Recruiting like a BOSS! New Training!

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Ready to increase your recruiting for the new year?


If you’re a consultant and looking to increase your recruiting efforts…this is for you!

This is an hour long training that will walk you through a system with over 30 ideas to increase your recruiting efforts in your direct sales business. No one is born a recruiting magnet, you LEARN how to share the opportunity. This training will teach you that. My own personal recruiting success has taken me all the way to #1 spot in my own Direct Sales company for recruiting, and I’m ready to share all that information with YOU! DON’T FORGET TO SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!


-how to set up a recruiting system for success
-how to integrate your recruiting efforts into every aspect of your business
-how to increase recruiting with hostesses
-how to increase recruiting with Facebook parties
-how to increase recruiting in your customer groups
-and much more!





Request to join this group: CLICK HERE AFTER YOUR PAYMENT


Melissa Fietsam with Directly Social



Take your Direct Sales Recruiting to a Whole New Level!

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So here’s a really great idea to GROW your team in 2017!

It’s a new way to present the recruiting opportunity to your customers in your Facebook parties, your customer group, your business page, and even your newsletter each month for your customers!

Take a peek at this video that explains everything 100% and also give some examples:

Love and Hugs,

Melissa Fietsam

Recruiting Page for Your Thirty-One Business

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We’re going to take recruiting to a new level this week.

Take a look at this video:



create a video of your OWN talking about the opportunity to join and frequently asked questions


The goal of your new page is to:

  1. Make and KEEP those connections of the people who express interest in joining Thirty-One.
  2. Have one central location to communicate in ONE post with all those who were interested in joining your team
  3. Never LOSE a lead who was interested in joining your team
  4. Increase your recruiting and build you team
  5. And be able to share the opportunity with someone no matter where you’re at. A home show, soccer practice…it doesn’t matter. You can simply add them to the page and then follow up with them when you can.

**That organization and PREPAREDNESS will have your potential recruit saying , WOW! This chic really knows what she’s doing!

**Do not pester them. Let them get the information when they want. This is just a way for you to make sure you don’t LOSE their info! And to keep them 100% informed and connected to YOU. It’s your little pot of gold…


This page is dedicated to sharing this amazing opportunity that Thirty-One has to offer so many women. Any and all information you would like to know about joining me and this wonderful company, are all on this page. Files, videos, everything you need to make an informed decision is at your finger tips!


Hello ladies!! And welcome to the best place to be right now! This post will be your resource guide to walk you through all the things you need to know about this page and the wonderful opportunity to start your own business. Follow these simple steps to make the most informed decision about whether Thirty-One is right for you! And this picture shows you exactly what tabs to click on in order to get the most information out of this page!

1. You will want to check out the FILES tab on this page for all the important documents you will want to print out and look over!

2. Make sure you check out the PHOTOS tab on this page

3. And take a look at this short video (5 min) that explains everything that comes in your kit and all the Frequently Asked Questions that go along with starting your own business. I will answer A LOT of your questions in that video!

When someone asks you about the opportunity
1. add them to that page
2. tag them in the pinned post
3. and BAM! they have everything they need to know at their fingertips

**If you’re out and about, and someone asks for information on joining, you can immediately add them to that page and then follow up with them when you get home.

**This is NOT a page to post specials and monthly sales things. This is ONLY for recruiting information and I would not post more than once a month in this page.

Here’s the photos you can use on your page:

1 2 3 4 5 6

And here’s the files you need:



Kit contents

opportunity brochure


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Recruiting Made Simple for Your Thirty-One Business

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There’s a lot of misconceptions about recruiting in your Thirty-One business.

The biggest one being…that “I’m just not good at that”. You couldn’t be anymore wrong. No one was BORN a top recruiter. I’m the #2 recruiter int eh entire company for the fiscal year of 2014-2015. And don’t plan on missing that title this year;)

But it didn’t come easily. In fact, I’ve been in this company for over 7 years before I earned that title. I worked hard on it. I focused. I write down what I was doing and analyzed every aspect of it, to see what I was doing wrong. Or, not even wrong, just not geared to get the best results for my recruiting goals.

Then I wrote down everything I was doing. And figured out how I could tie in recruiting to EVERY aspect of what I was doing on a daily basis: hostess coaching, Facebook parties, social media, customer service, lead generation…EVERYTHING. And I poured my ALL into it.

Now, for example, you take Missy Nelson on our team. She was with the company TWO YEARS and earned #3 recruiter in the entire company. Was she born that way? No. She worked hard. She focused all her efforts on recruiting and applied the same tactics and MORE to her own recruiting efforts to grow her team. And she blew it out of the water. And now is getting ready to promote to Senior Director because of it.

