Pack Your Bags – It’s Time for Social Summer Camp!!

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Directly Social is hosting a social summer camp!



Join us at “Camp Wanamaksumony” (pronounced “wanna make some money”) this summer to take your social game to the next level when it comes to booking, selling and recruiting.

Our camp counselors will conduct awesome activities with our campers each day to walk them through specific social media steps and tasks to take. Each week will consist of a video training and daily tasks, which will be posted at the beginning of the week to allow you time to complete them around your busy summer schedule. Even if you are going on vacation in the middle of the month, you can still keep up because the training and tasks are posted every Monday, just do it early or catch up when you get back! **Each week will include a printable for easy completion of “homework” if you choose.

Each month of camp will focus on a different topic. You are invited to join us for a month of camp, or come hang with us for the entire summer! We will even have “celebrity” guest Counselors coming to share some targeted training with all of the campers.

Lots of fun camp surprises and goodies exclusive for our campers: camper only trainings, weekly printables, weekly & monthly social media content calendar, graphic bundles and more! You know we love SURPRISES!

Camp Wanamaksumony is the place to be this summer if you want to build your business on social media! Get yourself signed up for our exclusive summer camp and pack your bags for this awesome adventure!

VERY IMPORTANT! After you purchase, you MUST complete this survey:



Booking your summer! 4 weeks of trainings, videos, and printables to learn how to keep your booking calendar full. We will give you challenges for those who want to complete homework assignments, or simply sit back and soak it all up. It’s YOUR camp, your way!



Increasing Sales! 4 weeks of trainings, videos, and printables on how to increase sales in your direct sales business. We will give you challenges for those who want to complete homework assignments, or simply sit back and soak it all up. It’s YOUR camp, your way!



Increase Recruiting! 4 weeks of trainings, videos, and printables on how to increase recruiting in your direct sales business and GROW YOUR TEAM. We will give you challenges for those who want to complete homework assignments, or simply sit back and soak it all up. It’s YOUR camp, your way!


See you there!

Melissa Fietsam @DirectlySocial



Manners Matter in Customer Service

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Manners matter.

Mamas all over the word just shouted AMEN in solidarity to that statement, am I right?
Having good manners is something we teach our children from a very young age as an important life skill.

Manners matter.

So why don’t we exercise this same focus on having good manners in our every day business? I have been in this industry a very long time and it never ceases to amaze me some of the things I see and hear about people doing in their business and how they treat paying customers. I just want to slap them in the back of the head (mama style) and say “Didn’t your mama teach you any manners?”

Let’s chat about six customer service manners that I think we need to work on in the direct sales industry:

“My pleasure”

Bet you can’t guess what my favorite restaurant is?  They are notorious for saying “my pleasure” every time you say thank you to them. My kids actually turn it into a game when we go there, every “my pleasure” they receive is a point and they try to see who can get the most points in a visit.  I find it very comical, but I am also very impressed with the level of service that comes with a simple “my pleasure”. That simple phrase strikes me as servant leadership with a smile. How often do we practice servant leadership with a smile in our business?

“Thanks for choosing me”

This is another customer service phrase that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Now, it’s usually my auto repair guy that’s saying it at check out, but it’s a phrase that catches my attention every time. It isn’t just a “thanks”, it is a “thanks for choosing us”, their recognition that I do have a choice of who I do business with and I chose them. How often are we saying something similar to our customers? They have thousands of consultants to choose from in your company and tens of thousands to choose from in the industry as a whole, including your competitors (#hello). And they chose YOU to do business with. Are you recognizing that?

“What is most convenient for you?”

This is like the hallelujah chorus to a mom of toddlers! This simple phrase could win my business for life. A business that is willing to find a time that is convenient for me and my crazy lifestyle will always receive referrals from me. This phrase makes me as the consumer feel like I am made a priority, my time is a priority to them and they want to honor that. How are we doing this with our Hostesses and potential recruits? Is this a phrase you use? It is a phrase I plan to use more often in my own business.


“You made my day!”

This phrase just makes my heart swell. My kids are I were at a restaurant for lunch (we actually went inside – whaaaat?) and before I left I put a smiley face rock on top of her tip. The kids had painted 100 of these smiley face rocks to leave all over town, we have a huge ziplock bag of them in the car and we leave them everywhere. As I am scooting everyone out the door of the restaurant the server literally runs up to me with a huge smile on her face,  looks me dead in the eyes and says “you just made my day’! My heart actually swelled standing there, I could feel it swell up inside of me and my kids talked about that encounter the entire way home, they shared it with their grandparents, and it comes up again and again as we leave smiley rocks all over town. I wonder how often we acknowledge the amazing things our hostess and customers do? A simple “you made my day” can go so far in making them feel great and building that relationship with them.

