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Do You Have Business Insurance?

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So … you know how I have mentioned my business BFF, Melanie Moore, a few times here on the blog? Well, she has been after me to blog about this topic for a long time because she believes it is a resource that every direct seller needs, whether you have been in the business 10 days or 10 years. I will be honest, I kept pushing back on her about writing about this because it is totally out of my norm for this blog, it is something I am not an expert in, and truthfully it is a little depressing talking about insurance and accidents … but here comes a #truthbomb – “sometimes bad stuff happens to good people”! I want nothing more than to share an awesome resource that could help you should any of that bad stuff happen to you, something that will protect the well-being of your family & your personal family finances!

So here we are, I am going to do it!
We are going to talk about getting BUSINESS INSURANCE for your direct sales business!
YES, such a thing does exist!
YES, you can get it quickly and easily!
YES, you need it!

Why You Need Business Insurance:

Times have changed, my friends, and if you do not have insurance coverage for your business, you should! You are entering people’s private homes, what if you knock over the Hostess’s prize possession with your bag? Or you are carrying-pulling-dragging products, tables, garment racks, and shelving units into vendor events, what if you take out another vendor’s table or worse, hit a child with one of your poles as you blindly walk in carrying more than you should because you are trying to minimize your trips in and out to the car? And with the Spring vendor event season upon us, I have noticed more and more venues requiring “proof of insurance” in order to participate. Do you have proof of insurance for your business? Most home owner’s policies DO NOT cover your business.

I know, I get it, “but that would never happen to me”. But that’s just it, it DOES happen to people like us every day. You need to think proactively for your business and be prepared for the “what if”, just like you do for your home, your health and your cars. Insurance exists to cover the unknown and the accidents.


Getting Quotes:

I am sure you can connect with your own local insurance provider and get quotes, but I went with an insurance company that was referred to me. Just so you know, I do not get any kick backs for this, I just want to provide you with information and a valuable resource that I have found to get you & your family protected!

This insurance company specifically caters to direct sellers and understands our language, that is what I like about them. For only $75 a year, you get $2 million in general liability insurance for your business (including property and bodily injury), plus $3,000 for property coverage (including products and samples). I have looked into other options and for me, this is the best deal.


Printable Insurance Certificates for Events:

But here is what I love the most about this company, the printable event insurance certificates! I can download and print them myself anytime I need to provide them for an event (I just bring it with me to each event). Other companies require you to request a certificate and then you wait until they send it, some charge you extra to print a certificate, but with this company, I can just go print it on my own whenever I need it. They have been a Direct Sales Association Supplier for 27 years, which is quite impressive. And I know that they offer health insurance for Independent Contractors too, but I have not looked into that yet myself, you can check it out on their website.

When you apply for coverage from them, you will have to choose your company from the dropdown menu, they cover A LOT of companies, but not every company out there. A quote from their FAQ page says, “Because we must look at the nature of the product being sold, we must qualify all direct selling companies. When you enroll you need to select from the approved list of companies the one you represent. If your company does not show up on our list then our insurance carrier has not approved issuing a policy to cover your activities on their behalf. We cannot write policies unless your company is on the approved list of companies. Remember coverage will only be for you as a sale representative for the company you register for as an authorized representative.”


Do Your Own Research:

I invite you to check out getting insurance specifically for your business, the truth is …. when you are working with tons of people, taking credits cards and cash, carrying things in and out of locations … you just never know what is going to happen. I am not claiming to know everything about everything when it comes to business insurance, but I can tell you for certain that for $75 a year, it gives me enormous peace of mind that my family is protected from loss. You will need to do your own due diligence and research what is best for your family.

Here is the company we are referring to in this article:




FREE Cinchshare Collections to Get you Started!

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So I want to show everyone exactly how AMAZING the new feature from Cinchshare is, called Collections. FYI…these posts expire in one week! So you better grab them quick!

So I’m going to share some posts with YOU. So you can see how it works!

Below, I’m going to share an entire MONTH’s worth of posts for your customer groups and business pages. This is something my team will get every single month from me. But these are all the links to posts for them to set up their posting for the entire month of May. I’m already doing it for myself, so why not do that for my team, right?!

I am able to create posts and share them with one simple link to anyone I want! So what is it? Read details below if you’re lost already!

Now, just so you can see how awesome this is, here is a collection of posts I will be making for my team on a monthly basis. (You only have access to these if you are a CBA…more details below).

These are daily/weekly posts for your customer groups and business pages.

