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I love the new Instagram save feature!

Instagram tips for direct sales

If you’re scrolling through your Instagram and find something AWESOME…you just tap this save “ribbon” and you cna go back and see it in a “folder” of saved posts.

So what the heck would you use it for?

I’ve saved ideas for products from other consultants

I can duplicate for my own use. So let’s say someone had a cute bag set up in a way I hadn’t seen it used for. I can save it, then go back and take my product and make the same picture for my customers.

I’ve seen business ideas that I love

I’ve seen quotes, or cool ideas for giveaways , or cool ways people were promoting themselves. I can hit that save button on Instagram so I don’t lose it and forget about it! When I have time, I can always go back to it.

I’ve also see ads of crap I don’t need to buy

Right? More and more ads are popping up on Instagram and I personally love them cause they’re QUICK! So whether it’s a video or static ad, I can save it for that one week after payday when I actually have money. Yeah, you know what I mean. I got paid, I’m rich for a week…and then BAM! I’m broke for 3 weeks. But IMA GO BUY IT WHEN I’M RICH FOR A WEEK

And here is where you find your saved photos on your main profile


So there it is. New save feature on Instagram! LOVE IT!

Melissa Fietsam


Zoom Training: Facebook Business Page Vs. Facebook Groups

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We are going to our very first ZOOM Webinar! March 2nd from 8:30-9:30 EASTERN

I have heard so many questions on what is the difference between a Facebook Business Page and a Facebook Group. So I decided we just need to talk about it!

This will be a ZOOM Webinar (link below):

In this event, I will walk you through:
1. Benefits of a closed Facebook group
2. How to use your closed Facebook group to increase sales and bookings
3. Benefits of a Facebook Business Page
4. How to use your Facebook Business Page to increase sales and bookings

There will be:
A) A powerpoint training
B) A live walk through of my own personal Facebook group and business page
C) A question and answer session

facebook training

There are 50 spots available for this training, so don’t wait!


FREE Direct Sales Training from Steve Wiltshire

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You are not going to want to miss this FREE Direct Sales training on how to rock your business on Facebook from Steve Wiltshire


Steve Wiltshire and his team will be sharing their amazing tips on how to make Facebook Parties beneficial to your business!

And that is something we ALL NEED!

Don’t forget to share with your teams and join us TONIGHT!

Click GOING on the event so you don’t miss a thing! You can go back and view the training at any point after that! But the FUN will be joining us live tonight so you can ask him questions!


Melissa Fietsam

Let’s Talk Business Etiquette for Direct Sales

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There’s been some things going on that we need to chat about!

#1 on that list: someone decided to start some rumors that Melissa is leaving Thirty-One. 100% FALSE. Let’s just put that out there. Thirty-One is the heart of my passion and love for direct sales and social media. And I would NEVER in a MILLION YEARS walk away from that. So, in short, NO. I’m not going anywhere. Y’all are stuck with me!

I am working as an Independent Social Media Strategist. I’m doing what I love! I get to train and travel and be ME. And it’s a huge dream come true to be able to have TWO jobs that I am so passionate about! That’s the jist of it. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m pursuing ALL my goals and dreams this year. So you can tell everyone to ZIP IT;)

#2: We need to talk business etiquette. So please take a listen to this video. I’m going to start promoting my business on my personal and customer business page. And I need people to respect my space on that. And this goes for ALL consultants! You should be following these simple rules for every sister in direct sales. There’s a way to do things, and a BIG way to NOT do things.

What is okay?

Posting on someone’s picture:

  1. that’s so cool
  2. what an awesome job!
  3. congratulations!
  4. i love that color!

What is NOT okay?

  1. what did you put in that packet?
  2. where did you buy those bags?
  3. how much was shipping?
  4. do you mail this to all your hostesses?

Those kind of comments immediately turn the post into SPAM. Don’t do it. I’ve been hesitant for years to post my customer group link, my customer page, all kinds of things. And it’s time for me to GROW. So everyone needs to understand that my personal posts, my customer group page, and my Business Customer Page on Facebook are OFF LIMITS to consultants!

