Directly Social Elites

It’s finally here! Your link to Direct Sales training and tools!


To get more…join our Elite group!

What is Directly Social Elites?

A private Facebook group where you will get:

  1. One monthly Direct Sales or Social Media webinar from ME! A 30-45 minute session with question and answer at the end
  2. One Facebook Live training from a leader in our field
  3. Monthly Facebook Party Scripts to alter and use as your own
  4. Support from ME and support from your peers who are serious about moving forward in their business

Your JUNE Facebook script will be posted this weekend as a Cinchshare link and you can pull it directly into your Cinchshare back office. And you no longer need to be an ambassador to get those links!

What does it cost?

$10 a month! For $10 a month:

  1. You have access to an elite monthly training from yours truly ($40 if purchased separately)
  2. Training from leaders in the field from different companies each month
  3. And the “party in the box” handed to you on a  silver platter. Simply edit to suit your own company/needs

How do you join?

Simply click the subscribe button below! You will be emailed the link to join your new group. Make sure you add your FACEBOOK NAME so I can relate the payment to the NAME. You will be billed $10 monthly and you can stop that subscription at any time!

What else is coming with Directly Social?

  1. Monthly training webinars on social media and Direct Sales topics
  2. Training on your Team Pages
  3. Directly Social POWERHOUSE in March 2018: an entire weekend of training on the WEST COAST!
  4. Training Packages on Social Media and Direct Sales topics like these (and much more):
  • Hostess Coaching
  • Fundraisers
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Business pages
  • Customer Groups
  • Marketing
  • Branding your Business

Direct Sales and Social Media Marketing made EASY.

Buckle up ladies!

Melissa Fietsam