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How to Increase your Sales with Fundraisers

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I’m so excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with Cinchshare for a Facebook training!

I’ve been doing fundraisers for about 7 years now in my Thirty-One business. I do them every single month and I can’t wait to tell you WHY!

We’re going to teach you everything from WHY you want to have them and what they can do for your business, to HOW to find them!

And then we’re going to teach you how to make the most of them and FIND them! It’s one thing to book a fundraiser, but when you understand the matrix behind what to actually DO with a fundraiser-you can increase your sales, your recruiting, and hit all those company incentives on a monthly basis!

So if you’d like to join this FREE TRAINING on how to increase your sales with fundraisers, CLICK BELOW to join us this Tuesday!


Melissa Fietsam


Increase Your Thirty-One Outlet Sales!

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Here’s what I emailed to my customers today! AND posted in my customer group!

When the outlet sale goes live, I will print the survey results and text everyone’s cell # the LINK to my website!

I have attached a copy of my Google Survey below for you to see.

I know you’re super busy and I want to make sure this outlet sale is as EASY as possible for you!
If you would like a VIP TEXT to your phone with the direct link to the outlet sale when it begins, fill out this 2 second survey with JUST your CELL # and you’ll get a VIP LINK!
Don’t forget to share this with any of your friends who may want to shop too!

And here is a video to show you exactly how to create this google survey:

This is a way to share the link with those who may not be on Facebook or may not check their email often. It doesn’t mean they don’t want to shop, they’re just busy!

So let’s take our customer service a step farther and share our link via TEXT to those people who choose to fill this out!

Melissa Fietsam,

Ind. Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


FREE Training on how to Boost your Thirty-One OUTLET SALE!

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I’m co-hosting a FREE Direct Sales training on how to maximize your Thirty-One outlet sale that is coming up! And it’s open to ALL companies! So you can get some ideas for YOUR next sale!

Cinch Socials will be featuring different companies in a series of their company’s trainings so we can all learn from each other!

free direct sales training
If you are a Thirty-One consultant, you will learn how to prepare for the outlet sale before, during, and after!
If you’re with a different company, we would love to have you join us so you can get some tips on how to run YOUR next sale!

I’m going to go through so many steps you can take to make sure you are 100% prepared to rock out this outlet sale!

To join the training TOMORROW…click on this link and check GOING so you don’t miss any posts!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

Thirty-One Zipper Pouch Blitz!

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Here’s a way to increase sales for November with a Thirty-One Zipper Pouch Blitz!



Create your ZIP ME UP party on your website

Create a video with you and a zipper pouch!

Post this in your customer page:

Zipper pouches make a GREAT gift for Christmas to put all those little things in, and have a bag they can keep all year long!
And the more you buy, the more you save, because they’re on the customer special this month!

I have set up a party called ZIP ME UP! And if you place your order on this link by TOMORROW, you’ll also be entered in to win HOSTESS BENEFITS if we reach $200 in orders! These prices below include personalization on EACH ONE!

To see all the patterns, CLICK HERE:
((Insert your link))

To place your order CLICK HERE:

Stock up and SAVE! You can get:
1 for: $22
2 for: $44
3 for: $56
4 for: $78
5 for: $90
6 for: $112
7 for: $124

And here’s my customer video you can kind of copy words or what to say:

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Book 10 Holiday Thirty-One Parties!

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So here’s a team challenge for our team. We have a goal of booking 10 holiday parties to close by October 15th.


10 Holiday parties at $200 each, equals $2000 in sales. BAM! Right there. So let’s get after it!

Check out this video:

Now you can see the exact video I posted in my customer group:


Here are a couple of graphics we will be using. This will be an ongoing push until the end of October. The goal is to get people in the holiday spirit! It’s time to rock out this fall season to:

  1. Help everyone earn the Leadership Incentive Trip starting in October
  2. Get our customers on board, that if they host a party they get to shop from the outlet sale early
  3. increase sales in general
  4. increase the # of people in our customer group
  5. increase the amount of people we’re in front of, therefore increasing our chances of recruiting
  6. and the more people we’re in front of, the more people who will book for NOVEMBER!