This is my exact post on our team page:

Ok ladies! Here’s a link for all you Cinchshare CBA’s! You can schedule your entire month out for the rest of May. We will share them by day, so you can easily schedule them weekly!

Monday Giggles:

Tuesday Engagement Posts:

Wednesday Quotes:

Thursday Inspiration:

((Friday is product spotlight and you should take a picture of an item and show some great uses. 100% personal and genuine from YOU.))

It’s called Collections by Cinchshare, and you will be able to share an entire Facebook script to your team with ONE LINK!

  • No more files
  • No more emailing
  • You can literally share a link on your team page and the entire script will show up in THEIR own Cinchshare back office!

So how else will you be able to use Collections and this post sharing feature?

Share an opportunity script with your team: So I hold opportunity events regularly for our team. But what if…I shared the entire script with one link and they could run their OWN in their customer groups once a month?!

New Consultants: I can share 2 months of posts for my new consultants, and they will be able to have some blanket posts for their customer groups! To help get them started spreading the word!

Share an opportunity event with your leaders: I can now share an entire FB opportunity event with my leaders so they can run the opportunity events with THEIR teams!

Tweets: I can make a batch of 30 tweets and my team can easily schedule just one tweet a day for the whole month! SO EASY! I’m already doing it anyway, why not share a link to the collection and let them do the same!

Team Trainings: I can share team trainings with my leaders so they can run those on their own teams

Business Page: I can make a Collection of posts for my Facebook Business Page and then share those with my team so they can schedule them out on THEIR business pages!

The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to hear YOUR ideas on how we can use this feature!!

The most important thing…is TIME and PRODUCTIVITY. What you can get done in the little amount of time that you have. Cinchshare is changing the game!

To sign up for Cinchshare click here: CINCHSHARE

To sign up to be a CBA (Cinchshare Brand Ambassador) click here: CBA

Check this out:

Cinchshare is changing the game!

To sign up for Cinchshare click here: CINCHSHARE

Melissa Fietsam

November Thirty-One Facebook Script

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Here is my script for my November parties.


1. Do NOT use my links for my photo albums.

They are linked to my website. You will need to make your own albums in Google Photos. You can take my PICTURES and make your own albums! If you don’t know how to do that…here’s a video to show you:

2. Make sure you’re changing up the wording a bit.

Facebook does not like all of us using the same things (graphics and wording). So change it up, make it your own! And help keep us all safe on Facebook!

3. Use Cinchshare to schedule your party posts.

It’s one of the best things I ever did for my business. I schedule all posts for my parties in 30 minutes. So I can be out playing with my kids while my parties are going full steam ahead! Here is a free 5 WEEK trial for you!! Go to and check it out and enter the promo code “PinkCinch” to get 5 weeks of Cinchshare for FREE. Your business and your family will thank you!

And here’s a video to teach you how to schedule those posts if you need help:

PRE-POSTS (day before the actual party starts)

**some of these pictures are my own, and some are pulled from other fabulous ladies who have shared their creative genius with the rest of us! Thank you if that is YOU.

PRE-POST: Here is my example for the DESCRIPTION of the November Facebook event:

Sheryl is hosting a Thirty-One Party! And we cannot wait to show you all the amazing gift ideas for you, your friends, and your family this season.

Want to view the whole catalog online? Just click here and you can view it on your phone or computer:

November Customer Special: Spend $35 and get the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote for $10 or the Zipper Pouch for $5.

*Spend $70…and get TWO! It’s for EVERY $35 you spend!

Ready to order?

  1. Go to
  3. Click on your hostess’s name!

PRE-POST: So Here is an example of my Introduction:

**To make your own free GIF: (click on “images to GIF)

Hello everybody! My name is Melissa Fietsam, and I am an Independent Executive Director with Thirty-One. I have been with the company for over 8 years now. I absolutely love my job and want to introduce myself and Thirty-One.

I have 5 crazy children whose ages are: 2, 3, 13, 15, and 17!

I’m married to my high school sweetheart. I am a retired Registered Nurse and I used to work in the Emergency Room and teach LPNs on the side. I was able to supplement my income with Thirty-One, and now I’m a full-time mom and business owner!

I love Thirty-One because it gives women the freedom to pursue their dreams. It’s so much more than just a bag:) For those of you who don’t know…Thirty-One was founded on 31 Proverbs and is all centered around celebrating, encouraging, and rewarding women. And I can’t wait to tell you more about it!

