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Power Hour Business Binder for Direct Sales Consultants

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Power Hour Business binder for your direct sales business!

This binder is for ALL companies & all direct sales consultants.

Are you ready to take control of your business in 2018?

Order your business binder today and finally get a SYSTEM to work your business in 20 minutes a day:

  • Track Past Hostesses
  • Track current monthly hostesses
  • Track hostess coaching steps
  • Track new consultants who join your team
  • Track your fiscal year sales, parties, and recruits
  • 20 minutes of booking: and tons of ideas to jump start you!
  • 20 minutes of recruiting: and tons of ideas to jump start you!
  • 20 minutes of customer care: and tons of ideas to jump start you!
  • 20 minutes of hostess coaching: and tons of ideas to jump start you!
  • 20 minutes of social media: and tons of ideas to jump start you!
  • …and so much more!

Training Videos:

When you purchase these printables, you’ll be getting three training videos to teach you how to build your binder, use every sheet effectively, and ROCK YOUR BUSINESS in 2018!


Order your binder by clicking the button below. For $50, you get all 15 printable PDFs and 3 training videos with tons of tricks and tips to help you rock it!


Click the JOIN button below to join your training and support group and get access to your files:

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Theme Party Ideas for your November Direct Sales Parties

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Want a TON of November theme party ideas?

How about some free Facebook party BANNERS?!

I have a pretty awesome group of friends over on Directly Social, and they came up with all of these theme ideas for your month of November! You can use these as themes AND posts within your parties!

And if you want some FREE Facebook Party Banners,


Here’s some ideas they came up with for November to inspire you a little:

Thankful November





Changing leaves


Holiday Shopping

Sweaters and hoodies

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Spice & everything nice

Thanksgiving Crafts with kids

No Shave November

Black Friday

Apple Pie

Hunting Season-single wife

Veteran’s Day

Traveling for Thanksgiving

Macy’s Day Parade

Small Business Saturday


Thanksgiving foods: green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, turkey, rolls, pumpkin pie


Canned Food drives

Family Gatherings

American Diabetes month

Putting up Christmas Tree after Thanksgiving

Hot drinks, hot chocolate, cinammon

Harvest time

Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving

Warm blankets and cozy sweaters

Remembrance Day

Baking cookies and food

What type of party can you use a theme for?

ANYTHING! Whether you’re doing home shows, online parties, fundraisers, BINGO nights, or even straight retail orders…it doesn’t matter. The problem is everything is BORING! Same old stuff on a different day. Using a theme can help pique some interest and attract new customers as well as engage your current customer base.

Don’t forget to join our Facebook group!

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So how do you use a theme?

So, think about it as if you’re planning an actual party. You plan:

  • Plates/cups
  • Decorations
  • Music
  • Food
  • Trinkets
  • Invitations

You would do the same thing for a home show with a theme.

So what can you do for an online party theme?

  • Graphics
  • Share recipes (everyone loves a good recipe)
  • Facebook banner
  • Invitations
  • Games (centered around a theme)
  • Fun Facts (about your theme)

See where this is going? Train your brain to think differently. Everything you do for a home show, can be done for an online party. ESPECIALLY with Facebook Live now.

Happy (almost) November everyone!

Melissa Fietsam


Thirty-One Hostess Coaching,Melissa Fietsam style!

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I am working on my hostess coaching this month. I have lots of processes and things that I do, but my focus is making all of those things EASIER. So I took all my forms, postcards, etc. and made these 4 postcards with the help of Night Owl Custom Designs ( 

I have 2 steps BEFORE my hostesses party.

Hostess mailing #1, they get a postcard and a nail file. They get this 2 weeks before their party.

Hostess mailing #2, they get a postcard and a magnetic bookmark. They get this 1 week before their party.

Mailing #1 is in this picture below on the TOP (one is for catalog party and one is for home show)

Mailing #2 is on the BOTTOM of the picture below (one is for home show and one is for catalog show)

Blog Image

I take my hostess coaching VERY seriously. They are the heart of my business. And my business is only as good as THEY think I am. They are the ones spreading the word about my business. So if this isn’t a focus or strong point in your business, it SHOULD BE!

So the idea with this is to reward them, inform them, make them happy, make them smile, and them make them tell all their friends how WONDERFUL their Thirty-One consultant is!

So this is just a little snippet of my hostess coaching (with Sabrina Hayes, Director) idea on the Ride or Die Crew thrown in there. I LOVE that everything is getting streamlined. I can package all these up ahead of time and then all I have to do on Mondays (that’s when I do all my hostess coaching) is throw an address and stamp on it! WALA! POOF! Your hostess coaching is done and it’s TOP NOTCH 🙂

The direct link for Night Owl Custom Design and these particular postcards is above. I am warning you…you can get lost on her site for days. There are many wonderful things on her site. But only do one thing at a time. If you do too much at once, you’ll never finish a thing! If you’re going to do something, do it right!

And she can design these for ANY company. She was great to work with. Timely, professional, and great work! So these companies…check her out too:

Origami Owl

Mary Kay

Tastefully Simple

Pampered Chef




Perfectly Posh

Tupperware…she can design them for anyone!

Happy Hostess Coaching!!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Promotion Gift for Direct Sales Companies

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Check out these amazing blocks my dear friend Vicky made my girls for their promotions! If you are in direct sales, and have a leader that promotes, this is the PERFECT GIFT! And she can make these for ANY company, any colors! Just let them know what you want and they can make it! You can find their Facebook page here to order your own unique promotion gifts:

Check out my girls blocks:

1 2 3

And here is the pricing for them. So affordable!!




Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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Lead Boxes! Do you have one for your Direct Sales Business?

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I am truly impressed with the Lead Boxes I ordered from Box Full of Leads. Not only was it easy to put together, easy to pass out, and affordable…but they have outstanding customer service! 

I actually started working with one of their lead guys to come up with something that suited our company much better. In other words….they didn’t have anything PINK. LOL! And that’s a crime in my book! So, Eric (at Box Full of Leads) had some new things designed JUST for Thirty-One! How fun is that??!! And they even made the product codes 31…now that’s customer service!

So check out the cool new labels!

31 Gifts Blank Box proof (2) lead box label

AND…they are going to have the one label to the right that is able to be personalized! Or you can buy the blank one and attach a label.

If that wasn’t enough customer service, I let them know the drawing slips they had, really just didn’t fit out “personality”. So we came up with something that would work MUCH better for Thirty-One and direct sales in general!!

I am SO excited about these new drawing slips that fit onto the lead boxes. Perfect for our Thirty-One business. Eric and I worked on these together!:

And here is the kit you can order:

You should go visit their FB page and like’m!

And who doesn’t love a discount? Visit and like their FB page and then type in Facebook Discount at checkout for 10% off your entire order!


If you would like to view the original post where I talked about what I’m doing with these lead boxes, you can view that here:

Hope you all have a fantastic day!! I have some brand new FUN stickers coming very soon! I’ve gone sticker crazy! I’ve seen a huge increase in my home party invitations from these stickers. And actually asked my last home party what they thought of the invitations. So I’m all about the stickers now!


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts