How to Increase your Sales with Fundraisers

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I’m so excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with Cinchshare for a Facebook training!

I’ve been doing fundraisers for about 7 years now in my Thirty-One business. I do them every single month and I can’t wait to tell you WHY!

We’re going to teach you everything from WHY you want to have them and what they can do for your business, to HOW to find them!

And then we’re going to teach you how to make the most of them and FIND them! It’s one thing to book a fundraiser, but when you understand the matrix behind what to actually DO with a fundraiser-you can increase your sales, your recruiting, and hit all those company incentives on a monthly basis!

So if you’d like to join this FREE TRAINING on how to increase your sales with fundraisers, CLICK BELOW to join us this Tuesday!


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Schedule Theme Days Easily in Your Customer Group

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It’s really important to stay consistent in your Facebook Customer Groups. And using theme days can help you do that!

80/20 Rule:

Make sure you’re posting 80% valuable content and 20% sales. If they’re in your group, they KNOW you sell whatever if it is you sell. You don’t have to shove it down their throats! What you NEED to do is provide VALUE. Show them you are there to provide a service to THEM.  Your business page is where you should be selling! And every now and then you can share that post from your business page into your customer group.

Here’s some examples:

Monday Motivation: quotes

Monday Giggles: make them laugh

Tuesday Tips: your business tips to make their life easier with your product

Tuesday Treats: your product tips

Way Back Wednesday: post something nostalgic

Thursday Passion: post something YOU love. For instance, I’m doing easy cooking recipes each Thursday because I love to cook! Love to shop? Post coupons or deals from other places, etc.

Friday FUN Day: ask everyone what they’re doing this weekend, give them something fun to do with the family

Gather these posts to schedule in Cinchshare and you’ve just created the best time saving tool you’ll ever make in your business:

Watch this 5 minute video to see how I gather these posts into a secret group and then schedule out an entire month in less than 5 minutes!

I would love to hear what theme days YOU use. Or what you COULD use! Post in the comments below!

And don’t forget to join our Directly Social on Facebook to get these tips daily: JOIN HERE

Social Jedi Masters in training! You got this!

Melissa Fietsam

FREE Direct Sales Training on how Networking Leads to Success!

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Cinchshare is hosting a FREE Direct Sales training on Facebook Tuesday night, and here’s what it’s all about!

Click on this link and click GOING so you can view the training. Even if you can’t make it at that time, you can go back and look at the training on your own time:

Cinchshare, free direct sales training

“Start time is 9pmEST/8pmCST/6pmPST (& 11amAEST on 11/30 for our Australian friends).

This is a FACEBOOK-STYLE TRAINING – This entire training takes place right here on this Facebook event. Just click GOING on the event, click on the Discussion tab and then watch the event wall for all of our training posts! And great news, we keep all of these trainings archived for you on our Events page to refer back to at your convenience.

This week’s training:
Are you looking for ways to meet new people outside of your friends and family circle? Join us next week as Direct Sales Trainer Jackie Ulmer shares tips on how to meet new Customers, Hostesses and Team Members right in your own backyard through the power of NETWORKING.

Be sure to invite all your friends in direct sales, team members, small business owners, Realtors, Etsy sellers, etc who will benefit from this amazing training!”

Learn more about your expert trainer, Jackie Ulmer by clicking on her picture below!

Direct Sales trainer, coach

Melissa Fietsam

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Cinchshare Free Training

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What’s better than training? FREE training. Or donuts. Donuts are always good!

Cinchshare is one of the biggest and BEST tools in my direct sales business. If you don’t know how it could help you, or maybe you would like to learn some tips and tricks on how to use it better, there’s a FREE training tonight to help you do that. And it’s well worth your time!

What IS Cinchshare?

Cinchshare, social media platform

So if you would like to join the FREE training tonight, click on the link below to join!

If you can’t make it to the actual training time, you still want to click “GOING”. Because you can always go back and look through the training at a time that’s convenient for you.

This week’s training:

Are you looking for ways to MASTER CinchShare and use it to its fullest benefit for your business? Join us today as we share tips and training on every single feature that CinchShare offers our users.

