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Power Hours for your Direct Sales Business

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So many people sign up for Direct Sales with the assumption that they won’t really have to work.

If you’re in this for a hobby, that is an absolute truth: you really don’t have to work at it.

If you’re in this to make an income or achieve a financial goal: you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

You can’t expect to make a substantial difference in your finances if you’re not willing to put in the work to get it.

Using Power Hours can help you run your business in 20 minutes a day.

If you’re not willing to work 20 focused minutes a week, in certain areas of your business, then quite frankly-you don’t DESERVE that paycheck you’re complaining about NOT GETTING!

People ask me ALL THE TIME…how do you do it. I’m sorry to inform you, there is no secret. It’s hard work. That’s it.

Tried and true, get up and get to work every single day. The RENT IS DUE EVERY SINGLE DAY. You want to make money in this business, PUT IN THE WORK. People seem to want the benefits without the commitment. You can’t have one or the other. You get exactly what you put into this business. Plain and simple. I don’t do magic tricks. I don’t do anything YOU can’t do. I don’t skate by on my good looks and charm, trust me, I live 90% of my life covered in babies bodily fluids and food. You just have to get to work.


Take 20 minutes a day. Dedicate 20 minutes to ONE of 5 focused tasks per day.

  1. Booking
  2. Customer Service
  3. Recruiting
  4. Marketing
  5. Hostess Coaching

Monday Booking:

Spend 20 minutes working on booking parties. Whether these are Facebook parties or home shows, you still have to ASK. Spend this 20 minutes:

~personally reaching out to people

~creating a game or graphic to book

~do a FB live talking about the hostess special

~contact PAST hostesses from the previous years

~make hostess packets and post a picture on social media-and make them COOL so everyone wants one!

There’s a million things you could do.


Tuesday Customer Service:

Spend 20 minutes creating a buzz.

~send a thank you email to anyone who has ordered in the last week

~contact each person who ordered the previous month and make sure they’re happy with their product (and have you seen the new specials?)

~contact anyone who has open orders and make sure they knew about the customer specials if they didn’t order one

~go comment on all your open parties and start some conversations with the guests

~scroll through Facebook and actually interact with your customers on THEIR pages


Wednesday Recruiting:

~touch base with all your new consultants within the last 3 months

~reach out to any potential consultants

~don’t have any potential consultants? create an opportunity event and GET ONE!

~put some pins on Pinterest about joining

~create a youtube video or FB live about joining…then share into all your FB parties!


Thursday Marketing:

This is all social media to me. Sharing my love of my product on all the different social media sites. And because I love it, this isn’t even work. This is my play time!

~schedule some tweets in Cinchshare

~pin some things from your Cinchshare history onto Pinterest

~schedule some Instagram posts onto Twitter/FB business page

~go post your social media links in all your parties

~create a contest on a social media channel and direct all your customers to it

~create a newsletter to email your customers


Friday Hostess Coaching:

Spend 20 minutes contacting every hostess.

~ask them if they need any extra order forms or catalogs

~tell them what their total is for online orders so far

~give them a task to do that day: post this, tag 3 friends on some posts in your party, or text this to 3 people today

~tell them how much farther they are from the next level and TELL THEM HOW TO GET THERE!


This is just a small breakdown of a HUGE list you should already have! 20 minutes a day. If I can do it, YOU can do it!

Melissa Fietsam

How to Design a Graphic with Canva

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Creating your own content for your business is crucial and Canva can help you do that!

Learn where to find FREE graphics to use AND create some amazing designs in Canva!

You have to be different:

If you’re posting the same graphics as 10,000 other consultants, there’s not much that stands out in your business. When you create your own graphics, you show your customers you are invested in your business. It shows you care about your business. Seth Godin said it best (in a book titled The Purple Cow) when talking about marketing. All cows look the same…but a PURPLE COW…now that would be cool! That’s what marketing is all about, STANDING OUT!

It takes time:

Just like everything worth doing, it takes time to learn. But if you simply work 20 minutes a day on graphics when you’re starting out, you will be SO PROUD of what you can learn and accomplish in Canva. I know because I did it! And I had NO CLUE what I was doing in Canva when I first started. I actually learned by watching a set of tutorial videos on Cinchshare’s YouTube channel. Heili breaks the basics of Canva down for you here in a series of short videos: Cinchshare Canva Tutorials

We did a ZOOM webinar training on how I walked through and created some engagement posts for our Facebook Group: Directly Social

Check out this video tutorial on Canva:

Find free graphics to use:

Everybody always asks where I find my free graphics to use. Pixabay is a site where you can find tons of free graphics to start creating your own. You can search any topic, color, or emotion you want, and then add your own personal touches in Canva!

And don’t forget to join our Facebook group so you can get daily social media tips and tricks: Directly Social

Now go forth and be Social Jedi’s,

Melissa Fietsam

Directly Social Facebook Group

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Do you LOVE Direct Sales and Social Media?

This is the group for you!

