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March Marketing Ideas for your Direct Sales Business

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10 ideas to rock your business in March

10 ways march

If you have been following this blog any length of time, you know how much I love themes and seasonal marketing. I have always been an out-of-the-box thinker and am always looking for ways to set myself apart from the masses and stand out.

I love March! It is the beginning of Spring and (usually) the end of snow here in Ohio. Spring gets me all excited and “twitterpated” (remember that word from Bambi?)! I cannot wait to get things rolling this spring. Have you seen the Dollar Tree? OMGsh — so much awesomeness there that you can use for your business from shamrocks, to Easter eggs, to baskets, to flowers and more! Here are some fun March Marketing Ideas to get you excited about Spring too! Easter is April 1st, so that throws a little wrench into Spring marketing, but no worries, we got this!

#1 Clover Cash (or Bunny Bucks):

Remember Cupid Cash from February? How about some Clover Cash or Bunny Bucks for March? Your customers “earn” $1 in Clover Cash for every $10 they spend with you in March. The Clover Cash is only redeemable with you and only redeemable in April, so it gets you sales this month and potentially next month too. If you want to move some cash and carry products, you could easily change the coupon to where they can only redeem the Clover Cash toward something you have cash and carry and then payout the difference. For example, if they have $10 in Clover Cash and the item is $31, they give you the $10 in Clover Cash and pay the $21 difference. That’s a sale for March AND a sale for April!

#2 Change your VIP Customer Group cover photo to something “March-y”:

This is an easy way to update your group and get a post into your group member’s newsfeeds. Make sure you are using that prime real estate of the cover photo space as best you can.

Don’t forget to join Directly Social on Facebook:


#3 March Madness: 

The entire month of March is MAAAAAD for your customers! Post something fun on Facebook like:
It’s March Madness!!!!
Now and through March 31st
Any purchase made during the month of March, will enter your name in a drawing for ______________. But wait, there’s more …… each customer you refer that makes a purchase will increase your odds. Refer a friend and your name will be entered for each referral! Hurry this deal will only last for the month of March!
Try your luck of the Irish during this March Madness deal!!

#4 Don’t forget about “Pi Day” (3/14):

Have some fun with this one, host a live party in your home where you serve pie. Give away free little pies in online contests. Which pie do you like best engagement questions? Get it?

#5 An EGGcellent Easter Idea:

Purchase a couple bags of plastic Easter eggs from the Dollar Store, put product samples, candy, goodies inside the eggs. Seal the egg shut with your name/contact label then give these cute eggs to all of your customer this month in their order bags, put them on your vendor tables as a free giveaway, hand them out to people as you meet them, leave one for your server at the restaurant. Use the Easter eggs as a marketing tool.

#6 Host a “Take a PEEP” Business Opportunity Event:

You can host this online or as a live event where the invitation, posts, everything are kinda PEEP themed. Just think about how much fun that could be! You could even give someone a biz oppty packet at your parties along with a 5 pack of PEEPS. The ideas for this theme are endless.

#7 PEEP Happy Mail:

Speaking of PEEPS, why not mail some as Happy Mail to your team with a note that says “I’m so happy you are one of my PEEPS!”

#8 LUCKY Socks:

Send a note with a pair of St Patty’s Day socks (Dollar Store!) that says “Super LUCKY to Know You” to your March party Hostesses!

#9 Host a Shamrock Shuffle or Bunny Hop!

Similar to the Turkey Trot, you find 10 people to sell $100 retail = $1,000 party
The participants split the hostess credits or one person wins the hostess credits on the party.

#10 EGGcellent Booking Challenge:

You can do this at a live party or online party. Fill 12 eggs with candy and a piece of paper. 6 pieces of paper say “Book at Party”, 5 pieces of paper say “Win a Prize” and 1 piece of paper says “Grand Prize”. Party attendees can choose an egg, and they do or get whatever the egg says. If they get a book a party, they book a party in the next 30 days. If they get win a prize, then you give them a prize….and if they get the GRAND PRIZE, you give them something awesome (usually small product).

What fun March/Easter ideas do you have?

Melissa Fietsam



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Super Cool Hostess Coaching Tool

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Hostess Coaching… you either love it or hate it. But regardless of how you feel about it, it’s a necessity for home parties and even more important for online parties.

Did you catch that? I said it is even MORE important for online parties!

I am sure all of your companies have some type of Hostess Coaching training and script/checklist of how to coach your Hostess to hold a successful party for your particular company. But we’re going to dive into some “out of the box” ideas to really make a great first impression and even better results.

