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Direct Sales Tips

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Have you joined our FREE Facebook group?!

If not…HOW COME?!

join directly social

Click here to join:

What is the Directly Social Facebook group for?

It’s a positive environment for DIrect Sellers to come together and share ideas on working your business. We share ideas, we help each other, we brainstorm, and give each other advice!

I’m always posting ideas on ways to help you in your business and teaching different aspects of Social Media (which is my passion).

I guarantee you will love the environment and all the ideas you will come across in there. You’re bound to ignite some PASSION for your business again!

What do you get from being a Directly Social member?

  1. Tips and tricks to work your business
  2. Monthly themed posts for your customer group
  3. Advice from all Direct Sales consultants, regardless of what company you’re with
  4. Tips on increasing bookings
  5. Tips on increasing recruiting
  6. Tips on increasing interaction in your customer groups
  7. Tips on business in general

So come see us! And don’t forget to share with your friends!


Melissa Fietsam,

directly social with melissa fietsam

Use Woobox to Link Your Facebook Business Page Tabs

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Ever wonder how people set those tabs up on their Facebook Business Page?

Check out this video to see how.

And then you will want to scroll below and see what kind of tabs to use for your business:

How much does it cost?

Woobox is FREE! Holy batman! Right? No kidding, it’s free. Now you can work your business like a boss.

What kind of tabs should you have?

Think about frequently asked questions you are constantly answering in your business:

  • Customer special
  • Information on joining your team
  • Link to your customer group
  • Information on fundraisers
  • Information on hosting
  • Information on joining Hostess of the Month Club
  • Link to your Pinterest
  • Link to your Instagram
  • Link to your Twitter
  • Link to your YouTube channel

There’s SO MUCH you can do with this.


And don’t forget you can write NOTES on your Facebook business page and link your tabs to THOSE! You’re going to look like a professional in no time. This will save you TIME, ENERGY, and most of all…your sanity. Everyone always asks me how I do it all…I simply work smarter. I choose to take the time to set up my business in a way that is easy to share. And now you can too!

Tell me what you think! And…GET TO WORK;)

Melissa Fietsam


Instagram Save Feature

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I love the new Instagram save feature!

Instagram tips for direct sales

If you’re scrolling through your Instagram and find something AWESOME…you just tap this save “ribbon” and you cna go back and see it in a “folder” of saved posts.

So what the heck would you use it for?

I’ve saved ideas for products from other consultants

I can duplicate for my own use. So let’s say someone had a cute bag set up in a way I hadn’t seen it used for. I can save it, then go back and take my product and make the same picture for my customers.

I’ve seen business ideas that I love

I’ve seen quotes, or cool ideas for giveaways , or cool ways people were promoting themselves. I can hit that save button on Instagram so I don’t lose it and forget about it! When I have time, I can always go back to it.

I’ve also see ads of crap I don’t need to buy

Right? More and more ads are popping up on Instagram and I personally love them cause they’re QUICK! So whether it’s a video or static ad, I can save it for that one week after payday when I actually have money. Yeah, you know what I mean. I got paid, I’m rich for a week…and then BAM! I’m broke for 3 weeks. But IMA GO BUY IT WHEN I’M RICH FOR A WEEK

And here is where you find your saved photos on your main profile


So there it is. New save feature on Instagram! LOVE IT!

Melissa Fietsam


Making Some Changes in my Direct Sales World This Year!

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So I’m implementing some major changes in my business this year!

This blog will now be geared towards ALL direct sales and nothing company specific will be posted.

My gift is SHARING and we’re gonna do it up BIG in 2017! Loud and PROUD!

I read this book and YOU need to read it too! Click on the picture below and it’ll take you to the link to buy!

You can also check out her website here:

Thirty-One Gifts, I'm a badass

Seriously the BEST  book to read to get into the right mindset for 2017 and your Direct Sales business!

I am going to share a few pages you can find me on, as we’re shutting down the Big Pink Playground that I shared all my ideas on. I want to give you the places you can find me, so you don’t feel abandoned:)

1. Social Cinch Club: free direct sales trainings from the experts in our field:


2. Cinch Socials: Tuesday LIVE tips and free training:


3. DS Synergy: Facebook page with ALL direct sales consultants to share ideas:


Now let’s rock 2017!! My goal is to help YOU rock your business this year!! I cannot WAIT to share all the exciting things in my corner!!!



With love,

Melissa Fietsam




Are you Subscribed to my YouTube Channel?

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I have a TON of videos on Youtube!

If you’re looking for:

  1. Booking ideas
  2. Recruiting ideas
  3. Seasonal ideas
  4. Direct Sales Tips
  5. Hostess Coaching Tips
  6. Recruiting Packets
  7. Hostess Packets
  8. Booking Blitzes
  9. Marketing
  10. BINGO’s


There’s over 500 videos on there! You can use the search bar and find ANYTHING you’re looking for!

You’ll want to click on the LINK below and hit SUBSCRIBE so you never miss the new ones!

Click on this link:


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Thank You cards for Direct Sales Consultants

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First of all, be honest…do you even SEND thank you cards to every one of your customers? 

Until about 6 months ago, I didn’t! But I feel 100% better about my business now that I am. I know each and every person is getting an estimated shipping time and a THANK YOU for supporting my business.  When was the last time YOU got a thank you card from someone? I bet you can count it on one hand, right?