“I’m on it!”

My assistant is a freaking rockstar! My absolute favorite phrase that she says to me is “I’m on it!” That phrase speaks volumes about who she is and her willingness to get things done for me quickly and excitedly! I love that excitement that I “hear” her say (via messaging) that she is on whatever project I have given her to do. Not an “okay” or a “will do”, but an I’M ON IT! Do you hear and feel the difference? I think our customers and hostesses need to hear some more excitement from us, they need to hear the “I’m on it” so they know that you are there to assist them AND you are excited about it!

“That is not available, however…”

For the love of Direct sales, do not EVER tell a customer “NO”. No is such a negative word with icky ucky feelings. When a customer says, “Do you have smelly oranges?” And you reply back with a flat NO…or “no we do not”…you deserve to lose a sale! How about, “My apologies, we are currently out of smelly oranges. However, most of my customers who love smelly oranges really love our stinky citrus. Here’s a link to see if that may suit what you’re looking for (insert stupid smelly link).”

You are not in the business of short comebacks and you certainly are not in the business of NO’s. It’s called customer SERVICE because you SERVE them. So often we resort to quick replies, when we need to be thinking about building trust, making them SMILE, and going above and beyond in every opportunity to serve them.

Our mamas taught us good manners, we need to start using those good manners to deliver better customer service to our Hostesses and Customers.

Treat others how you want to be treated, right? These 6 phrases above reflect how I want to be treated, so I am upping my game on how I am treating others with intention and purpose. I challenge you to join me in adding these 6 simple phrases into your business and see what happens!

Since it’s Mother’s Day month, how about a quick giggle from my girl, Anita Renfroe!


Melissa Fietsam @DirectlySocial


You’re FIRED!

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Think what you want to about Donald Trump, but I will tell you, I used to LOVE his show The Apprentice and his infamous “You’re Fired!” at the end of each episode.

I loved the urgency and intensity of the show and loved to see how people perform under pressure and rise to the occasion! People can do amazing things under pressure and when they feel the urgency to get things done. For me, it gives me sheer adrenaline to work on risky projects and try things I have never done before in my business. I never want to get to a place of complacency or apathy in my business, where I just don’t care to work for it anymore…where I’m content to sit on my butt and watch the world around me. That is not me, that is not in my nature, and it shouldn’t be in yours either!

I get it, some weeks and months are harder than others and sometimes you just don’t have anymore gas in the tank. But let’s get real! Most of the time you’re honestly just being the worst boss ever in your own business! You’re not getting things done, you’re making excuses, you’re piddling around doing things that bring no real value or $$$ into your business. You’re “playing business” and not actually working a business.

Businesses MAKE money, hobbies COST money!

I am going to share with you a little tidbit that I heard many years ago in my direct sales career, so long ago that I can’t actually remember who originally said it, “You many need to fire yourself from the business. Yep, that’s what I said, sometimes you might just need to give yourself the old heave-ho!”.  Think about this scenario; if you worked at a company and you had an employee performing the way you are performing in your business right now, would you keep them on the payroll? If yes, awesome! But I would venture to guess that most of you would say NO WAY! You would fire you in a heartbeat — so do it now! Yes, I am giving you permission to completely fire yourself from your own business!

Even for me, there are some months where I just royally screw up my business. I get comfortable in my day to day, I do the mundane business tasks with no sense of urgency and basically just “exist” in the business and perform like a lifeless robot. I need fired, I deserve to be fired! So every now and then… I DO fire myself completely from the business. I fire myself on a Friday for being ineffective and not doing what I know needs to be done for my job to grow my business. Then I will spend the weekend thinking about what I know needs to be done and coming up with a plan to make that happen. Then I rehire myself on Monday morning to get things done right.

How are things going in your business? Do you need to go all “Donald Trump” on your own butt and give yourself a pink slip? If you’re not working your business with urgency & intensity, if you are not leaping out of bed each morning because you are so excited about what you are doing and who you’re helping, you should be fired!