I recently did a full training on hostess coaching (which you can find here: CLICK HERE FOR FULL TRAINING), but this is one of my favorite pieces from that training.

Here’s an awesome new idea that I am doing for my online parties when it comes to Hostess Coaching:

Like I said, online parties take even more work than home shows. Sometimes we need to take an old idea, shake it up, and give it a new face and name.

It is  not an entirely new idea, it is something we used to do regularly in the party plan industry and have kinda gotten away from over the last decade since Facebook came into our lives. Melissa is about to go all OLD SCHOOL on you and take you back to doing something that WORKS!

The video below will walk you through the awesome tip that I am excited to share with you, but before you watch it, I want you to open your mind and be willing to hear and try a new idea, do not write it off as “that will never work” until you actually try it. You are reading this blog article for a reason, you want to learn to Hostess Coach better.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” – Henry Ford

This tip is out of the box, but really how out of the box is it? We used to do it with great success years ago and then I honestly believe that Facebook has made us LAZY! Lazy in how we run our business, lazy in how we Hostess Coach, lazy in how we work with our teams. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally PRO-Facebook, but I think we have lost some of the fundamentals that really move the business and give it a the personal touch. People are craving the personal touch these days and I believe that is why this tool has been so successful for me!

Hope you love the tip! And remember, this is just ONE single tip from that Hostess Coaching training we did over in the Elite Group . I would love to share the other gold nuggets with you too! You are invited to join us in the Directly Social ELITES or purchase the entire training below!

Do you love easy marketing ideas? 

Join us on Directly Social on Facebook! It’s a free group with tons of ideas to market your direct sales business:


Have an awesome month coming up and let us know what ideas work for YOU!

Melissa Fietsam,



November Thirty-One New Consultant Facebook Script

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This is a script I made for our new consultants on our team.

No fancy tricks, no fancy links. Everything links back to the main Thirty-One site for them. This is a GREAT way to get your new consultants off to a great start with an easy Facebook script for them!

Let me start by saying PLEASE personalize the wording and make this unique to YOU!!

I use a social media scheduling site called Cinchshare: to schedule all these posts for me in advance. Makes my job EASY!! And you can get a free 5 week trial using the code: PINKCINCH

**I would also add in BUNDLE pictures for November when those are up!

I will have a DIFFERENT Facebook script for seasoned consultants with lots of links and fun stuff coming soon!


Here is my example for the DESCRIPTION of the November Facebook event:

Sheryl is hosting a Thirty-One Party! And we cannot wait to show you all the amazing gift ideas for you, your friends, and your family this season.

Want to view the whole catalog online? Just click here and you can view it on your phone or computer:

November Customer Special: Spend $35 and get the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote for $10 or the Zipper Pouch for $5

Go to

Click on ORDER

Click on Sheryl’s name!

PRE-POST: So Here is an example of my Introduction:

Hello everybody! My name is Melissa Fietsam, and I am an Independent Senior Executive Director with Thirty-One. I have been with the company for over 8 years. I absolutely love my job and want to introduce myself and Thirty-One. I have 5 crazy children and I’m married to my high school sweetheart. I am a retired Registered Nurse and I used to work in the Emergency Room and teach LPNs on the side. I was able to supplement my income with Thirty-One, and now I’m a full-time mom and business owner!

This is a picture from my FREE trip from Thirty-One, we went to an all inclusive resort at Hard Rock Punta Cana!

I love Thirty-One because it gives women the freedom to pursue their dreams. It’s so much more than just a bag:) For those of you who don’t know…Thirty-One was founded on 31 Proverbs and is all centered around celebrating, encouraging, and rewarding women. And I can’t wait to tell you more about it!

Thirty-One Incentive Trip


So what’s this Facebook Party all about?  It’s 4-Day Thirty-One party to share our love of Thirty-One and all the new FALL products! The actual party starts TOMORROW!

Thirty-One Gifts


I’m going to introduce you to the November customer special!

November Customer Special: Spend $35 and get the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote for $10 or the Zipper Pouch for $5Which one do you LOVE?


Do YOU have any Thirty-One products?
This is me and one of my favorite bags…the family fun thermal! We spend a lot of time at the baseballs fields, so this is my buddy!

Take a picture of something YOU have from Thirty-One and post it below. And if you don’t have any Thirty-One yet…simply tell me one thing you’d LOVE to have in the catalog and post it below!