I love to give away prizes! Watch out for the 2 minute videos this week…you just may win some PRIZES 🙂


((to see what I do with the great big giveaway:

So what’s this Facebook Party all about?  It’s 4-Day Thirty-One party to share our love of Thirty-One and the new FALL catalog!  The actual party starts TOMORROW!

FREE PRIZES ~ FREE PRIZES ~ FREE PRIZES: RSVP to your hostesses party and click GOING to this event so you don’t miss $150 in giveaways!

Like I said… the BEST part of this party is that I LOVE to give away FREE prizes and all you have to do for the chance to win one is COMMENT on our posts throughout the party and keep your eye out for THE GREAT BIG GIVEAWAY! Easy Peasy!

thirty-one facebook


I’m going to introduce you to one of the November customer specials:

Spend $35 get the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote for $10 or the Zipper Pouch for $5.

*Spend $70…and get TWO! That’s for every $35 you spend!


And here’s the OTHER customer special for November. You get to choose!

Spend $35 get the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote for $10 or the Zipper Pouch for $5.

*Spend $70…and get TWO! That’s for every $35 you spend!

DAY 1:

Post 1:

Have you ever heard of Thirty-One? A lot of people have heard of us…but do you REALLY know what we’re all about? Watch this  quick video to see why I fell in love with the company, the products, and the MISSION:


Now that you know all about Thirty-One…who wants to see the FALL CATALOG?! Check out this link and then we’re going to play a GAME!! But first, tell me THREE things:

  1. Have you ever been to a Thirty-One party?
  2. What is your favorite NEW product?
  3. What is your favorite NEW pattern?

And if you already know what you want and you’re ready to order…

  1. Go to
  2. Click on MY  PARTIES in the top right hand corner by my picture
  3. Click on your hostess’s name!


((This has the Promising Picks items in it. Make SURE you are selling the Promising Picks if you are using this catalog))

There’s something REALLY cool going on this month! We have some BRAND NEW holiday items JUST FOR YOU!

There’s only a select few consultants all over the country who are selling these certain products. And YOU get to see and SHOP from them before anyone else! We have our brand new Holiday Guide…and then you’ll notice some special NEW items in the back! So take a look and tell me what you LOVE about the holiday and Promising Picks items. Because Thirty-One wants to see if you love them enough to put them in the catalog!

  1. Go to
  2. Click on MY  PARTIES in the top right hand corner by my picture
  3. Click on your hostess’s name!

POST #4:

So. I have this favorite product. And it’s called a Swap-It-Pocket. Check this out! My cousin and my daughter both saw this video…and now i have to buy TWO MORE. LOL!

What else could YOU use it for?


Check out all the patterns here:




So now that you’ve met ME…I’d love to me YOU!

Snap a selfie, post below, and let’s get this party started!:)

Tell us:

  1. How do you know the hostess?
  2. What’s your occupation?
  3. Where are you from?

POST #6:

Who’s on INSTAGRAM? Come find me!! You’ll have to watch for clues to the next OUTLET SALE over there!

CLICK ON THIS LINK and follow me:

instagram, Thirty-one gifts, thirty one, 31, 31 bag, 31 bags, find a consultant, find a thirty-one consultant, find a 31 consultant


DAY 2:

POST #1:

So let’s play a little game…I want to know who has the MOST people still left on your Christmas list. Below, list ALL the people you have to buy gifts for! Let’s see who has the BIGGEST LIST!

Here’s mine:




cousins x 4


sons x 4

5 friends

son’s girlfriend


sister in law

nephew x 2

daughter’s friends x 2

teachers x 2

neighbor (1)

Christmas, Santa, wish list, thirty-one, thirty one, 31 bags, find a thirty-one consultant

POST #2:

What kind of shopper are you?

  1. Pift! I already have my Christmas shopping done…in like February.
  2. I do all my shopping on Black Friday (well…Black Wednesday through Friday now…LOL!)
  3. I shop like my husband…on Christmas Eve!

Here is my favorite Christmas presents BUNDLE!



POST #3:

Did you know…when you host a party in November…THIS is the Hostess Special Bundle? They get this whole SET for $35. Look at how many Christmas gifts YOU can get for FREE. If you love a good deal and some Black Friday shopping, you’ll want to jump on this deal!!

