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Entire Month of Engagement Posts for December!

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I’m giving away an entire month’s worth of posts EVERY MONTH!

FYI…these posts expire in two weeks! So you better grab them quick!

CLICK HERE to join Directly Social…

and get these links every month for FREE! I just posted your December customer group posts!

All you have to do is have a Cinchshare account and you will have access to this entire month’s worth of posts!

If you don’t know what CINCHSHARE is, check it out here: LEARN ABOUT CINCHSHARE



You can schedule an entire month’s worth of posts for December in your customer groups!

The days are themed for:

  • Monday Funnies
  • Tuesday Engagement Posts
  • Wednesday Inspiration
  • Thursday Holiday Crafts and fun
  • Friday: FREE DAY! You should be posting a product spotlight on something you have. Take a personal video (3 minutes or less) or photo and show how YOU use something you sell

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and get these links every month for FREE!

To sign up for Cinchshare click here: CINCHSHARE (you’ll need to join to get access to those links/posts)

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Engagement Posts for your Social Media Platforms

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Here’s some new engagement posts for your social media channels!

These are great to post on:

  • Facebook timeline
  • Customer groups
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Business pages

And why do you want to post these? Because you get to know your audience. You get to see their personalities shine through and engage with them on something FUN!


And if you haven’t joined our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP over at Directly Social, you should! You’ll get new engagement posts every month!


Melissa Fietsam @DirectlySocial

Launching our New Consultant Quick Start Training!

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Launching our exclusive new consultant training on TUESDAY NIGHT!

The training is $25 as part of an exclusive training series with Directly Social.

Are you tired of getting new consultants and then having them drop off?

Do you just need a way to train them right out of the gates?

This training is for YOU!

Join us TUESDAY NIGHT, September 26th at 9pm Eastern

In this training you will learn how to start your new consultants off in a BIG WAY!

You will learn:

  • systems to train
  • email systems
  • welcome “packet”
  • systems to connect with them quickly
  • systems to get their launch parties going within three days of them joining
  • and MUCH MORE!


  • This will be recorded, so you will have access to it if you can’t make it Tuesday night
  • You will be added to a Facebook group where the training will take place
  • These are systems and techniques you will be able to put into immediate action
  • This training is for ALL Direct Sales/MLM consultants

To sign up, click here:

After you sign up, request to join here:

DS Elite Leadership Mastermind Group

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Here it is! Launching our LEADERSHIP Elite group!

What is DS Elite Leadership?

This is a place for ALL companies and ALL Direct Sellers to get ideas and training on how to grow your TEAMS!

This group is specifically made for leaders in the field. In this group, you will learn:

*how to train your team
*how to build a positive team environment
*how to train your new consultants
*prompts to post on your team pages on a weekly basis
*how to build resources for your team
*key leadership roles
*leadership training
*how to build leaders
…and so much more!


$10 a month!

If you you’re looking to join the group, here’s your EASY BUTTON and 3 simple steps:





Then request to join here:


When can you expect to be added once you join?

All requests to the Elite Leadership group will be processed within 24-48 hours

Subscription Cancellation:

If you cancel your payment plan, you will be removed automatically from the group and can subscribe again at anytime

Theme Party Ideas for October

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Want a TON of October theme party ideas?


October theme parties

I have a pretty awesome group of friends over on Directly Social, and they came up with all of these theme ideas for your month of October! You can use these as themes AND posts within your parties!

Pumpkin Spice

Fall leaves

Harvest Festivals

Pumpkin Carving Party

Bobbing for Apples

Apple picking

Apple pie

Fall decorating


Fall foods like soups


Football & Chicken Wings


Breast Cancer Awareness

Costume Parties


Fall Frenzy

Hay Rides

Candy Corn

Pumpkin Pies

Fall Fashion: sweaters, jeans, boots



Thanksgiving for the Canadians

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Beer Tasting Party

Haunted Houses

Trick or Treating

Pajama Party

Movie Nights

Canned Food Drives

Cool weather


Teal Pumpkins

What type of party can you use a theme for?

ANYTHING! Whether you’re doing home shows, online parties, fundraisers, BINGO nights, or even straight retail orders…it doesn’t matter. The problem is everything is BORING! Same old stuff on a different day. Using a theme can help pique some interest and attract new customers as well as engage your current customer base.

Don’t forget to join our Facebook group!

Click here to join DIRECTLY SOCIAL

So how do you use a theme?

So, think about it as if you’re planning an actual party. You plan:

  • Plates/cups
  • Decorations
  • Music
  • Food
  • Trinkets
  • Invitations

You would do the same thing for a home show with a theme.

So what can you do for an online party theme?

  • Graphics
  • Share recipes (everyone loves a good recipe)
  • Facebook banner
  • Invitations
  • Games (centered around a theme)
  • Fun Facts (about your theme)

See where this is going? Train your brain to think differently. Everything you do for a home show, can be done for an online party. ESPECIALLY with Facebook Live now.

Happy (almost) October everyone!

Melissa Fietsam

Two Cool Tips for your Direct Sales Facebook Parties

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Here’s a couple of really cool tricks for your September Facebook parties!

In this video, I’m going to show you how to:

  1. Make a branded video to share from your Facebook Business Page
  2. Create an interactive customer special flier post in your Facebook party script

Creating a branded video

When you create this video, here’s a few things to remember:

  • Make sure you add captions. 90% of all videos on Facebook are watched in silent mode. TELL THEM WHAT IT’S ABOUT!
  • Make sure you add a branding graphic. YOU took the time to make it. So if someone shares it…they’re sharing it with YOUR business information.
  • ASK your customers to help share some of these! It’s a public post on your business page. So you could create a giveaway around your customer group helping you share this!
  • Add a picture of YOU to it, with one of the products! Make it personal and FUN!