If you haven’t seen the catalog yet just click here and you can view it on your phone or computer:



We have a BRAND NEW holiday gift guide for you! There are sooo many great items in this new catalog. Tell me what your favorite is! I’m torn between the reindeer and the ENGRAVED MEN’S MONEY CLIP!

PARTY TIME>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

DAY 1:

POST #1:


So now that you’ve met ME…I’d love to me YOU!

Snap a selfie, post below, and let’s get this party started!:)

Tell us:

  1. How do you know the hostess?
  2. What’s your occupation?
  3. What’s your favorite TV show?

Thirty_One Gifts, find a thirty-one consultant


POST #2:

Do you know what Thirty-One is? I’d love to show you what we’re founded on and why I love this company SO MUCH!

POST #3:

Let’s start off with some functional ways to use Thirty-One for all your travel plans! Best thing about being a consultant is that I never have to worry about PACKING! Tell me which one is your favorite in the picture?

And if you’d like to check out some more of our travel items, head on over to this link:

travel bags, thirty-one

POST #4:

November is here and that mean it’s time to bust out those Christmas presents! This year has flown by!

I’m going to show you some holidays coming up and some ways Thirty-One can help you with all of them! Are you ready?! Which one do you love?!

Thanksgiving- November 24th, Thursday

Black Friday- November 25th

Christmas-December 25th, Sunday

New Year’s Eve- December 31st, Saturday

#1: you need this for BLACK FRIDAY and CHRISTMAS: this bag folds up into nothing but holds EVERYTHING! So you won’t need a cart on black friday. This is your secret weapon to get in and out quickly. Also holds all your gifts for Christmas at the family’s house!

#2: Large Utility tote to carry all your gifts and food to Grandma’s. Then bring all your gifts you got…home!

#3: Perfect Party Set is a double side casserole dish to brings all those hot and cold foods to all your holiday parties!

#4: Street Style is a FUN and FUNCTIONAL bag. Great for a hands free shopping bag on Black Friday! And simply take the straps off and it makes an adorable clutch for New Year’s Eve

Thirty-One Gifts, Find a consultant, join thirty one


POST #5:

So how else can Thirty-One help you?

Who likes to organize? It’s NOT ME! Give me a shout out below if you’d rather stay home and organize cabinets than go to work? I’m the “I’d rather go to work” team!

But what I do love, is how Thirty-One helps make it fun. Here’s some ideas to organize the KITCHEN.

If you could reorganize ONE room in your house, which one would it be?

kitchen organization, thirty-one

DAY 2:

POST #1:

Have you seen the catalog? Follow this link to view the entire catalog from your phone, computer, or iPad.

If you see something you can’t live without, you can start shopping anytime you want!

Shop Online at (INSERT YOUR WEBSITE), click My Parties at the top right hand corner, and look for your hostesses party:

POST #2:

We have something VERY exciting at Thirty-One Gifts. And this makes an AMAZING holiday accent pillow or even a great Christmas gift! We also have some new Holiday designs in that gift guide I showed you at the beginning!

Check these out and then let’s see who can come up with the BEST PILLOW next!

Thirty-One Gifts, personalized pillows, find a consultant, shop thirty-one

POST #3:

Let’s have some PILLOW FUN!

1. Go to the link below:

2. Design YOUR story on your favorite pillow design

3. Post a picture of it below

**Bonus points if you make TWO designs and post on your Facebook page to have your friends vote on it!

POST #4:

If you could choose one of these….which one would it be? Our hostess get to choose from one of these EXCLUSIVE items for a deeply discounted price. And all you need is $200 in orders to get one of these.

Have you ever hosted or been to a Thirty-One party?

Hostess Exclusives, fall 2016, thirty-one

POST #5:

Did you know that you can get those hostess exclusive items and SO much more by hosting your own Thirty-One party in November? If you’re ready to book YOUR party and earn some crazy cool Hostess rewards…comment “YES!” below and I’ll message you some details!

DAY 3:

POST #1:

Let’s get back to organizing! Time to organize and get ready for the WINTER season!

Check out some really great items to organize your home, and let me know which one is your favorite! This link will show you tons of organizing products for your home:

for your home, thirty-one gifts, buy thirty-one

POST #2:

Every woman deserves a new BAG for fall and winter! Seriously. Colors change, purses have to change…the men know the drill by now, right? Well, Thirty-One has a bag that’s just right for YOU! Which one in the picture is your favorite?

