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NEW! Facebook Music Library for Videos

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You all know how much I love creating videos. For me, making a video is so much better than just typing out a post. You can see my face, hear my voice, see my body language, just like a real conversation.

So I just went in to edit a recent Facebook video I madeand WHAAAAAAT? There seems to be a new feature where you have an entire system of music tracks to add to your videos in Facebook AND Instagram. This new feature is called “Sound Collections”.

Once you agree to terms and policies, you’ll be added to this amazing library of music where you can filter by mood, genre, sounds, music, instrumental only…a complete library. It is INSANEly awesome!

I’m waiting for Facebook to take over video editing entirely. YouTube dropped it’s video editing and is working on rebuilding that, but this has left a HUGE area of gain for Facebook. Looks like they’re jumping right on that train!

This feature is, most likely, like every other feature where you will see it rolled out in waves. So don’t worry if you don’t see it yet…it’s COMING;)

Crazy cool! What do you think?





Booking Game in Your Facebook Customer Group

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Here’s a really fun way to get some bookings in your customer group!

Facebook LIVE videos are a GREAT way to:

  1. create a buzz

  2. get interaction

  3. get more views

  4. and increase your bookings!

I got these boxes at Dollar General for $1. You can essentially use anything to do this with. And the great thing is, you can mix it up with each holiday!

Make sure you’re showcasing the hostess and customer special.

Make sure you’re showing them their hostess packet they’ll get in the mail.

And make sure you let them know that all they have to do is collect $200 in orders and they’ll get:

  1. $25 in FREE
  2. any hostess exclusive item
  3. any item HALF PRICE!

SO EASY!! Have some fun with this! Put a Santa hat on, get excited!! When you’re excited…THEY ARE EXCITED!!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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Great Big Thirty-One Giveaway in June!

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Scheduling my GREAT BIG GIVEAWAY IN JUNE event for my hostesses and customer group! This is by FAR one of the best things I ever did for my business!! Last time I booked TWO parties and added EIGHT new people to a brand new Hostess of the Month Club AND added 150 people to my customer group!!

Here’s a video to explain what I did last month and what I’m doing each month from now on!

Here’s the LIVE event that I did with an EVENT in my customer group:

Here’s a breakdown of what I’m doing!


Created an event INSIDE my customer group with this banner and description:

It’s that time again!!! Thursday night!! 8:30pm EST. Join me for a 20 minute LIVE Facebook event to see all my favorite summer products!

Come see some great deals in JUNE with a LIVE event where you can see ME, ask questions, and someone will be winning some GREAT prizes!!! You don’t want to miss this!! GRAND PRIZE is a FASHION EDITOR ($180 value) that has your name written all over it 😉 And 5 other prizes to give away!

1. If you are a HOSTESS in June…you automatically get 5 tickets into the drawing!
2. Click “join” on this event and get 1 ticket into the drawing
3. 1 ticket for each friend you add to my customer group and they join the event! Remember to ASK them if they’d like to be added!
4. 5 tickets for booking a party in JUNE or JULY
5. 1 ticket for every $10 you bought on a party this or retail order this month!
6. If you are a member of my HOTM (Hostess of the Month Club) you automatically get 3 tickets!
7. If you ordered from BINGO night this month…your orders count too! 1 ticket for every $10 you ordered!


Posted this in all of my hostess Facebook events:

Hey guess WHAT?! We’re having a LIVE event TOMORROW night! 20 minutes of GIVEAWAYS! Over $200 in prizes being given away!
To get on that event:
1. Request to join this page:((INSERT LINK TO YOUR CUSTOMER PAGE))

Thirty-One Gifts


Then I messaged this to each hostess I have in June:

Hi Ann!! We’re going to try and round you up some more orders!! Send this to 10 friends of yours. Your goal is to get 10 people added so hopefully we can get them ordering 🙂 🙂 But the more you get added, the better chance of orders!

Here’s an example message you can send them!!

Hey! My 31 consultant is giving away over $200 in prizes tomorrow night for my party! Can I get you added to the event?

When they say YES…add them to my customer group (INSERT NAME TO YOUR CUSTOMER GROUP) and then add them to that event-Great Big Giveaway in JUNE!

Biggest question I get asked is WHAT DO YOU GIVE FOR PRIZES?

I ordered the mystery gift bags on the Thirty-One BUSINESS SUPPLIES ORDER. Comes with TONS of goodies and there’s 3 sizes available for any budget: $10, $15, $25 I think are the 3 different levels. Any one of those would work just fine!

**Grand prize is always something I have that I probably got for free and I never use. But you can use ANYTHING!

Posted the day of the event in my customer group:

Lots of giveaways for tonight’s event!! Make sure you click “GOING” on the event to get your name into a drawing for a prize!! You also get 1 ticket for each person you ADD to the event!
You have to ask their permission to add them to this group and if they join the event you get a ticket!!!
Also giving away a $150 fashion editor bag!!!

Join Thirty-One

Posted the day of the event in each Hostess’s individual Facebook parties:

LIVE Facebook event TONIGHT!! I’m giving away over $200 in product!!
8:30pm EST. Join me for a 20 minute LIVE Facebook event to see all my favorite summer products!

1. Request to be added to this page:
((insert link to customer group))

2. Then request to be added to this event:
((insert link to EVENT in your facebook group))

Hope this helps!!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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