I’m ready to teach you all how to grow your businesses in 2017! I’m taking my business to new heights. But I need your help to do that! I can’t grow if I’m constantly being restricted by other consultants. So thank you in advance for even reading through this and I truly hope that I have given someone some new insight on this subject!

Hustle & Hugs,

Melissa Fietsam


Create an Offer on your Facebook Business Page

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This is one of the coolest tools on your Facebook Business Page!

You can create an OFFER! Check this out:

So what would you link it to?

  1. Link to your opportunity page. When someone asks you for information on the opportunity, you can share the link for this offer and it will send them directly to YOUR site!
  2. When someone asks about booking, you can send them directly to YOUR site with the booking tab on your site. So they can see the benefits of hosting a party with you.
  3. Create an offer for a tab that links to the customer specials on your site.
  4. Create a “landing page” on your blog or Facebook page that talks about joining a Hostess of the Month Club, hosting a fundraiser, literally anything you want!

How can you share it?

  1. When someone asks about information, you have it at your fingertips and you look incredibly professional!
  2. You can share these in your Facebook events
  3. You can share these in your customer group

Want to know something extra cool?

When someone clicks on this, they will get a REMINDER notification about whatever they clicked on!! How cool is that?!

Someone said they don’t have the “OFFERS” tab on their business page:

Go to your page

There is a menu on left hand side

Click on manage tabs

Click on “add tab”

Click on “offers”

BAM! You just added it to your page!

Now it’s time to go rock your business!


Hustle & Hugs,

Melissa Fietsam

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FREE Direct Sales Training from Lynn Bardowski, Million $ Party Girl

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Hey everybody!! I’ve got something AWESOME for you!

Lynn Bardowski, the Million $ Party Girl, will be doing a FREE training on how to maximize your vendor events!

Check out this link, join the training TONIGHT, and SHARE with your teams so they can learn from an expert too!


Thirty-One Gifts

Make the most of your time and money invested in vendor events and trade shows with this extraordinary training! Join us next Tuesday as we bring you our friend Lynn Bardowski, the Million Dollar Party Girl. Lynn is one of our CinchShare collaborative training partners and she will be sharing her amazing tips on how to make vendor events beneficial to your business.

Check out Lynn’s amazing blog, and you’ll see why you NEED to be a part of her training:

Melissa Fietsam

Thirty-One Facebook Party Planning

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Facebook parties are a HUGE part of Direct Sales these days. Wouldn’t you like to spend some time increasing your recruiting, booking, and sales?

Well, I am. And I made this form to help me PLAN my party better. Check this out:

Things you need to think about planning in your party. Here’s a simple rundown of what I think is important to include:

  1. Holiday relevance to your product and how it relates to any upcoming holidays
  2. Games
  3. Booking- hostess specials
  4. Join your customer group
  5. Recruiting Information
  6. Your personal booking incentive
  7. Live FB video
  8. Monthly Customer Specials
  9. Introduction

Once you have the important things plugged in, then you can fill it with fun “selling” posts showing off your product.

**And ALWAYS try to ask a question in each post to keep it interactive!

Since I’ve started planning my Facebook parties, they simply FLOW better. They just make sense. So I highly encourage you to really take some time and put some thought into what it is you would like to do with your Facebook parties and get creative!

Here’s our team file I made to plan your own Facebook party if you’d like:!AkYgT2PVhSEHjAgNUF20H58_v1ec

Hugs and happy planning!

Melissa Fietsam


Graphics: How to Create Amazing Content

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Have you ever looked at someone else’s graphics and said, “How did they DO that?!”. Or…”Where in the world do they find those cool graphics?”.

Well, I’m no expert, but I get by pretty well. So I want to show you some things I’ve done and some tips and tricks to help you get started!

First, you can’t do ANYTHING worth doing, without investing some time into it. It took a lot of practice and a lot of research. Was it HARD? No. Was it FRUSTRATING at times? Yes. But was it worth it? Heck yeah!