So…an average party is $600. Let’s break this down…you get:

  1. TWO items half off-anything you want, pick your highest priced items on your wishlist
  2. TWO hostess exclusive items
  3. $100 in FREE PRODUCT, whatever you want
  4. AND…this hostess special bundle in either pattern you’d like for just $35
  5. Post below…HECK YEAH! And I’ll get your hostess packet in the mail today!

Thirty-One Gifts hostess special


POST #4:

Alright! Who wants to see some DEALS? Here are over THIRTY photos of deals ONLY available in NOVEMBER!! Find one you want, snap a picture and post it here and I’ll send you all the patterns to choose from!

Click on the link below to view over 31 photos of all the deals:

And if you find something you can’t live without and you’re ready to order…

1. Go to
2. Click on MY PARTIES in the top right hand corner by my picture
3. Click on your hostess’s name!

POST #5:

And what’s the biggest DEAL in the catalog? The CUSTOMER SPECIAL!!

For EVERY $35 you spend, you get to pick from one of these deals!

Which one is your favorite?

And if you already know what you want to order…

1. Go to

2. Click on MY PARTIES in the top right hand corner by my picture
3. Click on your hostess’s name!

November customer special, thirty-one gifts, 31, 31 bags, customer special, zip top organizing utility tote


POST #6:

Haven’t ordered yet? Pick a bundle and SAVE!

Have order yet? Add one on!

  1. Post what # you’d like in the comments
  2. Pick your prints
  3. I’ll help you place the order!

November customer special, november thirty-one bundle deals, shop thirty-one, find a consutlant

DAY 3:

POST #1:

I’m giving away over $150 in FREE PRODUCTS! Be sure to get added to my customer page in order to see if you won! Click this link and request to join: ((INSERT CUSTOMER GROUP LINK))

Here’s how you earn tickets for those FREE products!

Come see some great deals in NOVEMBER with a LIVE event showing off my favorite travel items and my favorite holiday items! I’m GIVING AWAY OVER $150 IN PRIZES!!


1. 1 TICKETS: For every $10 you purchase on this party! 
2. 5 TICKETS: Just for joining my customer group!
3. 1 TICKET: For each 5 friends you add to the event and they join! Remember to ASK them if they’d like to be added!
4. 5 TICKETS: For booking a party in NOVEMBER or DECEMBER
5. 5 TICKETs: If you are a HOSTESS in NOVEMBER
6. 3 TICKETS: If you are a member of my HOTM (Hostess of the Month Club)
7. 5 TICKETS: For joining my team and becoming a consultant
8. 3 TICKETS: For purchasing $50 or more on your hostesses party by November 10th

Thirty-One gifts, thirty-one, november, customer special, free gifts, find a consultant, join thirty-one


POST #2:

QUESTION! If you had $300 EXTRA a month…what would YOU spend it on?

~car payment??

~daycare cost??

~kids sports??

~family vacation??


Have you ever thought about becoming a Thirty-One Consultant?

become a thirty-one consultant, join thirty-one, find a consultant



POST #3:


Have you seen one the COOLEST gift ideas in the catalog? Our personalized pillows are AMAZING! And they’re even better when you use fabric markers and get everyone to sign the back of them with a personal message. Hands down…the BEST gift I give my family!

POST #4:

And now I’m going to show you MY purse! What’s your favorite thing about MY purse?!

The Midway Hobo

The Swap It Pocket

The Rolling Jewel

and The Mini Rubie

POST #5:

In honor of Thanksgiving…let’s see what everyone is thankful for!

I’m thankful for 5 healthy kids

For Thirty-One

And a pretty amazing father to my kids…

thankful for



POST #6:

Check out these great ideas to organize the kitchen from me and my friends!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you’re probably going to spend a lot of time in KITCHENS!

I also LOVE to cook. And you’ll find my favorite 15 minute crock pot recipe for Pot Roast in here too!

And if you already know what you want to order…

1. Go to
2. Click on MY PARTIES in the top right hand corner by my picture
3. Click on your hostess’s name!

POST #7:

Want to know what the best deal in the catalog is? The ENROLLMENT KIT! You get over $350 in product for just $99. That is why I started my Thirty-One business. For the love of a great product and even greater community of women. And let me tell you…all I wanted was THE KIT! I love my job and I love to answer questions about my job!
1- Order your Enrollment Kit
2- Host your launch party, hit $600 and get any of the 6 kits for FREE!
3- And earn all the commission AND hostess benefits from your OWN launch party!

Ask me ANY question about my job.
Ask Away… there is NOTHING off limits!