And then check out this link to see LOTS of things that might fit your style and give you an excuse to spoil yourself:

just for you, thirty-one, find a thirty-one consultant

POST #3:

We have TWO customers specials this month! Check out the Zipper Pouch. These make GREAT Christmas gifts! Fill it with all the little things they love for a great personal gift!

POST #4:

Want to know what the best deal in the catalog is? The ENROLLMENT KIT! You get over $350 in product for just $99. That is why I started my Thirty-One business. For the love of a great product and even greater community of women. And let me tell you…all I wanted was THE KIT! I love my job and I love to answer questions about my job!

1- Order your Enrollment Kit

2- Host your launch party, hit $600 and get any of the 6 kits for FREE!

3- And earn all the commission AND hostess benefits from your OWN launch party!

Ask me ANY question about my job and I’ll be giving away a FREE PRIZE to one lucky winner!

Ask Away… there is NOTHING off limits, just has to be about my business!
If you can’t think of a question to get your FREE PRIZE, use one of these. 🙂
1. What happens if I sign up and don’t sell anything?
2. Do you get a discount on product?
3. How do you earn vacations with Thirty-One?
4. Do you get any free product as a consultant?
5. Do you have to do home parties?
6. How much do you make?
7. What do you make starting out as a consultant?
8. How much do you have to sell to stay active with the company?
9. What’s your favorite part about the job?
10. How easy is it to promote and start making the REAL money with Thirty-One?
11. What all comes in the kit? Are there any other costs to start?

Enrollment kit, thirty-one, 31 bag, 31bags, 31 $1 enrollment, join thirty-one, find a consultant


POST #5:

Here you can see our CEO and founder, Cindy Monroe, opening the enrollment kit and all the goodies you get when joining our team!

DAY 4:

POST #1:

Do you have kids?

What are their ages?

Here’s some great solutions for the wee ones!

And check out this link for some MORE great solutions for all those kids spaces in your house:

kids, thirty-one, join thirty-one

POST #2:

Do we have any office supplies or craft junkies? Maybe some scrapbook queens?

I LOVE organizing my crafts and office spaces with Thirty-One!!! If your best Christmas present this year was a pack of Sharpies…this is your favorite Thirty-One usage:)

Tell me what your favorite item in here is? And what’s your hobby?

craft, office, thirty-one, organize

POST #3:

We can’t forget about how Thirty-One can help you while on the GO! We have a great set of products that help any woman look FABULOUS while knocking out errands and conquering the world!

What’s your favorite out of these?

Check out this link for MORE on the go items you’ll love:

grab and go, thirty-one utility

POST #4:

Do you love Thirty-One and never want to miss an OUTLET SALE?

Post BELOW…”ME!”…and I will get you added to my customer group on Facebook so you NEVER miss an outlet sale!! And you’ll also be the first to see the brand new holiday guide coming SOON!!


POST #5:

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for partying with me.

Guess what?

I truly appreciate meeting new people and I’m so thankful for the support from all of my hostesses and their friends.  If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. I would be happy to help in any way.

This is the end of our Facebook portion, but you have until November 15th to place your orders!

November Customer Special: Spend $35 and get the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote for $10 or the Zipper Pouch for $5

Ready to order?

Thanks a million for supporting your hostess this week!!

If you’re ready, just go to the website, click on “My Parties”, then find your hostesses name!

Smiles and Hugs,


Ind. Consultant at Thirty-One Gifts



DAY 7:

So how EASY and FUN has this been? If you’re ready to book your own Facebook party, post “ME!” below and I’ll get you a packet ASAP! Book before this show ends, and you can also claim a $10 GIFT CERTIFICATE

(**with a qualifying show**gift certificate applied on your party)

facebook party, thirty-one, thirty one, join thirty one

DAY 10:

Don’t forget! If you are interested in becoming a consultant and paying some extra bills or getting some extra spending money…I would LOVE to send you more information! Personally message me here on Facebook or post “ME!” below and I’ll get you a quick link with tons of information!

Join Thirty-One

DAY 14:

Don’t forget! Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to place your orders!

Ready to order?

  1. Go to my website
  2. Click on MY PARTIES
  3. Click on your hostess’s name!

tomorrow, thirty-one

DAY 15:

Party is closing TODAY! Last chance to place your order!! THANK YOU again for partying with me 🙂

Thirty-One Gifts, find a consultant, join thirty-one


There you go! A 4 day November party script for all our newer consultants to get started! Hope you enjoy!
Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Thirty-One Halloween Dice Booking Game

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So the dice booking game has been one of the BEST games I’ve ever played at a home show.

