Personal Coaching:


ZOOM Webinar Coaching Calls:

30 minute sessions, typically 1-2 times per month. That is solely up to you.

$50/30 minutes

Social Media Topics:

-Set up and teach you about your social media channels:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook business page
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Blog

**I can set it up for you or I can teach you how to do it

Direct Sales Topics

-Set up and teach you how to gain control of your direct sales business:

      • Facebook team page
      • Hostess coaching
      • Booking
      • Customer Facebook Group
      • How to train your team
      • How to train your new consultants
      • Organize your office
      • Organize your business
      • Power Hours for Time Management


If you would like to set up your coaching call, click the BUY NOW button below.

Once you purchase, fill out this survey so I can contact you directly and get you scheduled:

2 thoughts

  1. Melissa I’m so happy for you you will be extremely successful in this Avenue. If anything you’re giving more than your moneys worth $100 an hour. After being at cinch Summit you shared so much information so fast I have to advise you to slow down a little bit. I hope to be one of those people who can take you up on this but it’s probably gonna take me a while yet.


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