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I’m giving away an entire month’s worth of posts EVERY MONTH!

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So I’m going to share some posts with YOU.

You can schedule an entire month’s worth of posts for July in your customer groups!

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Melissa Fietsam

Thirty-One Hostess Coaching,Melissa Fietsam style!

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I am working on my hostess coaching this month. I have lots of processes and things that I do, but my focus is making all of those things EASIER. So I took all my forms, postcards, etc. and made these 4 postcards with the help of Night Owl Custom Designs (https://www.facebook.com/NightOwlCustomDesign?fref=ts). 

I have 2 steps BEFORE my hostesses party.

Hostess mailing #1, they get a postcard and a nail file. They get this 2 weeks before their party.

Hostess mailing #2, they get a postcard and a magnetic bookmark. They get this 1 week before their party.

Mailing #1 is in this picture below on the TOP (one is for catalog party and one is for home show)

Mailing #2 is on the BOTTOM of the picture below (one is for home show and one is for catalog show)

Blog Image

I take my hostess coaching VERY seriously. They are the heart of my business. And my business is only as good as THEY think I am. They are the ones spreading the word about my business. So if this isn’t a focus or strong point in your business, it SHOULD BE!

So the idea with this is to reward them, inform them, make them happy, make them smile, and them make them tell all their friends how WONDERFUL their Thirty-One consultant is!

So this is just a little snippet of my hostess coaching (with Sabrina Hayes, Director) idea on the Ride or Die Crew thrown in there. I LOVE that everything is getting streamlined. I can package all these up ahead of time and then all I have to do on Mondays (that’s when I do all my hostess coaching) is throw an address and stamp on it! WALA! POOF! Your hostess coaching is done and it’s TOP NOTCH 🙂

The direct link for Night Owl Custom Design and these particular postcards is above. I am warning you…you can get lost on her site for days. There are many wonderful things on her site. But only do one thing at a time. If you do too much at once, you’ll never finish a thing! If you’re going to do something, do it right!

And she can design these for ANY company. She was great to work with. Timely, professional, and great work! So these companies…check her out too:

Origami Owl

Mary Kay

Tastefully Simple

Pampered Chef




Perfectly Posh

Tupperware…she can design them for anyone!

Happy Hostess Coaching!!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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