Here’s some graphics I created with a program called Canva. It’s a FREE website where you can create your own graphics. I’m going to give you LINKS to the video tutorials that helped me get started designing great graphics.

And I learned everything from a Cinchshare Facebook post that I’ll share with you below.

Rules of Graphics & Where to Find Them:

So, first…let me throw out some etiquette tips on graphics. NEVER, and I mean NEVER take someone else’s graphic and change the information to your own and use it. The ONLY exception to that is if you have permission from the original creator to do that. This goes for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, anything…do not take someone else’s hard work and claim it for your own without permission!

Now…let me send you to a Cinchshare post that talks about WHERE to find great FREE graphics that you can edit for your own business. And you’ll want to follow that page while you’re over there. Cause…those people are smart peeps. And they post a lot of really great stuff you don’t want to miss! Here’s the link to the post that tells you how to find free graphics:


Now How to Get Started Creating & Editing in Canva:

I had NO idea what I was doing in Canva. I was a die hard fan of And I still use Picmonkey on occasion, but if you want amazing, professional, classy photos, I highly suggest

So here are the people at Cinchshare again, making my life easier and teaching me how to reach for the stars! Heili Erika, pretty cool kat, walks you through a series of videos on how to get started on Canva. And…you can actually use Canva INSIDE of your Cinchshare account if you have one.

So check out this playlist on YouTube and do it when you have TIME. This will not be an overnight success. But you will get better and better every single time you create something. I learn something new every single day! And I LOVE IT!! This playlist will get you started and there’s tons more on YouTube. Don’t know how to do something? Search YouTube for the answer. You have zero excuses anymore!!

So here’s to all you creative monsters who have been hiding behind, “I just can’t do that”…now you CAN. There goes Melissa…taking your excuses away AGAIN! #YouAreWelcome 🙂

Canva Tutorials Cinchshare Playlist:

Love ya, Hugs,

Melissa Fietsam


Take your Direct Sales Recruiting to a Whole New Level!

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So here’s a really great idea to GROW your team in 2017!

It’s a new way to present the recruiting opportunity to your customers in your Facebook parties, your customer group, your business page, and even your newsletter each month for your customers!

Take a peek at this video that explains everything 100% and also give some examples:

Love and Hugs,

Melissa Fietsam

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

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So I am making some changes on my personal timeline on Facebook.

I love all my Facebook friends, but did you know Facebook puts a cap on how many “friends” you’re allowed to have? I’ve actually reached a point where, if I accepted all the pending friend requests, they would shut down anyone being able to friend request me.


As a business owner and networker by nature, I’m saddened I have a cap on friends!!

I wanted to let everyone know that I will be going through my “friends” list and deleting A LOT of people. This is not because I don’t like you or don’t care about you. Quite the contrary!

It’s because I have to leave some wiggle room to bring people into my world. The best thing about it though, you can still FOLLOW my page and get notifications. Because 99% of what I post is public anyway!

So the reason I wanted to throw this out there, is so that you didn’t think I was just being mean! There’s a reason. I’m actually like 250 away from not being allowed to accept friends at all. And I have over that in pending requests. So…we (my assistant and I) will be going through and unfriending quite a lot of people.

Now, if you have ever baked me a cake (and are planning on another Cheryl)…helped me walk straight on a wild night (yeah, you know who you are Miss Babysitter)…are a team member…have ever mailed me food (that automatically qualifies you as family)…or you’re like family to me and my children…and YOU accidentally get deleted, please message me with a funny MEME and tell me to add your $@# back:) It was a mistake, and my eyes were probably blurry. HA!

So anyways, just wanted to give you a heads up. I DO however, have a business page that you can follow. And you can also follow my timeline if you’d like. I LOVE to network, so I really hate doing this. But at this point, I can’t even friend new hostesses and things, because I’m running out of wiggle room! So here’s to connecting on a NEW page!

Here is the link to my business page, this is NOT a 31 page:

With love and hugs,

My Dear John Letter,

Melissa Fietsam