We have officially launched the Directly Social Facebook group and are kicking it off with a FREE ZOOM WEBINAR tonight at 9pm! This webinar will be on how to use Canva to create your own original graphics. I will be creating 5 engagement posts for our group every month. And I’ll walk you through how I do that!

And I’m going to show you:

  1. Where I find those free graphics to use
  2. How I edit them in canva
  3. Some tips and tricks in Canva

Another Facebook Group…I know, I know! But guess what?! I’m going to teach you all the tips and tricks on social media to make your business SOAR in 2017!

  1. Weekly Facebook Live tips
  2. Tips on Instagram
  3. Tips on Twitter
  4. Tips on Cinchshare
  5. Tips on Pinterest
  6. Tips on YouTube
  7. Tips on your Facebook Business Page
  8. Tips on your VIP Facebook Customer Group
  9. Tips on increasing sales, recruits, and bookings in your business

So head on over to Directly Social on Facebook and join the group today! Just click the link below!



Easy Twitter Tips for your Direct Sales Business

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Easy Twitter Tips for your Direct Sales Business

I know that the mere thought of Twitter makes some people twitch. I got it. It’s a platform that many don’t know very well and that scares you! But I can honestly say it’s one of the EASIEST social media platforms out there. And I want to show you how you can be ON there in 5 minutes a week!

Twitter Facts:

Here’s the facts: Twitter has 319 million monthly active users. Can you really afford to NOT be on it? I’m going to be brutally honest and tell you Twitter is not my favorite place to be. But with 319 million people actively using it every month, I’m smart enough to know I want my business included in those statistics. You have to at least have the bare minimum to make sure YOUR business is represented to those masses.

So let’s break it down:

I have made it my job to have at least ONE tweet a day on Twitter. And I’ve made it SO easy for you to duplicate what I’ve done with TWO 2 minute videos below. I’m going to show you how to increase your recruiting AND promote your Instagram account while you’re at it!

Why do you NEED to be on Twitter:

Well, here’s how I see it. Besides the masses of people on there everyday, the younger generation is HUGE on Twitter. So let’s say I meet a 20 something year old and I’m telling her about my business. She says, “Oh! Are you on Twitter?”

You say NO: You’ve just lost her. She knows that you are not her people. You were just straight kicked out of her tribe. Because that’s where she “lives”

You say YES: knowing you hate the platform, but you followed Melissa’s advice and take 5 minutes a week to follow these easy steps, you said YES! And now you have the young pup’s full attention and respect.

Now, I say this lightly. There are many “older folks” who LOVE Twitter. With 319 million active users, I’d say quite a few love it. And while I don’t LOVE it, you’d better believe I’m on it, just to say I AM.

So I’ve made it SO EASY for you:

Check out these two QUICK videos I’ve made for you to show you how you can use Cinchshare to schedule 3 weeks worth of tweets in like 5 minutes. Not even kidding. So easy you will have NO EXCUSE to not be on Twitter! You’ll be like…yeah, I’m cool, I’m hip, I’m on Twitter too 😉

Increase your RECRUITING and be on Twitter (2 min video):

Increase your Twitter game AND promote your Instagram page:

Now…go get your Twitter on!

Follow me at:

And post your Twitter link below so I can follow YOU!

Melissa Fietsam

Zoom Training: Facebook Business Page Vs. Facebook Groups

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We are going to our very first ZOOM Webinar! March 2nd from 8:30-9:30 EASTERN

I have heard so many questions on what is the difference between a Facebook Business Page and a Facebook Group. So I decided we just need to talk about it!

This will be a ZOOM Webinar (link below):

In this event, I will walk you through:
1. Benefits of a closed Facebook group
2. How to use your closed Facebook group to increase sales and bookings
3. Benefits of a Facebook Business Page
4. How to use your Facebook Business Page to increase sales and bookings

There will be:
A) A powerpoint training
B) A live walk through of my own personal Facebook group and business page
C) A question and answer session

facebook training

There are 50 spots available for this training, so don’t wait!


Graphics: How to Create Amazing Content

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Have you ever looked at someone else’s graphics and said, “How did they DO that?!”. Or…”Where in the world do they find those cool graphics?”.

Well, I’m no expert, but I get by pretty well. So I want to show you some things I’ve done and some tips and tricks to help you get started!

First, you can’t do ANYTHING worth doing, without investing some time into it. It took a lot of practice and a lot of research. Was it HARD? No. Was it FRUSTRATING at times? Yes. But was it worth it? Heck yeah!

Here’s some graphics I created with a program called Canva. It’s a FREE website where you can create your own graphics. I’m going to give you LINKS to the video tutorials that helped me get started designing great graphics.

And I learned everything from a Cinchshare Facebook post that I’ll share with you below.

Rules of Graphics & Where to Find Them:

So, first…let me throw out some etiquette tips on graphics. NEVER, and I mean NEVER take someone else’s graphic and change the information to your own and use it. The ONLY exception to that is if you have permission from the original creator to do that. This goes for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, anything…do not take someone else’s hard work and claim it for your own without permission!