Why not set yourself apart in the direct sales industry by providing REMARKABLE customer service? Send a thank you card!

And then make sure you’re giving an effort on that thank you card to make a personal connection. The person who orders from you may not know I have 5 children. They may not know that I don’t look like a super freak crazy purse lady stalker. So if I put my picture, and a picture of my children, maybe she’ll be more apt to open an email or respond to a text.

~THINK about everything you do

~Be INTENTIONAL about everything you say

~And be PURPOSEFUL in the way you conduct your business 

Here are my thank you post cards, front and back. I made these from a template on

1 2


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts



Marketing 101 For Direct Sales

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On Mondays, we go over some marketing ideas for your direct sales business.  I’m always looking for some fresh ideas to market my business. I truly believe that if you are not actively marketing your business to new customers at least one hour every week, you will start to lose momentum.


What happens in direct sales is this…you have a full calendar. Great month. Great hostesses. You are busy working with your hostesses, filling orders, and delivering goodies. So much, that you feel like you don’t need to keep marketing every week consistently, right? WRONG! Because when you’re not marketing CONSISTENTLY…you will lose steam.  Those hostesses will come and go, those orders will get filled, and when all that “busy” is done…you’re going to wake up and realize you have nothing on the calendar!

So make sure you are ALWAYS consistently marketing!

Here are 10 tips to successfully market your direct sales business:

1. Facebook: put a link to your facebook page on your business cards!  My link is  This helps you stay in touch personally with your customers and lets them see all your posts.  You can do this through your profile on your Facebook page. I like to let people see that I’m a “real” person

2. When you see someone post on their Facebook or send you an email about a 5K walk or marathon they’re doing, or relay for life, or a donation for a family member or friend….send them a message like this:

I saw your post about the Relay for Life you’re participating in!  I would love to help you earn some money by doing a Thirty-One fundraiser.  You can do a home show or catalog show and earn 25% of all the sales from your party!  So if you had a $500 show…I could donate $125. Better yet…if you had a $1000 show-I could donate $250!  People are so much more likely to buy when they know its going to a good cause, so I’m sure you’ll do really well.  Does is sound like something you would be interested in?

3. Put a coupon in your customers bag saying if they tag you on Facebook with a picture of their new product, they get a FREE gift in the mail from you!

4. Always throw your business card in all return envelopes, bills, etc.

5. Approach businesses and offer to do their employee gift shopping

6. Use your product for your kid’s Teacher appreciation gifts and put catalogs in them. ALWAYS use your product when you’re thinking of gifts for people in your life!

7. Attach a luggage Tag to your everyday purse or bag with “31” on it – use this as a business card holder or gift card holder


8. Table set ups – approach retirement communities that have a cafeteria/dining hall around holidays; advertise in their monthly newsletter. They can’t get out and about to shop as much. What a great way to bring your business to them. You could even offer to set up an event for them and organize other vendors to come with you.

9. Check in with your local Chamber of Commerce – mixers / meet-ups / business round-tables…it’s a great way to connect with other local business owners. Because you can always support them around holidays for gifts with their employees. And get great tips from them to use in your own business.

10. Put a referral bonus on your business cards. And always let your customers know they will get a gift certificate if they share your business and someone places an order, books a arty, or joins your team. And then tag them on Facebook when you do, so that everyone can see it!

I hope you have enjoyed these tips! Keep working your business ladies!

What do YOU do in your business that sets you apart from other consultants?

Director Power House

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We had another INSANELY successful Powerhouse retreat! This meeting was created 3 years ago with a dream and a mission. And it has grown into something so much more. I always that God had much bigger plans for me than I did! And Powerhouse is such a reflection of that.

What is it for?

We have training for Direct Sales Leaders. An entire weekend packed full of information to help leaders grow their business in the direct sales industry.

Every year, we have 150 directors from all over the country, and all different teams, gather in one place for an AWESOME weekend of empowerment and training as leaders. And best of all, we had SO MUCH FUN!

I am very excited to announce that we will be taking our training LIVE and cross country to consultant level direct sellers in the very near future!

Our training included 3 days of intense training on:

1. Organizing your business into systems

2. Social media training for direct sellers

3. The difference between a leader and a manager

4. Maximizing Fundraisers

5. Integrating Technology Into Your Business

6. Leading Your Team

7. Branding Your Business

8. Calendar Blocking

9. Marketing Your Business

and MUCH more!

The fellowship and training was truly amazing!

Our speakers included:

1. Melanie Moore

2. Beth Jones-Schall:

3. Melissa Fietsam (myself)

4. Lisa Woodruff:

5. Tiffany Wellinghoff

6. Julia Petrie

7. Belinda Ellsworth:

8. Jawana Root

9. Gretchen Manmiller


If you would like to see what Powerhouse is all about, check out our hashtag: #31powerhouse

We are so excited to announce Powerhouse 2015 will be in Nashville, TN next year and we are already well on our way to planning!

A BIG thank you to everyone who attended….YOU are my WHY…and I love you!

And a BIG thank you to all of our speakers for a phenomenal weekend of training and fellowship! I can never repay you enough for your time and service to Powerhouse and all the ladies you empowered this weekend!

If you attended Powerhouse…please let us know what you thought about your weekend in a comment below!


Here’s some pictures below of our meeting and the most fun I’ve ever had on a scavenger hunt!!


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12