So each holiday I try and incorporate it in a different and fun way.

I was at the Dollar Tree and found these adorable tins (4 to a pack) and grabbed a pack of Halloween sticker at the Dollar Tree to stick on the lid!

Halloween Booking Game Thirty-One

Here I took 2×4 labels

traced the tin on the label

cut around the inside of the circle

and placed the sticker on the bottom of the tin.

*I’m going to add a piece of Halloween candy to the tin. First person to get that # also gets the candy:)


Here’s the video on the wording for the Dice Booking Game and what I do for prizes:

It is VERY important that you use these exact #’s for the prize boxes. Someone out there has done the statistics of how many times a # was likely to be rolled. So, for instance, the #2 was the least rolled #. So you’re going to want to put your Grand Prize in that box!

#2- Grand Prize

#3 and #4- Prizes

#’s 5-9 are Book a Show

#’s 10-12 are prizes

What do you give away as the prizes?:

~key fobs

~$5 off your order

~free customer special (only if it’s cheap)

~Pick a prize (have a prize box with lots of little goodies from your company-key fobs, nail files, things from dollar bins at Target. etc)

What happens if two people get the same number?:

Nothing! When someone rolls the dice and gets their number, they open the box and see what their prize is. And then they put the box back on the tray! So it’s ok if someone rolls the dice and gets the same number.

How does this compare to my purse booking game?:

I will use them BOTH! They are both equally effective when it comes to booking. However, I like this matchbook dice booking game because I don’t have to switch out the prizes or anything. They just stay in the box. It’s cheap, but it’s adorable and kind of irresistible, so they can’t stand not to play!

The biggest time consumption I had with the purse game is that I had to change out the slips in them. And with 20 purses, it is sometimes a chore. Effective, but a chore.


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Book 10 Holiday Thirty-One Parties!

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So here’s a team challenge for our team. We have a goal of booking 10 holiday parties to close by October 15th.


10 Holiday parties at $200 each, equals $2000 in sales. BAM! Right there. So let’s get after it!

Check out this video:

Now you can see the exact video I posted in my customer group:


Here are a couple of graphics we will be using. This will be an ongoing push until the end of October. The goal is to get people in the holiday spirit! It’s time to rock out this fall season to:

  1. Help everyone earn the Leadership Incentive Trip starting in October
  2. Get our customers on board, that if they host a party they get to shop from the outlet sale early
  3. increase sales in general
  4. increase the # of people in our customer group
  5. increase the amount of people we’re in front of, therefore increasing our chances of recruiting
  6. and the more people we’re in front of, the more people who will book for NOVEMBER!

Each month will have the same idea. A “holiday package” with the goal of booking 10 Holiday parties each month!

It states a $200 party because that’s EASY. But we will be focusing on hostess coaching to (OF COURSE) get them higher sales than $200!

Score all around. Who’s ready for Melissa Fietsam and the holiday season? Cause I have a TON of ideas we’re pushing right now! You ready?!


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Melissa’s Great Big Thirty-One Giveaway Event on Facebook

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Melissa’s Great Big Thirty-One Giveaway.

Everyone asks, what do you give away as prizes?

**Below, I have posted a script that I will start integrating into my normal 4 day Facebook script next month. I always do this at the END of my 4 day FB script. So, normally on the 6th day of the month.

Day 1: pre posts

Day 2-5: party script

Day 6: Great Big Giveaway

I only do ONE NIGHT of giveaways. I got tired of handing out gifts to people who had no intention of ordering. I wanted to:
1. reward everyone who DID participate
2. save myself time by only tracking gifts ONE DAY
3. help my hostesses get orders rolling in
4. and get new people added to my customer group each month

Well…here you go. I give away $200 in prizes in a ONE NIGHT event every month. Before you have a heart attack or tune me out…see how I only pay $25 for it:

And here is an ACTUAL Live event I did. This is the first one I did. I was really nervous. Now I have them down to about 18 minutes and they’re a lot of FUN!!



Come see some great deals in AUGUST with a LIVE event from MY KITCHEN! I’m GIVING AWAY OVER $200 IN PRIZES!!

AND…I’m going to show you some great ways I organize with Thirty-One in my own kitchen!!

Did I mention you’ll get to see some FALL product?! I’m going to show you my top 10 favorite fall products!