My favorite plan of action to REBOOT:

2 days: Make a list of all the things you need to get done in the next two days. These are #1 priority. And this list needs refreshed often.

2 weeks: Make a list of all the things that need done in the next two weeks. And refresh this list every couple of weeks.

2 months: Make a list of all the things that need done in the next two months. This is where your quarterly planning comes in; upcoming holidays, incentives, sales, etc.



Complacency & apathy will be the death of your business, do not allow it to come to that.

Deep down, regardless of what you portray to others or make yourself look like on social media, you know if you’ve been slacking in your business. If you’re doing enough to just get by and hoping the “boss” doesn’t notice…you need to get a grip! Since you’re the boss…you’re just cheating yourself and your family out of success. So take a page out of Donald Trump’s show, maybe it’s time to say “YOU’RE FIRED“! Wipe the slate clean, get your thoughts and plans together and then rehire yourself to rock your biz!

Melissa Fietsam @DirectlySocial

Fundraisers for Mass Marketing in your Direct Sales Business

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We just launched a training on how to use Fundraisers to mass market your Direct Sales Business.

You’re going to get a video training on:

  • Why you want to do them
  • How you can market them on social media
  • How to set up your packets
  • How to find people interested in fundraisers
  • How to book parties and create leads from them
  • How to increase sales with them
  • and so much more!

If you’re looking to increase sales, recruiting, and bookings this year…you need to take this training!


Training is $39 for lifetime access




Melissa Fietsam @DirectlySocial

My Daily “Power of 3”

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Here’s the truth… ya’ll are just making this business too hard!

Direct Sales Homerun

Get out of your own way, stop “thinking” about working your business and actually get out there and work it! Many of you spend more time thinking about working than actually doing anything constructive for your business and it needs to STOP!

I am going to give you my super simple “Power of 3” routine that you can use every day, with actionables that can actually move your business in a positive and profitable direction.

My daily “Power of 3” routine:

– Make 3 new connections daily (meet 3 new people)
– Invite 3 people to look at my product/biz opportunity/booking options/ fundraisers, etc
– Follow up with 3 people
– Do 3 random acts of kindness or appreciation
– Do 30 minutes of personal development (video, book, audios, podcasts)
– Do 30 minutes of “me” time (exercise, quiet time,etc)

Now let’s break down what each of these looks like:

Make 3 new connections daily – in order to grow your business you have to meet new people, you can’t do this business without people! Right? So how are you meeting new people every day?

Invite 3 people to look at my product/biz opportunity/booking options/ fundraisers, etc – how are you getting yourself in front of people and when you do get in front of them, what are you doing that will grow the business? Are you prepared when you do get an opportunity for people to look at what you have to offer? Do you have catalog, host packets, recruiting packets, video links, etc prepped and ready to go at a moment’s notice?

Follow up with 3 people – this should go without saying but are you actively following up on the leads you are collecting? Or  maybe we should actually start with are you actively collecting leads for your business? What tools do you need to be able to do effective follow up. If  you are not doing your follow up communications/calls, you are leaving serious cash on the table.



Do 3 random acts of kindness or appreciation – let me say this as kindly as possible, this business is not about you! And the sooner you come to realize that, the sooner you will start to see tremendous success. This business is about growing people and empowering them to be who they were created to be. It is not about you, it is about them. If you do not like people, you are in the wrong business, my friend. We are a people business and we need to learn to care more about our fellow people. We need to be kind at all times, I think sometimes we forget the sharpness of our keyboard swords. Speak to people like the humans they are, appreciate people for good work or things you recognize in them. I promise if you take the spotlight off of you and consciously start focusing on others, you will see rewards.

Do 30 minutes of personal development (video, book, audios, podcasts) – this is an area that so many of you are literally STARVING your businesses in. How are you filling up and learning new things? How are you getting educated? You need a constant flow of good business building information coming into you, whether it be from reading or one of my personal faves is podcasts. Find a good one that feeds you and listen to it every day for 30 minutes. Throw a load of laundry in and hide in the laundry room with it so you can get your personal development thing ON!

Do 30 minutes of “me” time (exercise, quiet time,etc) – again, you cannot pour from an empty cup, you need to get refilled and sometimes that refill comes from making yourself a priority verses an afterthought. Take 30 minutes a day and you just do you. I personally like a quiet time where I can just silence the world around me for a little and not be while and not be constantly rushing to the next thing. There will always be a next thing, but there is only one of you and you need to take care of you.

