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Power Hour Business Binder for Direct Sales Consultants

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Power Hour Business binder for your direct sales business!

This binder is for ALL companies & all direct sales consultants.

Are you ready to take control of your business in 2018?

Order your business binder today and finally get a SYSTEM to work your business in 20 minutes a day:

  • Track Past Hostesses
  • Track current monthly hostesses
  • Track hostess coaching steps
  • Track new consultants who join your team
  • Track your fiscal year sales, parties, and recruits
  • 20 minutes of booking: and tons of ideas to jump start you!
  • 20 minutes of recruiting: and tons of ideas to jump start you!
  • 20 minutes of customer care: and tons of ideas to jump start you!
  • 20 minutes of hostess coaching: and tons of ideas to jump start you!
  • 20 minutes of social media: and tons of ideas to jump start you!
  • …and so much more!

Training Videos:

When you purchase these printables, you’ll be getting three training videos to teach you how to build your binder, use every sheet effectively, and ROCK YOUR BUSINESS in 2018!


Order your binder by clicking the button below. For $50, you get all 15 printable PDFs and 3 training videos with tons of tricks and tips to help you rock it!


Click the JOIN button below to join your training and support group and get access to your files:

Melissa Fietsam


Recruiting like a BOSS! New Training!

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Ready to increase your recruiting for the new year?


If you’re a consultant and looking to increase your recruiting efforts…this is for you!

This is an hour long training that will walk you through a system with over 30 ideas to increase your recruiting efforts in your direct sales business. No one is born a recruiting magnet, you LEARN how to share the opportunity. This training will teach you that. My own personal recruiting success has taken me all the way to #1 spot in my own Direct Sales company for recruiting, and I’m ready to share all that information with YOU! DON’T FORGET TO SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!


-how to set up a recruiting system for success
-how to integrate your recruiting efforts into every aspect of your business
-how to increase recruiting with hostesses
-how to increase recruiting with Facebook parties
-how to increase recruiting in your customer groups
-and much more!





Request to join this group: CLICK HERE AFTER YOUR PAYMENT


Melissa Fietsam with Directly Social



Have you joined the Directly Social Facebook Group?

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Big announcements coming your way!!

Melissa Fietsam Facebook Group

You’re going to want to be a part of our Directly Social Facebook Group!

Social Masterminds…coming your way!!!


You’re going to see it first!

  • Training for YOU
  • Training for your TEAMS
  • Increase your BOOKINGS
  • Increase your RECRUITING
  • Increase your SALES
  • Increase your SOCIAL MEDIA presence
  • TIME MANAGEMENT systems to put into place
  • ZOOM WEBINARS just for you
  • And MUCH MORE!

oh…the places we will go…

YOU READY?! It’s almost time….

Melissa Fietsam,

Your Social Media Mastermind


Increase your Recruiting in 2017

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Want to increase your recruiting in 2017?

**Don’t forget to click SUBSCRIBE to my blog so you never miss a beat!

Schedule bi-weekly opportunity events on your Facebook Business Page. Check this out:

Be Consistent:

By holding these bi-weekly, you’re holding yourself accountable to work on your recruiting more in 2017

Time Management:

  1. By doing this on your business page, you can easy batch post this event by using Cinchshare. So you create the event once, schedule all the posts, and then all you have to do is click a few buttons and you’re ready to schedule the next event in just a few clicks!
  2. Also use the COPY EVENT feature on Facebook events. You can recreate any event (the title and description) and then all you have to do is change the date! This will make it so easy to do and stay consistent while saving you a TON of time!

Facebook Parties:

During your Facebook parties, invite your customers with the actual link to the Opportunity Event. You’re consistently inviting guests from EVERY party to an ongoing event each month. So I will be scheduling these on the 10th and 25th of every month. These are strategic dates for me with some other planning I’m doing. Whatever you, stay consistent.

Increase Reach:

Facebook Business Pages are PUBLIC. That means your opportunity events are public knowledge and searchable material. HELLO. HOLLA!

I hope I have truly blessed and empowered someone today. Much love,

Melissa Fietsam

Recruiting Page for Your Thirty-One Business

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We’re going to take recruiting to a new level this week.

Take a look at this video:



create a video of your OWN talking about the opportunity to join and frequently asked questions


The goal of your new page is to:

  1. Make and KEEP those connections of the people who express interest in joining Thirty-One.
  2. Have one central location to communicate in ONE post with all those who were interested in joining your team
  3. Never LOSE a lead who was interested in joining your team
  4. Increase your recruiting and build you team
  5. And be able to share the opportunity with someone no matter where you’re at. A home show, soccer practice…it doesn’t matter. You can simply add them to the page and then follow up with them when you can.