1. What happens if I sign up and don’t sell anything?
2. Do you get a discount on product?
3. How do you earn vacations with Thirty-One?
4. Do you get any free product as a consultant?
5. Do you have to do home parties?
6. How much do you make?
7. What do you make starting out as a consultant?
8. How much do you have to sell to stay active with the company?
9. What’s your favorite part about the job?
10. How easy is it to promote and start making the REAL money with Thirty-One?
11. What all comes in the kit? Are there any other costs to start?

Enrollment kit, thirty-one, 31 bag, 31bags, 31 $1 enrollment, join thirty-one, find a consultant


DAY 4:

POST #1:

Today I want to start by showing you a few of my favorite things! These are things that simply make me SMILE 🙂 What’s your favorite in here?!

And if you already know what you want to order…

1. Go to
2. Click on MY PARTIES in the top right hand corner by my picture
3. Click on your hostess’s name!

POST #2:

Did you know Thirty-One has OUTLET SALES about 2-3 times a year? And the next one is right around the corner! You get items up to 70% OFF! Crazy good deals!

Click on this link and request to be added to my customer group so you never miss one and you’re the first to shop: ((INSERT CUSTOMER GROUP LINK))

Thirty-One Outlet sale

POST #3:

Our customers come up with the best ways to use our products. And I LOVE to see all the cool product hacks they come up with! Check out what people like YOU…use our products for in a FUN and USEFUL way!

And if you already know what you want to order…

1. Go to
2. Click on MY PARTIES in the top right hand corner by my picture
3. Click on your hostess’s name!

POST #4:

So how EASY and FUN has this been? If you’re ready to book your own Facebook party, post “ME!” below and I’ll get you a packet ASAP! Book before this show ends, and you’re also getting FIVE tickets into the Great Big Giveaway of over $150 in PRIZES!!

facebook party, thirty-one, thirty one, join thirty one

POST #5:

Our Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote is only TEN DOLLARS this month on the customer special! And if you still have Christmas shopping to do, you need more than ONE!

You can get TWO of these (only in NOVEMBER) for $46.

Fill it with a few of their favorites things and you’ve made the BEST Christmas gift EVER!

MOVIE NIGHT: popcorn, netflix car, movie theater candy boxes, blanket

DIAPER BAG: bottles, diapers, wipes, sippy cups, outfit, pacifier

CRAFT BAG: crayons, markers, coloring books, glue, scissors, play-doh

SLEEPOVER BAG: stuff for a spa night: mud lask, lotions, bath bombs, hair products, eye mask, pony tail holders

The possibilities are ENDLESS! And they have a bag they can use all year long. Get their NAME on it and make it even more special!

POST #6:

And who loves OFFICE SUPPLIES?

Like, my favorite thing to get on Christmas and my birthday is a new pack of Sharpie Markers…you know who you are…LOL! Check out all these great ways to organize your office and crafts with Thirty-One:

And if you already know what you want to order…

1. Go to
2. Click on MY PARTIES in the top right hand corner by my picture
3. Click on your hostess’s name!

POST #7:

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for partying with me.

Guess what?

I truly appreciate meeting new people and I’m so thankful for the support from all of my hostesses and their friends.  If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. I would be happy to help in any way. I hope you all have an AMAZING Thanksgiving with your families this year!!

If you’d like to join my customer group, click on this link and you’ll be the first one invited to OUTLET SALES and to know the upcoming customer specials and DEALS!


This is the end of our Facebook portion, but you have until August 15th to place your orders!

August customer special:

Spend $35 and get the Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote for $10 or the Zipper Pouch for $5

*Spend $70…and get TWO for those special prices!

Ready to order?

  1. Go to
  3. Click on your hostess’s name!

Thirty-One Outlet sale

DAY 8:

Don’t forget! If you are interested in becoming a consultant and paying some extra bills or getting some extra spending money…I would LOVE to send you more information! Personally message me here on Facebook or post “ME!” below and I’ll get you a quick link with tons of information!

Join Thirty-One

DAY 14:

Don’t forget! Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to place your orders!

Ready to order?

  1. Go to
  3. Click on your hostess’s name!

tomorrow, thirty-one

DAY #15:

Party is closing TODAY! Last chance to place your order!! THANK YOU again for partying with me 🙂

Last chance to order, thirty-one


So there it is. My complete 4 day Facebook party. I really hope this helps some consultants out there who are looking for the words to say. I hope this blesses someone a million times over!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Thirty-One Fundraiser FAQs

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I LOVE to do fundraisers! They are one of my favorite parts of this “job” of mine!

