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Schedule Theme Days Easily in Your Customer Group

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It’s really important to stay consistent in your Facebook Customer Groups. And using theme days can help you do that!

80/20 Rule:

Make sure you’re posting 80% valuable content and 20% sales. If they’re in your group, they KNOW you sell whatever if it is you sell. You don’t have to shove it down their throats! What you NEED to do is provide VALUE. Show them you are there to provide a service to THEM. ย Your business page is where you should be selling! And every now and then you can share that post from your business page into your customer group.

Here’s some examples:

Monday Motivation: quotes

Monday Giggles: make them laugh

Tuesday Tips: your business tips to make their life easier with your product

Tuesday Treats: your product tips

Way Back Wednesday: post something nostalgic

Thursday Passion: post something YOU love. For instance, I’m doing easy cooking recipes each Thursday because I love to cook! Love to shop? Post coupons or deals from other places, etc.

Friday FUN Day: ask everyone what they’re doing this weekend, give them something fun to do with the family

Gather these posts to schedule in Cinchshare and you’ve just created the best time saving tool you’ll ever make in your business:

Watch this 5 minute video to see how I gather these posts into a secret group and then schedule out an entire month in less than 5 minutes!

I would love to hear what theme days YOU use. Or what you COULD use! Post in the comments below!

And don’t forget to join our Directly Social on Facebook to get these tips daily:ย JOIN HERE

Social Jedi Masters in training! You got this!

Melissa Fietsam

Check Out my Thirty-One Facebook Page!

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If you are NOT with Thirty-One, and want to be a part of the coolest Thirty-One customer base on the block…

Click on this link and then LIKE the page, so you never miss an update!! I’m going to be announcing some BIG news and we’re going to have some fun on that page!

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  1. You’ll never miss an OUTLET SALE
  2. You’ll never miss the new customer specials
  3. You’ll never miss the new hostess specials
  4. You won’t miss the EXCLUSIVE products you’ll be able to purchase in October…only a select few consultants get to sell them…BIG NEWS!
  5. You’ll never miss new enrollment information
  6. You’ll be the first to see the brand new catalogs as they’re released
  7. You’ll be in the best customer base in the company! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Can’t wait to see you guys over there!!

Thirty-One Gifts

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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You’re a Thirty-One Consultant, Now what?!

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So you’ve just signed up to be a Thirty-One Consultant! WOOHOO!!

But what NOW?!

WEEK 1 Training: Team Trendy

  1. Learn the basics of your back office
  2. Set up your customer facebook group
  3. Understand your Start Swell incentive so you can earn all those FREE products!


First, learn how to navigate the basics of your back office!


Time to announce to the world that YOU are a Thirty-One Consultant and set up your Facebook customer group!


And here is the graphic you can use with the link to your group on your main facebook timeline to:

  1. announce you’re a consultant
  2. invite them to your customer group


And here is the banner you can use for your customer group:

Thirty-One Consultant


Here’s a video to make sure you know about all the FREE product you can earn as a new consultant! It’s kind of crazy the amount of free items you’ll earn in your first 4 months as a consultant. So I want to make sure you take full advantage of it!

Watch this quick video so you can set up your launch party and earn those first kits right away:

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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Help Your Hostess and Get People Added to Your Customer Facebook Group

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Yesterday I was getting hostess packets together for a fundraiser I’m doing.

I had 35 packets. So I was trying to figure out how to help them.

I had 2 packs of fall Thirty-One postcard invitations, so I decided to slap a label on the back of them and added 5 to each packet. With fundraisers, I typically only give one catalog per packet. So I wanted them to have something to hand someone.

Now, instead of just saying, go to this website…they can hand them a postcard.

This acts as a reminder, gives them a reference, and sends them directly to my website! And they’re CHEAP!!

My goal this year is Simple/Easy/Fun…and cutting costs and make things EASY. But EFFECTIVE.

So I was thinking about my other goal this year, which is adding people to my Facebook customer group. Everything I do, I’m trying to incorporate getting them to my group.

I decided I needed postcards that did these two things TOGETHER!! **I’ll have the link below for you to get your own designed from Night Owl Custom Design! And then I uploaded my design to www.vistaprint.com to order postcards!001

Check this out!! Now I can add 5 of these to every single hostess packet with the intention of:

  1. Giving my hostesses a tool to spread the word
  2. Giving guests something to go home with and refer to when she doesn’t have a catalog to give them
  3. Get my information into more people’s hands
  4. Hopefully increase sales, bookings, and recruits in the long run
  5. And direct people to my Facebook customer group

I truly believe that creating a LONG LASTING bridge with my customers on that page…will be the key to my success this year. A Sale is a dead end if you lose that connection with that person after the sale. If I get them added to my group…I can keep that relationship and keep my business in front of them…like FOREVER, right?!

So check out my new postcards!





And if you’d like to get your own designed, check out Night Owl Custom Design on Facebook here:ย https://nightowlcustomdesign.ecwid.com/#!/Shop-With-Me-Postcards/p/59509626

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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