  1. 5 TICKETS If you are a HOSTESS in AUGUST
  2. 1 TICKET: just for clicking “join” on this event
  3. 1 TICKET: for each 5 friends you add to my customer group and they join the event! Remember to ASK them if they’d like to be added!
  4. 5 TICKETS: for booking a party in SEPTEMBER
  5. 1 TICKET: for every $10 you bought on a party this or retail order this month!
  6. 3 TICKETS: If you are a member of my HOTM (Hostess of the Month Club) every month
  7. 1 TICKET: If you came to BINGO this month
  8. 5 TICKETS: for joining my team and becoming a consultant
  9. 5 TICKETS: for joining a Hostess of the Month or LAYAWAY club!




POST #1:

100% chance of winning


I’m super excited to announce our Great Big Giveaway in August! We will be giving away $200 in prizes this FRIDAY night during a LIVE event right here on Facebook!

To join the event:

  1. Go to ((insert customer page)) and request to join
  2. Go to ((((( )))))) and click “GOING” on the event!

100% chance of winning, thirty-one gifts

POST #2:

Who’s earning tickets?!! Don’t forget! You get 1 ticket for every $10 you spend before the BIG EVENT Friday night! $200 in prize giveaways!

To join that event:

  1. Go to ((insert customer page)) and request to join
  2. Go to ((((( )))))) and click “GOING” on the event!

thirty-one tickets, thirty-one gifts

POST #3:


If you’ve been thinking about booking your own Facebook party, now’s the time to do it!

Because you get FIVE tickets into the drawing by booking your own Facebook party before the event! Post “ME!” below and we will get you set up! I run all Facebook parties on the 1st of the month. So I’ll get your packet in the mail, we will begin September 1st, and close September 14th!

If you haven’t joined the Great Big Giveaway yet…

  1. Go to ((insert customer page))and request to join
  2. Go to ((((( )))))) and click “GOING” on the event!

book a thirty-one party

POST #4:

Over $200 in FREE prizes to give away!!! Tomorrow night at 9pm Eastern!! Join that event here:

If you haven’t joined the Great Big Giveaway yet…

  1. Go to ((insert customer page)) and request to join
  2. Go to ((((( )))))) and click “GOING” on the event!

And here’s how you can earn tickets for that event!

  1. 5 TICKETS: If you are a HOSTESS in AUGUST
  2. 1 TICKET: just for clicking “join” on this event
  3. 1 TICKET: for each 5 friends you add to my customer group and they join the event! Remember to ASK them if they’d like to be added!
  4. 5 TICKETS: for booking a party in SEPTEMBER
  5. 1 TICKET: for every $10 you bought on a party this or retail order this month!
  6. 3 TICKETS: If you are a member of my HOTM (Hostess of the Month Club) every month
  7. 1 TICKET: If you came to BINGO this month
  8. 5 TICKETS: for joining my team and becoming a consultant
  9. 5 TICKETS: for joining a Hostess of the Month or LAYAWAY club!

thirty-one facebook party


POST #5:

Don’t be THAT guy…

Today’s the day!! $200 in prizes will be given away TONIGHT! Place your orders by tonight and you’ll get 1 ticket for every $10 you purchase!

If you haven’t joined the Great Big Giveaway yet…

  1. Go to ((insert customer page)) and request to join
  2. Go to ((((( )))))) and click “GOING” on the event!

thirty-one party


**Have someone hold the phone for you while you do the Live event (if you can)

**Have a notecard with a bullet point of what you’re talking about

Here’s mine:

Thirty-One gifts live event

**I have a separate card with the top 10 products that I want to show. That way I don’t get off track or fumble now

**This month I’m doing the event in my Kitchen and giving a quick tour of some of my own organizing bins in the kitchen. So you could do a different room each month

**Get the Hostess Goody Bag on business supplies for $25 and that is ALL you will need. You can easily say $100 in prizes to give away. Make this a regular part of your business expenses each month. This is WORTH EVERY PENNY. It is getting NEW people added to my customer group every single month, it’s adding people to my HOTM Club every month, it’s BOOKING me parties, and it’s getting me recruits! DO IT! I order this goody bag on the 10th of every month for the following month’s prizes.

**FOCUS on what you want out of the group. My focus is always hostess of the month club. but decide what you want the most and FOCUS on that!

**Have the person holding the camera read through comments DURING the live event and relay them to you out loud so you can still interact with everyone. They love teasing and talking to my daughter Samantha now, because they know she’s the one behind the camera narrating:)


Have a great event ladies!! ANd do this EVERY month. Your business will thank you.