**That organization and PREPAREDNESS will have your potential recruit saying , WOW! This chic really knows what she’s doing!

**Do not pester them. Let them get the information when they want. This is just a way for you to make sure you don’t LOSE their info! And to keep them 100% informed and connected to YOU. It’s your little pot of gold…


This page is dedicated to sharing this amazing opportunity that Thirty-One has to offer so many women. Any and all information you would like to know about joining me and this wonderful company, are all on this page. Files, videos, everything you need to make an informed decision is at your finger tips!


Hello ladies!! And welcome to the best place to be right now! This post will be your resource guide to walk you through all the things you need to know about this page and the wonderful opportunity to start your own business. Follow these simple steps to make the most informed decision about whether Thirty-One is right for you! And this picture shows you exactly what tabs to click on in order to get the most information out of this page!

1. You will want to check out the FILES tab on this page for all the important documents you will want to print out and look over!

2. Make sure you check out the PHOTOS tab on this page

3. And take a look at this short video (5 min) that explains everything that comes in your kit and all the Frequently Asked Questions that go along with starting your own business. I will answer A LOT of your questions in that video!

When someone asks you about the opportunity
1. add them to that page
2. tag them in the pinned post
3. and BAM! they have everything they need to know at their fingertips

**If you’re out and about, and someone asks for information on joining, you can immediately add them to that page and then follow up with them when you get home.

**This is NOT a page to post specials and monthly sales things. This is ONLY for recruiting information and I would not post more than once a month in this page.

Here’s the photos you can use on your page:

1 2 3 4 5 6

And here’s the files you need:



Kit contents

opportunity brochure


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Best Thing I EVER Did For MY Thirty-One Business

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So I did it. I jumped. I tried something SO out of my box that I was literally ILL for 2 days over the anxiety of it. And MAN did it pay off big time.

First…watch this video. Because I think this will help you to understand that you HAVE to jump. You HAVE to try new things.

I jumped and guess what happened in a span of 48 hours?

  1. I had one LIVE event with 7 hostesses
  2. I added 150 people to my customer group
  3. I added 8 new Hostess of the Month Club members. brand new customers
  4. I had my HOTM members ordering JUST to take part in this event
  5. I have a potential recruit
  6. And I booked 2 parties

Watch this video and then I’m going to show you HOW I did it:


Now watch THIS video explaining exactly what I did. If you don’t…you’re not going to understand fully what I did and WHY and HOW:

Step 1:

I posted this in every hostess event I had going on this month.

*Now Thirty-One has Hostess Grab Bags on our business supplies. You could easily get the $20 grab bag once a month to use as the give aways for this event.


Step 2:

I messaged THIS to each of my hostesses (and attached the picture above):

Hi Amy! We’re going to do a “live” event in my Facebook group that will hopefully increase your sales for your party!

I would love for you to pick 10 of your closest friends, and anyone who posts “heck yeah” in your party to invite them, to this event. So you’ll go to my customer page, add them there, and then get them added to that event called Great Big Giveaway in May.

So you can send a personal message to them and say, hey! Do you mind if I add you to my Thirty-One girl’s event where she’s giving away a bunch of prizes tomorrow night?

And then if she says yes… you can add her to both:) This is the post I’m referring to in your party:)

Step 3:

I created THIS event INSIDE of my customer group on Facebook. So this was to include my personal customers in my customer group already, to this LIVE event for my hostesses:


Here’s the banner graphic I made for it:


Step 4:

On Day 4 of all my hostesses individual facebook parties…I posted this (this was a reminder and instructions for them to join my customer group, and then join the event):

Don’t forget about our LIVE event TONIGHT! 20 minutes of GIVEAWAYS! Over $200 in prizes being given away!

To get on that event:
1. Request to join this page: (((INSERT LINK TO CUSTOMER GROUP)))

2. And then Click GOING on this event: (((INSERT LINK TO EVENT INSIDE OF CUSTOMER GROUP)))

Step 5:

Another reminder inside all of the regular Facebook events I had going on for my hostesses:

All set up!
I spy some giveaways…who wants that Cindy Tote?!
Make sure you find the event and click on GOING so you don’t miss it!
9pm tonight eastern time, right here on Facebook!

You’re going to get a sneak peek at my Top 10 May product picks AND….a sneak peek at JUNE customer and hostess specials! Woot woot!To get on that event:
1. Request to join this page:((INSERT LINK TO CUSTOMER GROUP))


Step 6:

I posted this in the Great Big Giveaway Event.

I had to track order totals racking up. But other than that, they told me when they added a friend or something to earn extra tickets.

I also just clicked on the event and gave each of the 80 people who clicked GOING to the event…one ticket each.