Like I always say, keep it simple and do the actionable. Thinking about working and actually working are not the same thing. Get out there and DO SOMETHING with your business every * single * day!

Copy of Direct Sales Home run


Why Groups are Better for Facebook Parties

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With the recent changes in scheduling posts to Facebook Events, I’m very excited to show everyone WHY I’ve been having HUGE success hosting in groups for the last couple of months!


I love partying in groups because your hostess can simply share the link to her party (the group) and people can request to join. She can post the link on her Facebook timeline and ASK her friends if they’d like to join her party and they can click directly on the group to join. You can’t do this with events. This makes inviting EASY.

Think you could benefit from your hostess easily sharing her party?

You can also send the link to join:
📢 In a Facebook message
📢 In an email
📢 In Facebook messages

Watch this quick video to see how it shows up:



When you create a group for a party, you can LINK your V.I.P. customer group.

AND…you can create a post while doing that! Watch this fancy lil’ trick to get people to join your group!

Who would LOVE to get more people added to your VIP customer group?! IT WORKS!!

Watch this two minute video:



When you party in a group, you can actually see who views your posts. In events, you’re clueless about whether people are seeing your posts or not.

To me, this is a huge advantage to assess the effectiveness of ALL my party posts. If something repeatedly has low engagement, I know it’s time to change that particular post up.

If one type of post has HIGH engagement over and over, I know I need more posts like that one.

Make sense? It’s validation for your hard work.

EXHIBIT A: If you don’t know what I mean, here’s a video (1:12 seconds…you can do it…I promise!) showing you:



I’ve seen a HUGE increase in participation in groups. The bottom line is they’re not seeing the posts in events. If you want more:
…you need to get in groups!

Just this month, running my parties in groups…I actually booked SIX parties from the first six parties that I was already running at the beginning of the month. So I DOUBLED my parties and sales for April. It was INSANE engagement and interaction between customers, posts, and myself…it truly blew any expectations out of the water!

For those of you partying in groups already…have any extra thoughts on that?

Don’t forget to join our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP for all Direct Sellers: JOIN HERE



In groups, you have the ability to create a pinned post. So think of all the important information you need everyone to see easily:
⭐ Direct party link to order
⭐ Customer special
⭐ Hostess special
⭐ Link to catalog
⭐ Link to recruiting information


Watch this quick 1-minute video to see an example!



You can use this group to your advantage if used properly!

  1. EASILY SEARCHED: Name all your April parties the same title; EX: Christina’s Thirty-One Bucket List Party. They’re easily searched for future reference. Just keep a note of all April hostesses and the theme name you used for each month and you’re set! You can refer back to those groups when you need to.
  2. REPEAT HOSTESSES: If your hostess has a party 6 months down the road, simply change the banner, delete the old posts, and all her friends are already in there! All she has to do is add her new friends!
  3. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS: Go back to past events for special company announcements. If there’s an OUTLET SALE, you can make targeted announcements in those groups. I would not do this more than once or twice every 6 months. Don’t ABUSE this ability.



Uploading documents can save you and your hostess time. 

People are loving Publitas and Issuu for “viewable” documents. And I do too. But guess what? When someone asks for the customer special in group, you can click on that big old FILE TAB in groups and tag whoever needed it. It’s all about TIME. Time equals money. If you put something off because you can’t find it, chances are you will forget to answer all together! And then you have frustrated hostesses and guests.

Documents you can upload:
☑ Customer specials
☑ Hostess Specials
☑ Recruiting documents

What other documents can you think of that might be helpful in your group parties?



What if you asked your hostess what 2 groups of products her friends would love the most:

✅ Working moms
✅ Business women
✅ Stay at Home moms
✅ Homeschool moms
✅ Soccer moms
✅ Crafting ladies
✅ Office supplies junkies
✅ Bingo ladies
✅ Teachers
✅ Nurses

You could cater ALBUMS to reflect different personalities and interests of people within your group party. Think you could increase your sales? I DO!

If I had a group full of teachers and uploaded an album of ideas specifically geared towards teachers…

What else could you do with ALBUMS?


The search feature is GREAT for answering questions and finding material quickly.

Let’s say someone says…Hey Melissa, what patterns does the customer special come in? And I’m all up in aisle 7 at the grocery store with two hangry pre-preschoolers hanging from the ceiling fans, right? Well I can quickly type “customer special” in the search bar and it’s going to pop up so I can tag them. Two seconds and BAM! I look like a boss.



How about this dandy little tip? If your hostess joins your team…she already has a customer GROUP set up with all her friends in it!
Simply change the banner on the group and BAM! She has a VIP customer group and is set up for success…

Who would love to add that to your recruiting conversation with your hostess? “Hey girl! We already have your customer group ready to rock…you can do this!”


So there you go! Just a few of the reasons I LOVE hosting Facebook parties in groups! Not to mention the fact that I can SCHEDULE my posts through CINCHSHARE inside groups!

Don’t forget to join our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP for all Direct Sellers: JOIN HERE


Melissa Fietsam @DirectlySocial









10 Ideas to ROCK Your May Business

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Oh May! I am desperate for your beautiful weather, I need to get these kiddos out of the house!

Can’t you just hear Justin Timberlake singing “It’s gonna be May”! (You know you just totally read that like he sings it! Well done!)I am excited to throw open the windows and let some gorgeous May weather come flooding in my house! This is more than Spring Fever, ladies, this is “Mama needs a break, go play outside” fever!

Got the fever too? Ready to ROCK your business in May? Here are some fun May Marketing Ideas to get you moving and shaking today for an awesome May!

#1 May Day (5/1)

This day is all things flowers. Do you sell a product with a flower pattern on it? Or sell something that has to do with flowers? You will want those products to be your marketing focus for May Day.

 #2 – Cinco de Mayo (5/5)

You could have a blast with this holiday as a theme party in a home or online. Think Mexican food, drinks, fun and fellowship. Do you have products that lend themselves to food or cookware, this is a perfect one for you. Do you like margaritas? nuf’ said!

#3 May the FOURTH Be With You (5/4) and/or Revenge of the Fifth (5/5)

All my fellow Star Wars fanatics will be all over this one! Can you imagine how much fun this would be as an online Facebook Party theme? Complete with theme-y recipes and drinks, games, trivia, etc. Who wouldn’t want to attend an awesome party like that?

#4 Change your FB Customer Group cover photo to something more “May-y” themed

This is an easy way to update your group and get a post into your group member’s news feeds. Make sure you are using that prime real estate of the cover photo space as best you can. Make sure you are not always just featuring product, be sure to include your smiling face sometimes! And use the group photo size 1920×1080 for optimal visualization of your awesome banner and details!

 #5 Update your Facebook Business Page cover photo to something more Spring-like

Make sure you are updating your Facebook Business Page with the season, you definitely don’t want a cover photo featuring Christmas items up when it is May. But I cannot tell you how many times I see this on some of your business pages. Your cover photo is like your storefront window for your business, make sure it is attractive and in-tune with the season. Use a filter and put some flowers in your hair or add a flowery frame, jazz it up!

 #6 May Day Mon-aaaay (go on, say it, it is fuuuun!)

Remember Cupid Cash from February and the Bunny Bucks in April? You can totally May-it-up by allowing your customers to “earn” $1 in May Day Mon-aaay for every $10 they spend with you in May. The May Day Mon-aaay is only redeemable with you and only redeemable in the following month, in this case June. So this ideas gets you sales this month and potentially next month too. If you want to move some cash and carry products, you could easily change the coupon to where they can only redeem the May Day Mon-aaay toward something you have cash and carry and then payout the difference. For example, if they have $10 in May Day Mon-aaay and the item is $31, they give you the $10 in May Day Mon-aaay and pay the $21 difference. That’s a sale for May AND a sale for June!

Don’t forget to join Directly Social on Facebook:


#7 Happy Mail – Send flower seeds to upcoming Hostesses and team members

Imagine what the response will be when you send flower seed packets through the mail. Just slap a mailing label and stamp on them and you can mail them. To your hostess you can mail Forget Me Nots and say something about them being an unforgettable hostess, for team members you can send any type of blooming flower packet and let them know how excited you are to see them “blooming” in the business! Scared to mail the seed packet by itself? You can always throw it into an envelope!

#8 Share cute spring recipes, crafts and tips with your followers

Think flowers, planters, spring meals, bird houses, anything May-ish! People love that kind of thing and cute tips and ideas get shared!! This is called “curating content”, go find something cool on a blog and share it!