Using ISSUU:

You can use issuu for SO many things!

  • Customer Special fliers
  • Recruiting fliers
  • Recruiting Brochure
  • Catalog PDF
  • Instructional PDFs you create for your team
  • The possibilities are endless!

Really stretch your imagination with these two tools and come up with some FUN things to do in September! We’re getting ready to start the biggest selling season of the year…it’s time to step up your game and stand out in your business.

Melissa Fietsam



Leading Your Team on Facebook

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We’re hosting a webinar training THIS MONDAY!
If you’re a leader and looking to save TIME, ORGANIZE, and give your team RESOURCES…this is for you!



This training will last 45 minutes and have 15 minutes of Q&A

The video will be uploaded and available for 3 days after this webinar takes place.


Live webinar will take place Monday, August 28th at 9pm Eastern

-how to set up your Facebook team page for success
-how to set your team up for recruiting
-tricks to setting up opportunity nights
-how to set your new consultants up for success
-how to set up files for your team to access
-and much more!

Exclusive Training:

This training is not included in the Directly Social Elite Club, it is an exclusive training and sold separate.

Melissa FIetsam

Cinchshare Releases Instagram Scheduling!

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Did you HEAR?!

Cinchshare released Instagram scheduling!!

If you would like your 37 day FREE TRIAL to check it out…



Scheduling your Instagram posts will allow you to be CONSISTENT in your business.

Along with the Instagram feature, you can also:

>Batch post a party in seconds

>Pin to Pinterest

>Schedule your tweets to Twitter

>Have a complete library of past posts to recycle content YOU worked hard on

>Post to multiple platforms at one time

>And so much more!

Start your free trial today!

Melissa Fietsam,

Direct Sales Tips

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Have you joined our FREE Facebook group?!

If not…HOW COME?!

join directly social

Click here to join:

What is the Directly Social Facebook group for?

It’s a positive environment for DIrect Sellers to come together and share ideas on working your business. We share ideas, we help each other, we brainstorm, and give each other advice!

I’m always posting ideas on ways to help you in your business and teaching different aspects of Social Media (which is my passion).

I guarantee you will love the environment and all the ideas you will come across in there. You’re bound to ignite some PASSION for your business again!

What do you get from being a Directly Social member?

  1. Tips and tricks to work your business
  2. Monthly themed posts for your customer group
  3. Advice from all Direct Sales consultants, regardless of what company you’re with
  4. Tips on increasing bookings
  5. Tips on increasing recruiting
  6. Tips on increasing interaction in your customer groups
  7. Tips on business in general

So come see us! And don’t forget to share with your friends!


Melissa Fietsam,

directly social with melissa fietsam

Hostess Coaching Challenges

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Hostess Coaching is one of the most important things you can focus on in your business.

You do all this hard work to get these parties books and then many times, you don’t fail because of a script or hostess…you fail because YOU failed to do hostess coaching.

When you slack on hostess coaching:

  1. Your sales go down
  2. Your bookings go down
  3. Your recruiting goes down
  4. Your hostess experience goes down
  5. Your “repeat hostess” rate goes down

I could really go on and on…the effects of poor hostess coaching are endless.

So we’re trying something new this month. It’s a different form of the hostess coaching envelopes we’ve previously done.

Here’s the deal:

We’re going to have 5 hostess challenges. All income producing activities.

For each step they complete, they get a gift from me. It’s a very small and inexpensive gift, but COOL!

The biggest mistake you can make in hostess coaching is assuming your hostesses know what to do. They don’t.



Hostess Coaching #1:

Challenge your hostess to get $200 in orders BEFORE her party even starts.

Send her packet early and get her talking to people.

I created this post and printable to help mine get started:

CHALLENGE #1: Print this form (or just post in the comments below) your top 20 people. Message them all and let them know you’re having a 31 party that starts July 1st. And then ASK THEM if it’s ok to add them to the party! ONLY 20! That’s it!

All you need is 20 friends to join your party, interact, and have fun!

So your message might look like this:
Hey girl! I’m having a 31 party (all online). Is it okay if I add you to the party to take a look? It won’t start until July 1st but I wanted to make sure it would be ok to add you when it starts! My consultant has a pretty crazy line-up, she does things a lot different than the normal!

CHALLENGE #1: Text me a picture of your list completed or messages you sent your friends!

You can actually print this PDF by downloading it here:!AkYgT2PVhSEHjHtZMuITHkqfBTpl

Hostess Coaching #2:

This one I create in Mad Mimi, a messaging service. Mad Mimi is $10 a month. MailChimp is free. I use Mad Mimi and I created a video to show you exactly how I use it to hand my hostess a tool for Hostess Coaching #2.

She is challenged to send this text message/link to everyone she can and post on her timeline. The goal is collecting orders and getting people added to her Facebook party.

Here is my LINK:

And here is the video on how to create your own.

Hostess Coaching #3:

Challenge your hostess to go Facebook Live and ask her friends to join her party. IT WORKS! I’ve had huge success with having my hostesses do this!

Hostess Coaching #4:

Have your hostess send a message to everyone she knows with a LAST CHANCE TO ORDER:

  • Have her text message people
  • Have her post on her Facebook profile
  • Have her send people a Facebook message

Give her the words to say. Hand her a scripted message WITH A LINK to send to her friends. Make it easy and they will do it!

Hostess Coaching #5:

Book a party for 6 months from now with the new catalog.

Now you’re front loading your calendar like a BOSS.

There are MANY different things you can do with hostess coaching challenges, but these are the ones I picked for this month. I challenge you to think about what YOU need to get in your business and revolve your hostess coaching around that.

Happy Hostess Coaching!

Melissa Fietsam,