I’ve been doing fundraisers for about 7 years now. I’m going on 8 years of being a consultant! So everything runs like clock work when you host a fundraiser with me! I want to show you all the fun and unique ways we can do fundraisers to help you and your organization or cause.

So how do I do them?

And HOW can I help YOU and your organization?

Here’s the TOP 5 ways we can run a fundraiser to benefit YOU!

The great thing about these things, is that you can COMBINE any and all ways that you love! Combining a few different ways will ensure your team’s success when it comes to hosting a fundraiser with me!

#1 Online Party

This is SO easy! We have a link to your fundraiser on my website and everyone can follow the link to order. 30% of all orders are donated to your organization. All participants get a packet of goodies with a catalog, fliers, and order forms.

#2 Home Show

You can host a home show and invite all your friends and family to see the product themselves and order there!

#3 Facebook Event

Facebook events are GREAT to show people product usage and great ideas on HOW they could enjoy some Thirty-One in their lives while donating to a great cause. I set the entire event up for you and all you have to do is invite your friends. All ordering is done online. Easy peezy!

#4 Trunk Party

You’re already at practice, or church, or somewhere with all your friends. Why not invite them all to a special night where they can literally see all the products and order at a convenient location where they’re already going to be!

#5 Team Party

Each parent takes a hostess packet and collects orders individually and we enter as one big party! This is the most successful way. Each parent has a link to their own orders. It’s easy to track. AND…parents have an incentive from ME if they hit a certain amount in sales!

*Combine this with the online and Facebook event, and there’s no limit to what you can earn for your organization!

Would you like more information about hosting a fundraiser with me? Fill out this quick survey below and I’ll contact you ASAP!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Recruiting Page for Your Thirty-One Business

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We’re going to take recruiting to a new level this week.

Take a look at this video:



create a video of your OWN talking about the opportunity to join and frequently asked questions


The goal of your new page is to:

  1. Make and KEEP those connections of the people who express interest in joining Thirty-One.
  2. Have one central location to communicate in ONE post with all those who were interested in joining your team
  3. Never LOSE a lead who was interested in joining your team
  4. Increase your recruiting and build you team
  5. And be able to share the opportunity with someone no matter where you’re at. A home show, soccer practice…it doesn’t matter. You can simply add them to the page and then follow up with them when you can.

**That organization and PREPAREDNESS will have your potential recruit saying , WOW! This chic really knows what she’s doing!

**Do not pester them. Let them get the information when they want. This is just a way for you to make sure you don’t LOSE their info! And to keep them 100% informed and connected to YOU. It’s your little pot of gold…


This page is dedicated to sharing this amazing opportunity that Thirty-One has to offer so many women. Any and all information you would like to know about joining me and this wonderful company, are all on this page. Files, videos, everything you need to make an informed decision is at your finger tips!


Hello ladies!! And welcome to the best place to be right now! This post will be your resource guide to walk you through all the things you need to know about this page and the wonderful opportunity to start your own business. Follow these simple steps to make the most informed decision about whether Thirty-One is right for you! And this picture shows you exactly what tabs to click on in order to get the most information out of this page!

1. You will want to check out the FILES tab on this page for all the important documents you will want to print out and look over!

2. Make sure you check out the PHOTOS tab on this page

3. And take a look at this short video (5 min) that explains everything that comes in your kit and all the Frequently Asked Questions that go along with starting your own business. I will answer A LOT of your questions in that video!

When someone asks you about the opportunity
1. add them to that page
2. tag them in the pinned post
3. and BAM! they have everything they need to know at their fingertips

**If you’re out and about, and someone asks for information on joining, you can immediately add them to that page and then follow up with them when you get home.

**This is NOT a page to post specials and monthly sales things. This is ONLY for recruiting information and I would not post more than once a month in this page.

Here’s the photos you can use on your page:

1 2 3 4 5 6

And here’s the files you need:



Kit contents

opportunity brochure


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Consistency in Sales: Part 3 for Your Thirty-One Business

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This is Part 3 of how to gain CONSISTENT sales in your Thirty-One business. The third part is BINGO!