HARD WORK. FOCUS. THAT is what will make a top recruiter. There’s no tricks…just changing your focus.

You’re no different than me. I’m a consultant first, ALWAYS. I have to book parties, I have to put in the work to get the results. Set a goal RIGHT NOW.

If you’re a consultant: Senior Consultant by August.

If you’re a Senior Consultant: Director by December

If you’re a Director or above: NEVER settle for anything less than 1 new member a month

So take a look at this video and tell me what YOU think. What little things can you change in your own business to make a difference this year?

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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20 Minute Power Hour for Your Direct Sales Business on Recruiting

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Effective Recruiting in your direct sales business is not something you’re born with. It’s something you have to learn and work hard at.

Working just 20 minutes a week on recruiting will give you the CONSISTENT presence in your business and community to spread the word about joining Thirty-One:

  1. Through social media avenues
  2. In a non spammy way
  3. In a focused manner
  4. And will give you long term success in this business by building your team deep and wide

I have compiled a list of tasks you can work on during your 20 minutes of Recruiting. It’s SO easy. But you have to be committed to your business and your recruiting efforts in order to make it successful.

This is a 5 part series, so you’ll want to check out all 5 posts on my main blog page this week. If you haven’t subscribed to my blog, now would be a great time to do so! So you don’t miss a single post. You’ll have all 5 files to work your business successfully by the end of this week.

Watch this quick video on some great ideas and what I do with this Recruiting file:

The two questions I’m going to ask you over and over stem from a quote I heard a couple weeks ago:

A committed heart will always find a way. A non-committed heart will always find an excuse.

Are you committed?

And how much time do you have to devote to your business a day?

All it takes is 20 minutes a day working one aspect of your business. Here’s an example:

Monday: Hostess Coaching

Tuesday: Booking

Wednesday: Customer Service

Thursday: Recruiting

Friday: Marketing

Watch the video above and then use this file to create a time efficient and EFFECTIVE recruiting system in just 20 minutes a week:

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Flip Your Thirty-One Hostess into Your Next Amazing Recruit

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Today I want to talk you about how to effectively flip your next hostess and turn her into your next amazing recruit!!

First, check out this video below. Then you’ll find some tips, tricks, and files below:

One of my focuses in my business is ALWAYS recruiting my hostesses. And this is not something that is a hardcore, in your face, pushy kind of deal. This is a well thought out PLAN of placing strategic recruiting tools into various parts of my hostess coaching.

There is a BIG misconception that recruiting your hostesses will kill your sales. NOT TRUE. Let me show you my stats over one year. Now, TWENTY of these recruits were hostesses who “flipped” their party into their launch party.

Melissa's stats


You have to put the recruiting brochure in EVERY hostess packet. Thirty-One has done a fantastic job with this brochure and YOU should be using it!


I have 2 steps BEFORE my hostesses party.

Hostess mailing #1, they get a postcard and a nail file. They get this 2 weeks before their party.

Hostess mailing #2, they get a postcard and a magnetic bookmark. They get this 1 week before their party.

Mailing #1 is in this picture below on the TOP (one is for catalog party and one is for home show)

Mailing #2 is on the BOTTOM of the picture below (one is for home show and one is for catalog show)

Blog Image

The link to order these postcards:!/Hostess-Coaching-Postcards/p/49871227/category=12983061


Sprinkle some love…

As she’s taking orders and doing a fantastic job…”you are doing AWESOME! Your friends are loving the products. You would be SO good at this job!”

And leave it at that. You’re simply planting seeds.


Checking in to see if you got my postcard on flipping your party. Have you given any thought into turning THIS party into your launch party?


At the party…use the recruiting flier and speak about the hostess personally. So…if Jane signed up tonight, she gets THIS kit, she gets to pick any Start Swell kit she wants, AND she is going to earn all the commission from her own party! Anyone ready to set up your launch party for next month? Cause I want to come and help you do it! I laminate this file and hand to EACH guest as I walk through my recruiting portion. And if you would like to download this file, here you go. Follow this link:

recruit flier

So let’s get to work and book some parties and flip some hostesses ladies! We’ve got a trip to Dominican Republic to earn!!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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20 minute power hour incentive for my Thirty-One team

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This is all about consistency in your Direct Sales business. Working the Power Hour for 20 minutes a day, can launch your Thirty-One business into a whole other level. I’m trying very hard to relay that to my team and make the entire thing duplicatable.

I’m very good at mimicking every single thing I do for my team. I want them to see me working. I want them to see where my success is coming from.