This is a FACEBOOK-STYLE TRAINING – This entire training takes place right on this Facebook event. Just click GOING on the event, click on the Discussion tab and then watch the event wall for all of our  training posts!

Click on this link below to join the event and learn some Cinchshare tips and tricks!

Melissa Fietsam,

Director of Event Management at Cinchshare

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Schedule quotes with Cinchshare

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Know what I just did?

Scheduled a QUOTE to my Facebook pages at 10am for every single day in November, Monday-Friday.


Know how long it took me?

5 minutes.

Why did I do that?

Because people love quotes.

Why does that matter?

Because they’ll literally start depending on them, coming back to see what the next one is. share it with their friends. YOU become a source of laughter or inspiration.

How did I do it?

I went to Cinchshare and Pinterest. I had 2 tabs open. I copied pictures from Pinterest after searching different quote topics. Then pasted into each day for the rest of the month. Back and forth for 5 minutes. Easy peezy!

Want to try Cinchshare to schedule YOUR business on YOUR time?

Check it out and use PINKCINCH for 5 weeks FREE!


Melissa Fietsam

Social Media Scheduling, like a BOSS

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I simply can’t say it enough.

If you’re not using to schedule your social media posts to Facebook and Pinterest, you’re really missing the mark. And I have 5 WEEKS FREE TRIAL for you!

Go to and use the code: PINKCINCH


Let’s see if this is YOU:

  1. you’re feeling overwhelmed
  2. you’re forgetting to post in your customer group regularly
  3. you’re forgetting to remind your team certain things monthly
  4. you’re not keeping up with your Facebook parties or don’t even know where to start
  5. you’re pulling your hair out because you have too much on your plate
  6. you think direct sales is HARD

If any of those describe you…you need Cinchshare.

I was feeling overwhelmed:

A couple of years ago I made the decision to increase my sales and bookings. Great. It worked. But I didn’t have the first CLUE what to do with all those Facebook parties. I had tried other social media scheduling sites and nothing compared to the ease and accuracy of Cinchshare. I have NEVER, and I do mean NEVER, had a problem with something posting when I scheduled in CinchShare. In over 2 years. I am no longer overwhelmed.

Batch Posting changed my life:

I set up ONE Facebook event for the whole month. And then I can literally copy/paste and schedule the WHOLE event, every single post…into another event that month! I don’t have to spend an hour scheduling. Like 5 minutes TOPS. And you better believe I book those parties up until the last minute in the month!

I was forgetting to post:

I was not posting regularly in my customer group. I was losing engagement, going weeks at a time without posting, making ridiculous mistakes because I was posting in a hurry, and I wasn’t posting what i NEEDED to. Because I was always in a hurry when I did.

Now with Cinchshare, I post regular booking, recruiting, sales, and FUN posts. And it’s all on MY TIME. When I have time to sit down and concentrate on what I want to get across. It’s a game changer

Reminders to the team:

For example, on the first of every month, I remind my team what to do on that first day. But you know what? I’m crazy busy that day myself. So I can go in ahead of time, get everything ready, and take my time and then SCHEDULE that post. Best thing EVER!

I was forgetting things in Facebook events:

It was so bad, that I would set up a party and then totally forget to post things in it. I would say, oh, I’ll do this and this…and never do ANY of it! And now, it’s all done in 10 minutes of scheduling. And I can schedule 10 parties at the SAME TIME. And then if I want to ADD a post to all my parties one day, I don’t have to post in 10 different events. I go to Cinchshare and schedule one post to all 10 events. BAM! Done in 2 seconds flat.

I was feeling like maybe I bit off more than I could chew:

By forgetting things, missing posts, etc…it was affecting my whole business. I would get down on myself. And then I wouldn’t do a good job at hostess coaching, at trying to book parties, at trying to recruit…it seriously messed with my head when I started losing control. Now, I’m on top of my game and spending time connecting with my customers and doing those things I need to do to INCREASE my business on a daily basis. Because Cinchshare is taking care of the rest. Direct sales is NOT HARD. But if you don’t work SMART, it can sure feel like it.