Now…let me send you to a Cinchshare post that talks about WHERE to find great FREE graphics that you can edit for your own business. And you’ll want to follow that page while you’re over there. Cause…those people are smart peeps. And they post a lot of really great stuff you don’t want to miss! Here’s the link to the post that tells you how to find free graphics:


Now How to Get Started Creating & Editing in Canva:

I had NO idea what I was doing in Canva. I was a die hard fan of And I still use Picmonkey on occasion, but if you want amazing, professional, classy photos, I highly suggest

So here are the people at Cinchshare again, making my life easier and teaching me how to reach for the stars! Heili Erika, pretty cool kat, walks you through a series of videos on how to get started on Canva. And…you can actually use Canva INSIDE of your Cinchshare account if you have one.

So check out this playlist on YouTube and do it when you have TIME. This will not be an overnight success. But you will get better and better every single time you create something. I learn something new every single day! And I LOVE IT!! This playlist will get you started and there’s tons more on YouTube. Don’t know how to do something? Search YouTube for the answer. You have zero excuses anymore!!

So here’s to all you creative monsters who have been hiding behind, “I just can’t do that”…now you CAN. There goes Melissa…taking your excuses away AGAIN! #YouAreWelcome 🙂

Canva Tutorials Cinchshare Playlist:

Love ya, Hugs,

Melissa Fietsam


Breaking Up is Hard to Do

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So I am making some changes on my personal timeline on Facebook.

I love all my Facebook friends, but did you know Facebook puts a cap on how many “friends” you’re allowed to have? I’ve actually reached a point where, if I accepted all the pending friend requests, they would shut down anyone being able to friend request me.


As a business owner and networker by nature, I’m saddened I have a cap on friends!!

I wanted to let everyone know that I will be going through my “friends” list and deleting A LOT of people. This is not because I don’t like you or don’t care about you. Quite the contrary!

It’s because I have to leave some wiggle room to bring people into my world. The best thing about it though, you can still FOLLOW my page and get notifications. Because 99% of what I post is public anyway!

So the reason I wanted to throw this out there, is so that you didn’t think I was just being mean! There’s a reason. I’m actually like 250 away from not being allowed to accept friends at all. And I have over that in pending requests. So…we (my assistant and I) will be going through and unfriending quite a lot of people.

Now, if you have ever baked me a cake (and are planning on another Cheryl)…helped me walk straight on a wild night (yeah, you know who you are Miss Babysitter)…are a team member…have ever mailed me food (that automatically qualifies you as family)…or you’re like family to me and my children…and YOU accidentally get deleted, please message me with a funny MEME and tell me to add your $@# back:) It was a mistake, and my eyes were probably blurry. HA!

So anyways, just wanted to give you a heads up. I DO however, have a business page that you can follow. And you can also follow my timeline if you’d like. I LOVE to network, so I really hate doing this. But at this point, I can’t even friend new hostesses and things, because I’m running out of wiggle room! So here’s to connecting on a NEW page!

Here is the link to my business page, this is NOT a 31 page:

With love and hugs,

My Dear John Letter,

Melissa Fietsam

Follow my Business Page on Facebook

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Follow me on Facebook!

Come visit me on Facebook and let’s chat!

Direct Sales Tips

With much love,

Melissa Fietsam

FREE Direct Sales Training on Organizing your Business and Office

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Would you like a FREE Direct Sales training on how to organize your home office and business?

I’ve got one for you!


Cinchshare is hosting a FREE training for all Direct Sellers from the expert, Lisa Woodruff with!

Here are the details and link to join:

Start time is 9pmEST/8pmCST/6pmPST (& 1pmAEST on 1/11 for our Australian friends).

This is a FACEBOOK-STYLE TRAINING – This entire training takes place right here on this Facebook event. Just click GOING on the event, click on the Discussion tab and then watch the event wall for all of our training posts! And great news, we keep all of these trainings archived for you on our Events page to refer back to at your convenience.

Training Topic:
Do you struggle with organization when it comes to your home business and/or your office? Join CinchShare and our collaborative trainer, Lisa Woodruff – founder of, as she shares tips on really getting yourself organized and ready to ROCK in 2017.

Be sure to invite your friends in any type of home business who will benefit from this amazing training!


With love,

Melissa Fietsam

How to Talk to Strangers About Your Direct Sales Business

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I have some tips and tricks I would love to share with you about talking to strangers in your direct sales business! It doesn’t have to be hard, I promise!

**Don’t forget to share this with your friends and subscribe to my blog so you never miss a beat!

Check out this Facebook Live explaining:

And when it comes to setting goals in 2017…you have to be willing to assess LAST YEAR to know how to BEAT YOUR BEST!

Here’s your free printable:!AkYgT2PVhSEHi2hGut-x1ycB2T5j

Melissa Fietsam,

Empowering women today! Are you?!