It wasn’t that hard to track the tickets.


This is your ticket counter!
You will track your own # of tickets below!

1 for RSVPing to the event on another page with heck yeah!

1 for clicking GOING to the event on this page, so you don’t miss any posts!

1 for every $10 you spend on your Hostesses party before or during the event!

2 tickets for each friend you invite who clicks GOING!

5 for booking your own show FUN Facebook party in June!

10 tickets for JOINING our team!

There’s a special LIVE event tomorrow night RIGHT HERE at 9pm Eastern for just 20 minutes where you could win
1. A Cindy Tote ($70 value)
2. Canvas Bag ($50)
3. Thermal zipper pouch ($15)
**And a few random giveaways!

Step 7:

I posted THIS inside of the Great Big Giveaway in May event:


Step 8:

Here is my LIVE EVENT (I was a nervous wreck, no judging allowed):

Here are the notecards I used for my LIVE event:




So there you have it! After the party was over and I did another LIVE video announcing winners, I told them I would do another drawing in the morning for the late birds.  Had a few more orders and they loved it.

All in all, this event:

  1. Booked me 8 parties total including SIX new Hostess of the Month Club members
  2. increased sales greatly
  3. got a potential recruit
  4. added 115 people to my customer group
  5. got my hostesses more engaged
  6. got my CURRENT hostess of the month club members engaged and excited

This was ALL done during my NEW Facebook party script with 4 LIVE videos that were pre-recorded and used in each event. Here is that script for you to see what was going on in their individual Facebook parties. I’ve never, in 7 years, had this much participation in my Facebook events. It was PHENOMENAL. And i will never do it any other way!

Hope this helps ladies!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Thirty-One Hostess Coaching

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Hostess Coaching is one of the most important things you will do in your business. You can book a party all day long…but if you don’t COACH HER…she’s never going to succeed and she’ll never come BACK!

We do hostess coaching in order to increase the things WE need. And to provide this amazing customer service that she will be gushing about to her friends.

1. Hostess Coaching can do whatever you WANT it to do:
2. increase sales
3. increase recruiting
4. increase leads
5. increase bookings
6. celebrate
7. encourage
8. reward

I KNOW that you will see huge results if you focus on hostess coaching:

1. Your hostess will be telling her friends
2. Your sales will increase because your hostess is engaged
3. Your hostess will be happier because she’s informed
your hostess won’t walk around wondering where you’re at or what she’s supposed to do
4. you will get bookings because your hostess will not hesitate to share her positive experience with others
5. you can increase leads by having your hostess doing the work for you

So right now, I want you to EVALUATE your hostess coaching:


On a scale of 1-5 (5 being…I’m a hostess coaching rockstar and 1 being…I suck at it), rate where you are NOW with hostess coaching.


You should fully assess what you are doing in these categories below. Assess EACH # on how you’re achieving each step: EX: increase sales….I give her an incentive to hit certain levels of sales.

1. Hostess Coaching can do whatever you WANT it to do:
2. increase sales
3. increase recruiting
4. increase leads
5. increase bookings
6. celebrate
7. encourage
8. reward


I want you to start using a 3 step process in hostess coaching. Each month, these will update for the following month. If you are savvy and can create your own…DO IT. If not…here are 3 touch points I want you to have with your hostess and use can use these BLANK ones I created for our team:

1. THE DAY SHE BOOKS HER PARTY: You will send her a LINK in text to her cell phone AND on Facebook. We want to make sure she gets this: This will help her know what to expect from YOU and keep her 100% informed. This also holds YOU accountable to do what you said and follow up with her each Monday.

2. THE DAY HER PARTY GOES “LIVE”: You will send her a link via text to her phone AND Facebook. We want to make sure she gets this: This will give her all the tools she needs to share, the reminders to be successful, and keep her informed.

3. THREE DAYS BEFORE HER PARTY CLOSES: You will send her a link via text to her phone AND Facebook. We want to make sure she gets this: This gets her prepared, shows her the opportunity to join, and gives her the necessary steps to get a last minute “push” for orders.

How easy is that? Send a text message ever Monday with one simple link. And now she has all the tools to keep her excited.

Hostess coaching: The #1 complaint is that hostesses had no idea what was going on and there was no communication from the consultant. Don’t be that guy! A good referral is worth your weight in gold. But a bad referral will travel WAY faster and farther than a good one. Always remember that. Your hostesses are 110% worth your time. But…it doesn’t take much time at all.