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Fall Thirty-One Fashion Show

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Okay ladies! Time to show off the new fall Thirty-One catalog with a BANG!

And since I’m in Facebook jail, everyone’s gonna have to do this training right along with Team Trendy. LOL!

We’re going to do a fall fashion show right inside our customer group. NOT an event. I mean, posting an entire Facebook party right inside your customer group!

Watch this quick video to learn more about the Fall Fashion Show:

Step 1: get your customer group excited about some giveaways and a Facebook event:

Guess what?! We’re going to kick off the new fall catalog with a 4 day event RIGHT HERE in your VIP group! There’s going to be giveaways, you’ll get to see some new fall product, and have some FUN with me (your favorite Thirty-One consultant)!! So stay tuned!! Who’s excited to win some FREE STUFF?!

Step 2: Set up the 4 day August Facebook script in your customer group. Here’s the LINK to that 4 day event for you!

Step 3: You’re going to get yourself prepared for the LIVE event in your customer group:

The great Big Giveaway in August. And Melissa doesn’t CARE if you hate videos. Or you don’t like the way you look. Or you don’t know HOW to do a LIVE video. I’m telling you right now, you need to LEARN! Jump, then figure out how to land on your way down!!

Check out this link for more details on how to do the Great Big Giveaway:

Step 4: We have to integrate some incentives for your CUSTOMERS to start adding their friends to your customer page for the LIVE event

Here’s an example:

You ready to earn some more TICKETS?!

You can earn ONE ticket for EVERY 5 people you add to our VIP group here! Deal is, you have to ask their permission and you have to post below how many tickets you get so I can get your tickets added to the prize bucket!! So keep count and start asking your friends if they’d like to join in on the fun too!! Cause THEY will get a ticket just for JOINING this group as a new member!!

Thirty-One Gifts facebook event

**Now, you’re going to need to push this out a few times before the event. Posting a reminder about this is BIG! You can’t just post once and give up!


Who’s IN?! Who’s ready to kick the fall catalog season into HIGH GEAR?

Who’s ready to earn their spot in a K group so you can do product testing?

Who’s ready to earn some Start Swell kits?

Who’s ready to double their paychecks this fall?

Let me give you a HINT…It’s not gonna happen on it’s own. Time to get to WORK! Time to get out of your box and work like Team Trendy works. BIGGER. Let’s do this ladies!!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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#1 Tool For Direct Sales Consultants

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You HAVE to use a social media scheduling site if you’re running more than one or two shows a month on Facebook.

Okay, you don’t HAVE to do anything…but if you want to live your life the way it was intended…watch this video!

I can be out playing with my kids, not worrying about a single thing, while Cinchshare is posting into my party events for me:

Being able to schedule posts to your social media sites is INVALUABLE. And to have a reliable source like to help you…that’s priceless. And just so you know, I get NO royalties or kick backs from CinchShare. Or anyone for that matter.

I will never promote something I do not believe in wholeheartedly. They are good people with a great mission who actually care. And for that reason alone…I LOVE THEM!
If you’d like to check them out, head to and see what they can do for YOU! If you think this is cool, you should see how easily I schedule ALL of my hostesses Facebook parties on MY TIME!

Anyone who owns a business knows that social media is playing a HUGE role in our business these days. Whether you’re marketing, sharing invitations, communicating with customers, rolling out Facebook events, or running contests…if you’re not using social media, you’re missing some customers!

I am just going to walk through Facebook events at the moment. Working in Direct Sales, I host at least 7-10 Facebook events a month for my hostesses. Those FB events last 15 days, and I post 6 times a day for 5 of those days. Can you imagine how crazy I would be trying to remember all those posts? Maybe that’s YOU right now?

Cinchshare has made my life SO much easier. If you have never heard of it, let me give you the low down:

This is a #SocialMedia scheduling site that allows you to schedule posts for Facebook, IN ADVANCE (they also do a lot of other things that I have not explored yet). So you can schedule a week’s worth of posts on YOUR time. Sounds pretty amazing, right? IT IS!

I use Cinchshare to:

~post monthly reminders to my team

~when I’m up working late, I can post things for my closed customer page, and schedule them to post in the morning-when normal people are up😉

~I can schedule ALL posts to any events I have going on. So #1-I don’t forget to post them. #2-I’m never in a hurry. I can take my time and do it RIGHT. Consistency is the name of the social media game.