Watch this video and then find all the instructions below to host your own Thirty-One BINGO:

Now you can find all the STEPS to host a Thirty-One BINGO Event right here:

So here’s the main setup of the event:

7:00pm-7:30pm: individual party presentations at each table (if there are multiple consultants. If not, you’re presenting for the whole crowd)

7:30pm-8:00pm: EAT and ORDER

8:00pm-9:00pm: everyone plays BINGO together

Where do you hold the event:


K of C Halls

Eagles Hall

Coffee Shops

Church Gym

School Gym

Your House

Hotels have conference rooms

YMCA’s have party rooms

Sometimes Gyms have rooms to rent

Post on Facebook looking for a hall to rent…people will HELP YOU!

Don’t let the venue be your excuse. If you really want to find a place…you will. And when you tell them you’re going to rent it every month…they’ll be more willing to listen. Also, don’t tell the it’s for a BINGO. Tell them it’s for a Thirty-One party. You’re not actually hosting a bingo because you’re not charging for ANYTHING. It is just a party!

How do you cover the cost of the venue:

If you’re doing this alone…the cost is all on you.

If you hold this with other consultants, each consultant pays $10 to rent their party space/table

Do you charge people to come:

NO! Make this a FREE event. They get one card just for coming. In Ohio, we cannot play BINGO or charge for cards without a gambling license.

All cards are FREE

Attendance is FREE

They get 1 card for every $10 they spend

They get 2 cards for bringing a friend

They get 2 cards for bringing a snack to share with their table

They get 4 cards for booking their own show

They get 6 cards for joining your team

They get 2 cards for bringing an outside order from a friend with them

**It doesn’t matter HOW MANY cards you give away…there’s only one winner per round. 

I also like to tie it to my charity push. If they bring a gently used bag to donate they get 2 cards

What supplies do you need:


You can order here:


Here’s your link to order yours:

There are also BINGO Apps on your phone that you can use if you want to eliminate this fee. However, if you don’t have wifi or your phone dies…you’re in trouble. So i would definitely suggest a backup deck of cards at some point. I personally like the cards!


I use paper cards. I get about 1,000 cards for $10

1 (2)

Here is a link to buy yours:


This is what they use to cover their #’s when they’re called

Yep. Beans. So flipping easy it’s not even funny. You don’t want them using stampers because they reuse the same cards each round.

1 (2)


you use these to put the beans in and set on the tables.

1 (2)

What do I give for prizes:

If it is JUST YOU:

key fobs

oh snap bins

products you acquired for cheap

one bigger grand prize for one of the rounds, like an LUT or something you got pretty cheap

If it’s you and OTHER consultants:

Each consultant donates a $20 or more VALUE prize

You use these for the bingo rounds

**it is more cost effective to do this with other consultants

**collect basket upfront in case they don’t show up, you still have basket

**make sure everyone knows prize and $ 10 fee are non refundable


There you go! NOW GO DO IT!!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Top 10 Reasons to Join Thirty-One Gifts in December 2015

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Top 10 reasons to become a Thirty-One consultant in December 2015…coming your way!

#1 Reason to join Thirty-One in December 2015:

This is the 2015 Fall Enrollment Kit!

And it doesn’t get much better than this! There’s over $400 in product and it’s all yours to keep! it comes with everything you need to start your new business off right! The extra contents in the enrollment kit are listed below!


kit contents-page-1

#2 Reason to join Thirty-One in December 2015:

This is the LAST MONTH to sign up and earn cash bonuses along with all the other Start Swell rewards!

We have the BEST program in the field to support and REWARD new consultants! Our Start Swell Program is pretty much off the hook! And right now, ONLY through December 2015, they have added CASH BONUSES to the already amazing Start Swell incentive! We have consultants on our team who have earned over $1000 just in CASH BONUSES!!

Your start swell is your 1st 4 months as a consultant. Each 30 day period, you enter one average party ($600 in orders), and you’re going to earn one of these kits below. And YOU get to pick which kits you want! That’s up to FOUR additional product kits for FREE!!!


#3 Reason to join Thirty-One in December 2015:

Frequently asked questions…answered!

Because I have all your questions answered! If you’re a visual learner like me, I put a video together with tons of Frequently Asked Questions about joining Thirty-One. Check it out!

#4 Reason to join Thirty-One in December 2015:

Pay for your Christmas in COLD HARD CASH!  

Thirty-One has added CASH BONUSES to the start swell program and it only lasts through December! Sign up and you could earn up to $250 in CASH…PLUS a new product kit every single month, for your first 4 months! What better way to pay for your Christmas DEBT FREE?!

And get a friend to start up with you…and earn even MORE CASH!!

Sell $600 in your first 30 days and get any start swell product kit for FREE!