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Thirty-One Daily Tasks Sheets to Print

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Want to work your business like a rock star? Here are 5 files you can print and work 20 minutes a day on FOCUSED areas of your business for:

  • Recruiting
  • Booking
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Hostess Coaching

Here is an example of one of the days/files:

These tasks are not to ALL be completed each day, but to give you something to do when you’re STUCK. So pick one task, if you finish it in 5 minutes, do another. If it takes you 20 minutes, you’re done!

Tuesday-Customer Service-page-0You all have seen the Power Hour files I have created…but THIS is a whole new ball game to keep you on task every single day.

Each one is for a specific day with specific tasks to keep you focused on the income producing activities you need to be doing CONSISTENTLY in your Thirty-One business!

Make sure you watch this quick video to explain how to effectively use them to:

  • increase recruiting
  • increase bookings
  • provide top notch customer service
  • increase your marketing efforts
  • provide top notch hostess coaching

I created these files to serve my team.

That’s my goal in everything. To make this business works for everyone who is willing to WORK. And to prove to them, that anyone can work their business in 20 minutes a day of focused work on one aspect of their business.

Now, when I have a team member who is struggling to organize their time and business, I have something to give them. And now…you do too:)

Here are your files to print:

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Recruiting Made Simple for Your Thirty-One Business

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There’s a lot of misconceptions about recruiting in your Thirty-One business.

The biggest one being…that “I’m just not good at that”. You couldn’t be anymore wrong. No one was BORN a top recruiter. I’m the #2 recruiter int eh entire company for the fiscal year of 2014-2015. And don’t plan on missing that title this year;)

But it didn’t come easily. In fact, I’ve been in this company for over 7 years before I earned that title. I worked hard on it. I focused. I write down what I was doing and analyzed every aspect of it, to see what I was doing wrong. Or, not even wrong, just not geared to get the best results for my recruiting goals.

Then I wrote down everything I was doing. And figured out how I could tie in recruiting to EVERY aspect of what I was doing on a daily basis: hostess coaching, Facebook parties, social media, customer service, lead generation…EVERYTHING. And I poured my ALL into it.

Now, for example, you take Missy Nelson on our team. She was with the company TWO YEARS and earned #3 recruiter in the entire company. Was she born that way? No. She worked hard. She focused all her efforts on recruiting and applied the same tactics and MORE to her own recruiting efforts to grow her team. And she blew it out of the water. And now is getting ready to promote to Senior Director because of it.

HARD WORK. FOCUS. THAT is what will make a top recruiter. There’s no tricks…just changing your focus.

You’re no different than me. I’m a consultant first, ALWAYS. I have to book parties, I have to put in the work to get the results. Set a goal RIGHT NOW.

If you’re a consultant: Senior Consultant by August.

If you’re a Senior Consultant: Director by December

If you’re a Director or above: NEVER settle for anything less than 1 new member a month

So take a look at this video and tell me what YOU think. What little things can you change in your own business to make a difference this year?

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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20 Minute Power Hour for Your Direct Sales Business on Marketing

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Marketing your direct sales business. All it takes is 20 minutes of focused time.

When you focus on something, you expand it. And when you focus on marketing, you will:

  1. Increase sales by reaching out to new and old customers
  2. Increase bookings and recruits by referrals. Because everyone knows YOU sell Thirty-One and are open for business
  3. Have your customers spreading your business for you through social media avenues
  4. And create an environment in your community where YOU are the “go to” girl!

I have compiled a list of tasks you can work on during your 20 minutes of Marketing. It’s SO easy. But you have to be committed to your business and focus on expanding your efforts to increase your marketing to your community (online as well as locally). You’ll find the file below. You can print the form and literally just go down the list when you need to work on your marketing for that 20 minutes. You have officially lost your excuse NOT to work on marketing, because I’ve given you an entire sheet of things to work on!

And let me be very clear. Just because you do not know HOW to do Instagram, or Twitter, or Pinterest…that’s not an excuse. You can use this 20 minutes to research it and DO IT! You will learn along the way.

This is a 5 part series, so you’ll want to check out all 5 posts on my main blog page this week. If you haven’t subscribed to my blog, now would be a great time to do so! So you don’t miss a single post. You’ll have all 5 files to work your business successfully by the end of this week.

Watch this quick video on some great ideas and what I do with my Marketing time:

The two questions I’m going to ask you over and over, stem from a quote I heard a couple weeks ago:

A committed heart will always find a way. A non-committed heart will always find an excuse.

Are you committed?

And how much time do you have to devote to your business a day?

All it takes is 20 minutes a day working one aspect of your business. Here’s an example:

Monday: Hostess Coaching

Tuesday: Booking

Wednesday: Customer Service

Thursday: Recruiting

Friday: Marketing

Watch the video above and then use this file to create a time efficient and EFFECTIVE system to market your business to your customers in just 20 minutes a week:

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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