#7 Create a May Ideas Pinterest Board and share it

Head over to Pinterest and create a theme board for May and pin what you love for May (tips, recipes, crafts, DIY, outdoor cleaning, etc). Once you have a minimum of 10-15 pins (I am sure you will find far more that you love), share the link to your Pinterest board in your customer group, your FB business page, your personal timeline, your customer newsletter, etc. Share it everywhere! Invite them to follow you while they are over on Pinterest!

 #8 Spring-ify Your Vendor Booth

We are heading into vendor booth season again! People completely pre-judge your vendor booth in about 3 seconds. Think about ways you can completely “spring-ify” your table and display to make it attractive to those scanning the room or just passing by. Be sure to use colors that go well together, maybe just 2-3 colors. Keep things simple and clean!

#9 Host a Mother’s Day event

Did your company come out with new products recently? Host a Mother’s Day theme event, either in person or online, celebrating the mamas out there. Even if they didn’t come out with anything new lately, it doesn’t matter! Spring-ify the current offerings and get people excited! People are looking for Mother’s Day gifts, why not help them get it from you? Get out there and market yourself and what you have to offer the moms in their lives.

#10 Bundles! Bundles! Bundles!

Bundles are fun and fast sellers! Can you create some fun baskets or bundles with your products? Some of my faves in the past have been nail polish bottles filled upside down on the top of a stem like flowers! Or hand lotions tucked inside gardening gloves. Think outside of the box. People LOOK for things that are different, be what they are looking for! Create 4 Spring bundles and post one a week with $5 if they order during that weekly deal

What fun May ideas do you have?

Melissa Fietsam


Free Training on WHY Facebook Parties are Better in Groups (not Events)

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With all the Facebook changes, learn why I have been LOVING doing my Facebook parties in groups instead of events.

I am going to walk you through 8 reasons why Facebook parties are better in groups during this training.

You’re also going to learn how to properly use them, so they’re not spammy and you can get the most out of them.

People are scared of doing parties in groups, I get it. You know why? Because I swore a year ago I would NEVER do my parties in groups. But things change. And I’ve been doing this for 2 months and seen the best results I’ve EVER had in TEN YEARS with my Facebook parties.

So join us on this FREE TRAINING TONIGHT!

STEP 1: Join our group Directly Social:



Melissa Fietsam @DirectlySocial

The POWER of Instagram Stories for Your Business

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As the days and weeks fly by here in 2018, I am becoming more and more obsessed with Instagram and Instagram Stories.

While my first love will always be Facebook…Instagram (insert heavenly sound here) is just downright FUN to be on! Have you checked out Instagram Stories? I absolutely LOVE stories and I love to check out other people’s stories.

So what are Instagram Stories?

In Melissa terms, they are the “behind the scenes” of my life as a work at home mom boss, getting things done while chasing kids, cooking and driving the mom taxi! It is real and raw, and only available for 24 hours and I love that. Your Instagram wall is where you put your best foot forward, where you work to create the perfect grid of colors and theme, or express your mess…your choice! But Instagram Stories is where people get to see the real you, the nitty gritty and the stuff they love to see.

Why Instagram Stories?

I love when I see people use their stories to share events in real time as they are happening, verses a static post on their Instagram grid. The stories only last 24 hours but they can showcase your awesome personality and show your fun side. You also have the ability to add filters, stickers, text and emojis and you all know how much I love emojis!

But Melissa, How do I Access Instagram Stories?

Log in to your Instagram account and click on the little house button in the lower left hand corner. Once you are on your main home page, you will see a line of circles across the top of the app, those, my friend, are Instagram Stories from people you follow! Get ready to have your socks knocked off. You will learn far more about people you follow from their Instagram Stories than you ever will from their pretty grid on their wall.

How do I Post My Own Instagram Story?

On that top line of circles, you will see your circle to the far left. Click and hold the circle with your finger and Add to Your Story will pop up and then from there you can decide what you want to do.
Type – Allows you to choose a background and just type something
LIVE – Allows you to start a live video, BUT this will completely disappear once the video is over (use sparingly)
Normal – Allows you to take a regular photo like normal
Boomerang – Allows you to take mini videos that loop forwards and backwards, super fun!
Focus – Allows you to keep a person in focus and blurs the background to make them stand out
SuperZoom – Allows you to zoom in on a person or thing slowly or quickly (3-15 seconds) getting really, really close (humorous)
Rewind – Allows you to make videos play in reverse (my kids love this when they are jumping off things)
Hands-Free – Allows you to start recording a video with a tap verses the hold the button mode
Stop-Motion – Allows you to take a series of screen pics and stitch them all together


So who is on Instagram?