~I can post things to go on my main FB timeline. Maybe I have an hour to sit down and post a bunch of great quotes I found. But I don’t want to post twenty at one time. So I can schedule those to go out daily with Cinchshare.

It’s really a no brainer for anyone who needs to organize their time and their business. I’m a busy mom of five. I HAVE to do things on my time (if my kids let

I highly encourage you to check it out. And with a one month free trial they’re offering right now, you really don’t have an excuse to NOT try it!

Here’s another way you can use Cinchshare:

I want to send a reminder on the last day of each month to our team.

It’s important for NEW consultants to see this every month. And it’s important to remind our seasoned consultants.

So instead of posting today and forgetting next month…I’ve already scheduled this exact post to go out on the last day of the month for the next YEAR. BOOM.


Alright…who are the late birds entering orders today?!
For those of you who have been around the block, you KNOW you don’t want to wait until the last minute to enter your orders.
1. All orders with the March customer specials MUST be entered by tonight or they will fall off their order. So if you have orders entered for next month already, make sure no one has this month’s special.
2. If you go to enter your orders at 11pm. And someone’s credit card gets declined, you’re…well…kind of screwed! Because it’s going to be awfully hard to get a new credit card from someone at 11pm. So get those orders in EARLY!
3. I make all hostesses aware that I refuse to enter orders on the last day of the month. So all orders have to be in the day BEFORE. That way I never have to deal with this!
Congratulations on a great month and I cannot wait to celebrate all of you for your accomplishments next month!! Now let’s get ready to ROCK next month!! WOOT WOOT!
Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts
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Thirty-One Business Cards Vs. Mini Catalogs-TKO

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When a new consultant signs up, one of the first things to pop through their head is…”OH! I need BUSINESS CARDS!”

I would like to challenge you to think outside the box from the get go!

Watch this quick video:

A mini catalog really tells our Thirty-One story. It gives them something to KEEP and look through…and SHARE!

Now, I’m not saying you don’t need business cards. But I challenge you to think BIGGER and share your mini catalogs the same way you would a business card. It will serve your business well!

Everybody always asks me…WHAT DO YOU SAY….when you hand out mini catalogs??

“I just don’t know what to say”

Ready for it??? This is monumental…this is going to be a turning point in your career….pay very close attention… ready for it????……………..”Do you mind if I leave this with you?”

-she’ll say……. “Sure, what is it?”

-and you’ll say…. “I help people organize their lives. And this is our mini catalog.”

All you need to make your own is…………

-a mini catalog

-address label with your business information on the back

#1 Where do you put the mini catalogs?




**every Sunday….make up 25 mini’s….and put half of them in your purse and half of them in your CAR! Your job each week is to hand out 25 mini catalogs a week to complete strangers…

Who do you leave them with??

*** EVERYONE!!!! When you go into the……

-grocery store, give it to the teller

-bank, send it in the tube

-gas station, give it to the clerk

-library, give it to the lady checking you out

-walmart, give it to the cashier

-doctor, leave some for the staff

-dollar store, give to the cashier

-WORK…leave in the BATHROOMS, breakrooms…

-servers….attach your bill to the mini catalog

ANYONE you come into contact with.  And when you get really good at this…you not only go into the dollar store you intended to, but you go into the store NEXT DOOR! Why not? You’re already THERE!

AND WHAT DO WE SAY WHEN WE HAND THEM OUT????? “Do you mind if I leave this with you???”

Now one more thing that’s fun to do……

You CAN get some kiddy looking goody bags and a sticker book, mini notepads, and a pack of 64 crayons at your dollar store.  Put some stickers, two sheets of paper folded over, 2 crayons, and a mini catalog packet.  Hand them to rowdy kids in stores-the moms will love you 🙂

Here’s an old one I had a picture of!

Thirty-One marketing


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Share Your Thirty-One Accomplishments!

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Just getting back from National Conference and I’m wrapping up the END of a catalog and beginning to work on a NEW catalog.

I’m exhausted, anyone else?

But it’s VERY important to make sure you’re sharing your accomplishments inside your customer group. Things you want to share:

  1. amenities
  2. pictures with friends
  3. your lanyard
  4. any awards
  5. anything that inspired YOU

Here is one video I made for my customer group explaining how they helped me earn all those ribbons on my lanyard!

Let them celebrate with you! You’re planting recruiting seeds, you’re including them in your accomplishments, and you’re showing them what a great time you’re having with your business!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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