If you’re a leader in Thirty-One, you should be doing just that…LEADING. Doing what you’re asking your team to do, and then some.

If you’re a consultant, find someone to follow. Find someone who inspires you and mimic what THEY do. They don’t even have to be in Thirty-One. My inspiration comes form my friend Melanie Moore who works for another Direct Sales company. But surround yourself with successful people, get to work, and drown out all the other noise. I’m successful because I don’t see problems, only SOLUTIONS.

So I hope this helps you to see how EASY it is to get a system to work your business in 20 minutes a day:

Monday: Hostess coaching

Tuesday: Booking

Wednesday: Recruiting

Thursday: Customer care

Friday: Marketing


Alright ladies!! I’m putting you to WORK!! Today we are starting a new team incentive called 31 Days to Success! Each day, Monday-Friday, I will post a challenge for you to work your business. You will basically be going right along with me and my Power Hour (working on a specific area in my business for 20 minutes a day). If you do the challenge and post what you did on the main thread, you will be entered in to win a prize. One prize per day!!
Who wants to start working their business CONSISTENTLY in order to have a great summer business line up?! You in?!
Each day, look for the posted challenge. The picture will look the same each day, but it will have the day of the week on it! EASY PEEZY



#1: I will be working on hostess coaching today. Mailing all hostess packets and happy mail.

#2: I will be messaging all May hostesses. I will remind them of closing date, ask them how their orders are coming along, and ask if they need any more catalogs or order forms. Here is an example:
Hey Dee! Just checking in on you to see how your orders are coming along. Looks like we have you set to close on the 12th. Is there anything I can do to help you? Need any more catalogs or order forms? I’ll contact you on the 12th to get everything wrapped up! You might want to send a reminder to all your friends of the closing date, let them know it’s their last chance to order 🙂

#3: I will be making up 5 hostess packets and taking a picture of them. This will be in prep for a booking post I will be working on tomorrow for the 12 weeks of summer!!!



1: I made a sheet with all 12 Weeks of Summer bundles on it. I’m posting on my customer page today:
Here it is! I’m announcing a new incentive and NEW way to party this summer! Everyone is busy is in the summer, right? How about a 7 day party? Quick, Easy, and FUN! Whether you do a home show, a catalog show, a Facebook party, or a fundraiser…we’ll leave it open for 7 days! But 31 has created these hostess bundles for EACH week of the summer! Pick which hostess bundle YOU want and let’s set a date!
These hostess bundles are set at an AMAZING price just for our hostesses! Which one is your favorite? Just $31 for YOU when you host a show!

2: I also printed 15 of these sheets and included them in my party guest packets. That way when I’m talking about booking, I can show them the bundles they get to choose from!

3: Now I want you to email this to your entire customer base to let them know about the hostess bundles. You can use the same wording that was in #1 above, and include the bundle sheet!



Ok, Wednesday homework! 20 minute Powerhour…focusing on recruiting…

  1. Post this on your main FB page, your customer page, AND…all of your FB events:
    It’s amazing how one little decision can change your life forever!
  2. I want you to upload a picture of a LIST of your opportunity requests. So this is anyone who has ever told you they were interested in the business opportunity. Or had ever checked YES on the enter my drawing slips or door prize slips. It’s so important you have a list together! We will be launching something next week. Name/address/phone/email



Thursday homework…20 minute power hour on customer care…


  1. First…I want you to go to this page and request to be added. Christina shares SO many awesome graphics to help you with your business. When you give your customer’s SOLUTIONS for our products, then you give them a reason to buy them! That’s what Christina does with many of her graphics:

  1. Post this in your customer group. You can simply mail a hand written card…:

I want to celebrate someone today! As women, we’re always taking care of everyone else. Today…I’d like you to brag on yourself. Celebrate something in the comments below (vacation coming up, kid graduating, started back to the gym, grandbaby…anything you want). And I’m going to send out some happy mail to a few lucky ladies! Just because I love you smile emoticon

  1. I want you to go through your last 5 parties. Make sure you have written THANK YOU notes to all of those guests. A thank you goes a LONG way.


go through your last 5 parties and touch base with each one of those customers. Hi Amy! It’s Melissa Fietsam, your Thirty-One consultant. I’m just checking in to make sure everything is ok with your product and you’re loving it as much as I do:) We have a 90 day return policy, so I just want to make sure everything is ok and you’re loving your product


((we will be working on marketing tomorrow))


So, happy 20 minute Power Hour ladies!!! Get to work!!! Rent is due EVERY DAY!!!


Melisa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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