I got to know the people who run Cinchshare quite a while ago. And I LOVE them. They are true leaders. Their intentions are to HELP people. Just someone I call “good people”. And they’re SMART. So smart. And I love to surround myself with good, wholesome, smart people. I don’t have any intentions behind this post other than to tell everyone…if you’re not using it…you SHOULD BE. Period.

Have a great day everybody!!

Melissa FIetsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


#1 Tool For Direct Sales Consultants

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You HAVE to use a social media scheduling site if you’re running more than one or two shows a month on Facebook.

Okay, you don’t HAVE to do anything…but if you want to live your life the way it was intended…watch this video!

I can be out playing with my kids, not worrying about a single thing, while Cinchshare is posting into my party events for me:

Being able to schedule posts to your social media sites is INVALUABLE. And to have a reliable source like to help you…that’s priceless. And just so you know, I get NO royalties or kick backs from CinchShare. Or anyone for that matter.

I will never promote something I do not believe in wholeheartedly. They are good people with a great mission who actually care. And for that reason alone…I LOVE THEM!
If you’d like to check them out, head to and see what they can do for YOU! If you think this is cool, you should see how easily I schedule ALL of my hostesses Facebook parties on MY TIME!

Anyone who owns a business knows that social media is playing a HUGE role in our business these days. Whether you’re marketing, sharing invitations, communicating with customers, rolling out Facebook events, or running contests…if you’re not using social media, you’re missing some customers!

I am just going to walk through Facebook events at the moment. Working in Direct Sales, I host at least 7-10 Facebook events a month for my hostesses. Those FB events last 15 days, and I post 6 times a day for 5 of those days. Can you imagine how crazy I would be trying to remember all those posts? Maybe that’s YOU right now?

Cinchshare has made my life SO much easier. If you have never heard of it, let me give you the low down:

This is a #SocialMedia scheduling site that allows you to schedule posts for Facebook, IN ADVANCE (they also do a lot of other things that I have not explored yet). So you can schedule a week’s worth of posts on YOUR time. Sounds pretty amazing, right? IT IS!

I use Cinchshare to:

~post monthly reminders to my team

~when I’m up working late, I can post things for my closed customer page, and schedule them to post in the morning-when normal people are up😉

~I can schedule ALL posts to any events I have going on. So #1-I don’t forget to post them. #2-I’m never in a hurry. I can take my time and do it RIGHT. Consistency is the name of the social media game.

~I can post things to go on my main FB timeline. Maybe I have an hour to sit down and post a bunch of great quotes I found. But I don’t want to post twenty at one time. So I can schedule those to go out daily with Cinchshare.

It’s really a no brainer for anyone who needs to organize their time and their business. I’m a busy mom of five. I HAVE to do things on my time (if my kids let

I highly encourage you to check it out. And with a one month free trial they’re offering right now, you really don’t have an excuse to NOT try it!

Here’s another way you can use Cinchshare:

I want to send a reminder on the last day of each month to our team.

It’s important for NEW consultants to see this every month. And it’s important to remind our seasoned consultants.

So instead of posting today and forgetting next month…I’ve already scheduled this exact post to go out on the last day of the month for the next YEAR. BOOM.


Alright…who are the late birds entering orders today?!
For those of you who have been around the block, you KNOW you don’t want to wait until the last minute to enter your orders.
1. All orders with the March customer specials MUST be entered by tonight or they will fall off their order. So if you have orders entered for next month already, make sure no one has this month’s special.
2. If you go to enter your orders at 11pm. And someone’s credit card gets declined, you’re…well…kind of screwed! Because it’s going to be awfully hard to get a new credit card from someone at 11pm. So get those orders in EARLY!
3. I make all hostesses aware that I refuse to enter orders on the last day of the month. So all orders have to be in the day BEFORE. That way I never have to deal with this!
Congratulations on a great month and I cannot wait to celebrate all of you for your accomplishments next month!! Now let’s get ready to ROCK next month!! WOOT WOOT!
Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts
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