And follow my personal story here: FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM

Melissa Fietsam @Directly Social

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Should I Add Consultants to My Customer Group?

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So the topic for today’s blog post – “Should I add my downline and other Consultants to my VIP Customer Group?”

I will be honest, this is a question that will get you a lot of different opinions when asked in a group of leaders, but I am going to share my thoughts and then why I think that way.

If you follow me on Social Media, you know that I was in Las Vegas last weekend with CinchShare’s W.I.L.D Retreat (Women in Leadership Development). It was a training weekend for Leaders and CinchShare knocked it out of the park. They invited amazing speakers  to present, including yours truly! I loved the workshop style of the event and the time allotted to put the learnings into practice.

The event was so eye-opening for me as I saw the needs of leaders and heard the areas they were struggling in. It really helped me to get even more clarity on what leaders in the field need and how I could help them. Over the next few months, I plan to take one blog post a month to really dive deep into some of those struggles that Leaders have.  If you have something you would like to see me address here in the blog, please let me know in the comments below and I will do my best to make it happen.

But back to our topic… – “Should I add my downline and other Consultants to my VIP Customer Group?”

I personally do not think you should add your downline, upline or other Consultants to your VIP Customer Group. The purpose of the group is to have a place of communication for your customers and potential customers. I want you to dig deep and really think about WHY you have added those Consultants to your group.

For some leaders, they say it is to “share” what you are doing with those Consultants so they can go do the same thing in their customer group, right? Well, in my eyes, I see that as enabling my Consultants, not equipping or empowering them. One of the most important things I believe I need to teach my Consultants is to take control of their business and work it as a business from day one. I am all about giving them tools to use to learn the ropes of the business, but I am careful not to be the mama bird going out and getting their food, bringing it back to the nest and literally feeding it to them. If you are always feeding them (literally from your mouth to theirs), they will never leave the nest, and why would they ever want to?

I do not want to create a nest of birds on my team that are dependent on me to give them everything or they can’t function; I want to mentor them and teach them to build their own business. To leave the nest and have their businesses take flight. My job as a leader is to equip, empower and grow my Consultants. And then mentor them to do the same with their Consultants. My Consultants do not lack the flow of information, encouragement or communication. I still give them everything they need and then some, but they are not members of my Customer Group, they don’t need to be.

Teach them to fly…

I keep my Customer Group closed to any of my downline Consultants. It is truly just me and my customers inside my group. I want to converse and build authentic relationships with those customers, just me and them.  But I do SHARE what I am doing in my Customer Group with my team often.

I take screenshots of conversations or posts and upload them to my team group to give them ideas of what I am going, and what is working for me. By sharing a screenshot, they can take the idea and make it their own, without copying and pasting my exact verbiage or images. I use the screenshots to inspire them and get them thinking about what would work in their Customer Group. I also post just about everything I do in my customer group ON our team page. So they can go do it themselves. Therefore, there’s no real need for them to be in my group.

I also try to keep my Customer Group closed to other Consultants and Leaders outside of my team. While I do not feel competitive with other Consultants and Leaders, this is a business and I am working hard to build something BIG for my family.  I am ready to sell to, book, and recruit anyone that wants to do business with me. Adding outsiders to my customer group just creates a tangled web that I do not think is healthy for my business.

If you do have downline consultants in your group (or other Consultants/Leaders) that is entirely your choice. But I will ask that you stop for a minute and really think about WHY you have them in there. What is the intended purpose? Is it working? Is it what is best for your Consultants? Is it helping them to stand up and OWN their business as a business? How are you equipping and empowering them by allowing them to be group members? If you answered positively to all of those, that is awesome and you should continue what you are doing. If you can’t answer positively to all of those, it might be time to consider a change.

Some people say they having other consultants in their group because they “like” and comment on posts and that helps boost views. So what you’re saying, is you don’t want an accurate account of what’s working and not working in your customer group. Because you will never know. And don’t even get me started on the fact that people take your posts and reuse them over and over. And that’s how we end up in Facebook jail, right?

Remember, your job as a leader is to equip, empower, and encourage your Consultants to grow a strong and sustainable business and to mentor them to success in that business. How is that going for you?!

Just some random thoughts from Melissa on your track to leadership!

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Melissa Fietsam @DirectlySocial