in my office but this is what is within arm’s reach of me and my desk! Hope that helps someone!

Melissa FIetsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Organize your email and follow ups in your direct sales business

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So I’m starting something new today. I’m not sure how I never thought of this before. But I want to make sure I am keeping track of all of my follow up emails/texts/calls so I can provide 100% customer service. So I created a FOLDER in my email, hotmail account, called FOLLOW UP. 


Now, when I have someone request information on a fundraiser, or opportunity request, or maybe a customer who needed to do an exchange, whatever the case…I’ll deal with it and then move it to this folder.

Now, I’ve blocked 10 minutes on my calendar on Wednesday mornings to deal with follow ups. So I’ll go to this folder and see who I need to check in on. Or what return I can look up to give an update. Or what packet I mailed last week that I can follow up on. 

SO. EASY…right?!



In Direct Sales, the only thing that is going to set you apart from the 100,000 other consultants with the same goal as YOU…is giving 100% when it comes to customer service. Just a simple follow up to make sure someone got their product, or got your package, it can make all the difference in the world. These are some of the examples of emails I will be putting into my follow up folder

1. Order confirmations

2. Party shipments

3. returns

4. request for more information: party/fundraiser/opportunity/product and sales

5. team member has a question or concern

6. packets I’ve mailed

I’m sure I’ll find much more, but that’s a start to my new little 10 minute time block. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Hope this helps someone else!

Melissa Fietsam,

Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts



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