Each month will have the same idea. A “holiday package” with the goal of booking 10 Holiday parties each month!

It states a $200 party because that’s EASY. But we will be focusing on hostess coaching to (OF COURSE) get them higher sales than $200!

Score all around. Who’s ready for Melissa Fietsam and the holiday season? Cause I have a TON of ideas we’re pushing right now! You ready?!


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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New Way to Share Thirty-One Bundle Pictures!

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Landing yourself in Facebook jail lately?

If you haven’t…I bet you know someone who HAS!

Facebook is cracking down. And I’ve been working hard to find a better way to share our bundle pictures…check this out:

There are actually SO many ways we can use this! I’m super excited to start exploring some ways to better use It’s going to be a game changer for me this fall. And of course, everything I do…I’ll share with all of YOU fabulous ladies!! #BetterTogether

Love you guys! Have a FANTASTIC Thursday!! Go get your ISSUU accounts set up ASAP and get familiar with it! It’s an amazing tool for your business!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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New Fiscal Thirty-One Year Means a New Time to PLAN

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It’s a new Thirty-One Fiscal Year. That means it’s time to do a few house cleaning things in your business.

  1. You need to assess what worked.
  2. You need to assess what didn’t work.

Without understanding how your year went, you have no basis to move forward and improve in any way.

Last year, I focused on New Consultants. And simplifying my business. And you know what improved? New Consultant qualification rate and my own personal sales. Funny thing happens when you FOCUS on something…you IMPROVE it.

This year, my “word” is SIMPLIFY and SYSTEMS.

Last year I removed all the bells and whistles. From everything. I got back to the basics of my business:

  1. Booking

  2. Recruiting

  3. Sales

  4. Customer Service

I looked at every aspect of what I was DOING. And then figured out how I could simplify the process to: remove any confusion, make it time efficient for ME and my customers, to make sure it was income producing, and to evaluate if it was even WORKING. I learned a lot about my business last year. And it was my highest sales in 8 years. Last fiscal year, you saw my Facebook party go from 2 weeks, 2 7 days, to 4 days. Intentional. And now it’s working better than ever before.

So all week I’m going to be giving you tips on simplifying your business and creating systems that WORK.

And my first tip to you today, SIMPLIFY your hostess coaching and your hostess packets. I removed all the extra pages, the scratch offs, the 2 page hostess coaching explanation, the envelopes, the invitations, EVERYTHING. You know what has gone in my hostess packets for the last year?

  1. 3 catalogs
  2. 5 order forms
  3. How to order guide
  4. monthly special flier
  5. Bundles sheet flier (the monthly customer special bundle deals)
  6. recruiting flier
  7. 5 mini catalogs with a postcard that shows them “how to order from my party” for the hostess to hand out to her friends

I found that my hostesses were not USING anything. They weren’t looking at anything. I was wasting time and money on so many things that weren’t working. The invitations I was mailing were not income producing. The bells and whistles weren’t working.

I make up these hostess packets ahead of time and the only thing I have to add is the monthly special flier and bundle flier. I simplified the system SO much…that envelopes are ready to mail with my return address label on them already. Only thing I have to do is add those 2 fliers, put it in the envelope, add their address, and mail it. No more dropping off either. It’s systematic now. They all get mailed. Does it cost me a penny? yeah. But they get out immediately. It’s not hanging over my head, I don’t forget, and it’s FAST. My hostesses appreciate it and rely on it now.

So today…take a moment to look at your systems.

What is working? And what is NOT?

Thirty-One Gifts

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Firecracker Frenzy for Thirty-One Consultants

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Here is a great way for all of our Thirty-One consultants to earn those Ready, Set, Sell kits in July!

Watch this video and then see below for all details:

The basic idea:

You get 6 people to collect $100 in orders

You enter all those orders as one $600 party

You divide the hostess benefits between those 6 people

What do you put in the packets?