Sell $1000 in your first 30 days and get a $100 CASH BONUS!

Sell $2400 in your first 30 days and get a $250 CASH BONUS!


#5 Reason to join Thirty-One in December 2015:

Because when you join in December and host your launch party…MAGIC happens!


  1. You get to be the hostess AND the consultant!
  2. So you get tons of free and half price items at your launch party as the hostess
  3. you earn the COMMISSION on your own party as the consultant. So essentially, you pay yourself back for the kit you just purchased.
  4. You hit your first TWO start swells goals with your launch party and earn a FREE product kit PLUS a $100 CASH bonus.

It’s INSANE the amount of CASH, PRODUCT, and FREE and HALF PRICE items you’re going to earn. Right in time for the holidays!

#6 Reason to join Thirty-One in December 2015:

Friends and an AMAZING team!


Our team is called Team Trendy. And we seriously have the best team in the company, tad bit biased, I know:) We hit MILLION DOLLAR TEAM last year! And are right on mark to accomplish that again. That means our team hit 1 million dollars in sales. That means we know what we’re doing. And we can’t wait to teach YOU.

We have an exclusive training just for our team members that is top notch and sets you up for success from day one of joining.

And you’re going to meet so many new friends with this company. Some of my best friends are Thirty-One Consultants from all over the country. Building relationships is easy to do when you’re part of this company. The environment, the support, the encouragement, and the relationships you will build will change your life in a way you could never even imagine!

#7 Reason to join Thirty-One in December 2015:

Because you deserve it.


Because every person has a different reason for joining, and it all MATTERS. It all makes us who we are and drives our success.

Are you a mom who just wants to get out of the house?

Are you retired and bored or need some some extra income?

Are you wanting to pay for those expensive sports your kids are in?

Are you simply not wanting to feel guilty about buying that new pair of shoes you want?

Are you wanting to quit your job? Maybe even just go part time?

Are you wanting to become a stay at home mom?

Are you simply wanting to take that family vacation you’ve always dreamed of?

Are you just wanting the AMAZING discount and free products that Thirty-One consultants get?

No matter what your WHY is…we all start with the same kit. The same goal to earn something that means something to us. And whatever your goal or desire is…Thirty-One can help you get there…because you DESERVE it!

#8 Reason to join Thirty-One in December 2015:

Because sometimes you simply want to be celebrated!


No matter what you’re doing in Thirty-One, you’re going to be working towards goals to CELEBRATE~ENCOURAGE~REWARD you at all times!

~We have consultant incentives where you earn free product for monthly goals.

~We have your start swell goals where you’re earning product bundles AND cash bonuses.

~You have the chance a FREE paid expenses trip to an exotic location every single year.

~You have exclusive early access to  any outlet sales that Thirty-One may roll out. And BOY are those great!

~Watch our Product Premiere twice a year in movie theaters all across the country! Consultants get to watch the new catalog launch and sneak peeks on the big screen! And we always go home with some goodies from home office;) So. Much. FUN!

~Thirty-One loves to celebrate their consultants on every level. You will be blown away by the amount free product that starts stacking up in your house!

#9 Reason to join Thirty-One in December 2015:

Because it’s FUN!


I’m a mom. I have 5 kids. I NEED to get out of the  house. I NEED to have adult conversations. And I NEED an outlet to be ME.

I control my schedule to work around my family and my life. And that’s the best part about it. You control how little or much you want to work. You control your income.

And all the while, I get to get out of the house.  I’m looking forward to the Thirty-One’s product premiere this month where I get to go to the movie theater and hang out with 300 other Thirty-One Consultants! I have one home show this month and lots of catalog parties! In my best Jerry McGuire voice…Thirty-One completes me.

And I know it can be blessing and so much FUN for you too!

#10 Reason to join Thirty-One in December 2015:

Start Your New Year off with a brand new business with Thirty-One. What a great time to make a New Year’s Resolution to do what YOU want to do this coming year.

It’s a no brainer! It’s a WIN/WIN any way you look at it!

So to break it down completely  for you…

STEP 1: Get your gorgeous new kit for $99. It comes with over $400 in product and includes all your catalogs, mini catalogs, and order forms. And much more!

STEP 2: Set your launch party and get your start swell kits for FREE! You can earn up to FOUR free kits! PLUS CASH BONUSES!

STEP 3: Watch all that cash come rolling into your bank account with all those parties during the holidays when your friends are in the best shopping mode of the year!

recruit flier

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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