  1. Catalog
  2. July outside order form
  3. July customer special flier
  4. “Frenzy” how to order guide
  5. Firecracker Frenzy flier

Here are your files to download:!AkYgT2PVhSEHh1K7KPGuoSEzzbhH

Here is a graphic to use on your customer pages:

firecracker frenzy, Thirty-One


Tell them OVER and OVER that if they collect $200 in orders they get DOUBLE the benefits.

Tell them the first person to submit orders get to pick the hostess benefit of their choice

Ask every single past hostess, post on your customer page, send personal texts, ask your family and customers if they know anyone who might be interested…make it a GOAL and WORK FOR IT!!



Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Use Email Templates for Your Thirty-One Business

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You know when someone messages you and asks you for more information on booking a party?

And you’re right in the middle of a manicure, or soccer practice, or waiting in line at Walmart (you’re gonna be there awhile). Well…here’s a way for you to copy and paste a message to WOW your customers and seal the deal!

Check out this quick video:

So WHY would you want to create email drafts and templates for your Thirty-One business?

You’re going to look like a professional:

When you email your customer back in a SHORT amount of time, with this AMAZING and informative email…they’re gonna be like…”Man, this lady is good”. And that’s exactly what you want. To look like the BOSS you are.

You’re not going to FORGET:

How many times have you been at the grocery store and gotten a message. And you’re like…”crap. I’ll answer that when I get home”. 2 days later…you realize you forgot. Your moment to look and act like a professional is GONE.

You’re going to save yourself TIME:

How much time does it take for you to create the same daggone information to send each time? Too much time. It’s stressful, you’re in a hurry, and it’s a PAIN. Now when you copy and paste this message for the first time (and every time after), you’re gonna be like…”yeah, i know I’m the boss.”

You’re not going to leave important information out:

How many times are you in a hurry to send something and you forget to put something in there? Like a file, or the link to your website, or the customer special? And then you have to email them back. Or…you just say “screw it”. And don’t send it at all. Don’t be that guy!

So…there ya go! Secrets of success. Create your templates. Take your time. Check your spelling. Add links. Add pictures. Make it GREAT. But SIMPLE.

And your Thirty-One business will thank you. And so will your customers!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Sales Challenge I Created for our Thirty-One Team

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Created this challenge for our team. Got the original idea form the Tag Team’s Cinderella Challenge awhile back:


The Birthday Challenge!

I’m giving away FOUR direct selling books to our winners. All you have to do is participate! Each picture you snap of messages and WOOT WOOTS for orders…gets you an entry!

1. Choose 15 People to PRIVATE Facebook Message or Individually Text. These people are people who know and love you NOT RANDOM PEOPLE!

You should be able to answer YES to all of the following questions to choose these 15 people:
– Do you know this person well? YES!
– Does she know what DS business you do? YES!
– Has she ordered from you before? YES!
– Will she answer me tonight? YES!
If you have more than 15 people, GREAT! Run with it!

2. Send this message. ONLY the message! DO NOT send the picture or link to your website with this message.
“Hey girl! I’m in a contest tonight but just until midnight. Would you be willing to take a look at something for me? If so, just holler and I’ll send you the details!

3. You want her to respond with permission for you to send the picture. Give her the chance to WANT to help you! Once she gives you permission to send it, you can respond to her with the graphic and the following message:
“Thank you! Thank you! Here is the graphic! I will check back with you later tonight to see if you would like some. You ROCK! You can get any of these sets. And then when a birthday rolls around for someone, you’re set with a personal gift and no trip to the store:) And if you get the $36 one…I’ll give you an EXTRA $5 off tonight AND…you get to take advantage of the customer special if you want too!”

4. Follow up with them later this evening…and create a PARTY for this on your site. So if they want…they can go directly there to order.

**you could either take hostess benefits or let them know one person will WIN hostess benefits if you get to $200 in orders
**if you got to $200…you could use the half off and $25 hostess credit to order a couple products and offset the $5 discount you gave!
**the idea is to put an urgency to this. Only til midnight tonight!
**you can also ask if they’d mind posting on their facebook page for you to see if any of their friends want some
**you can also post the graphic on your customer page or email your entire contacts list

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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