Do you SUCK at Hostess Coaching?

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I have some really great tips for all your hostess coaching this morning!

If I could say there’s one thing in your business that needs consistent work, it’s hostess coaching. You can have the best Facebook script in the world, the best party presentation under the sun…but if you’re not coaching your hostess-your party is going to FLOP!

I want to show you a few easy things you can do to get your BASELINE hostess coaching done in less than 5 minutes every single month!

STEP 1: Create a hostess group

Create a closed group on Facebook every single month for your “VIP Hostesses”.

In this group, you want to add:

  1. All of your hostesses for that month
  2. A Photo album with some photos they can share of customer specials and such.
  3. Copy of the customer special flyer
  4. Copy of the order form they can print if they run out
  5. Copy of digital catalog (that you’ve already uploaded to

And WHY would you want to have all that in a group?

How many times is your hostess at work and forgets her catalog?

How many times does she send you a message and say, “What was the customer special again?”  “What patterns does it come in?”

Stop wasting your time! And hers! Now you can immediately go to your VIP Hostess Group and tag her in that post she needs. BAM! LIKE A BOSS!

STEP 2: Create some Google Surveys

Every month, I create 3 google surveys for my team.

Hostess Coaching #1: gets sent the day she books her party

Hostess Coaching #2: gets send the day her party starts

Hostess Coaching #3: gets sent 3 days before her party ends

Here’s an example of this month’s Hostess Coaching #1:

Once these are set up, all you have to change every month is the MONTHLY SPECIAL! And our whole team has these awesome hostess coaching links they can TEXT, Facebook message, or post in the VIP Hostess Group!

STEP 3: Now schedule some posts

Now all you have to do is schedule a handful of hostess coaching tips into your group for the duration of the party! You want to give them some challenges and schedule those Google Surveys you just did!

Here’s some examples of my posts and how I scheduled them in 10 minutes, check this out:

So tell me below what YOUR favorite hostess coaching tip is?!

Melissa Fietsam


Create an EASY Professional Video for Your Business with Facebook!

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Easy and FREE. Two of my favorite words!

I’m going to show you how to create a professional video for your business, right from your Facebook business page!

Creating original content is simply a requirement if you’re running your own business. And Facebook has so many amazing tools to help you do that.

Once you make this video, you can download it and SHARE it to all your social media platforms:

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook Customer Group
  3. Instagram
  4. Pinterest
  5. Your Facebook party scripts
  6. and so much more!

Learn how to make your own awesome video in less 5 minutes!

Happy video making! Post a link to YOUR video below!

And don’t forget to follow me on Facebook: Directly Social

Melissa Fietsam

FREE Direct Sales Training from Steve Wiltshire

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You are not going to want to miss this FREE Direct Sales training on how to rock your business on Facebook from Steve Wiltshire


Steve Wiltshire and his team will be sharing their amazing tips on how to make Facebook Parties beneficial to your business!

And that is something we ALL NEED!

Don’t forget to share with your teams and join us TONIGHT!

Click GOING on the event so you don’t miss a thing! You can go back and view the training at any point after that! But the FUN will be joining us live tonight so you can ask him questions!


Melissa Fietsam

Thirty-One Facebook Party Planning

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Facebook parties are a HUGE part of Direct Sales these days. Wouldn’t you like to spend some time increasing your recruiting, booking, and sales?

Well, I am. And I made this form to help me PLAN my party better. Check this out:

Things you need to think about planning in your party. Here’s a simple rundown of what I think is important to include:

  1. Holiday relevance to your product and how it relates to any upcoming holidays
  2. Games
  3. Booking- hostess specials
  4. Join your customer group
  5. Recruiting Information
  6. Your personal booking incentive
  7. Live FB video
  8. Monthly Customer Specials
  9. Introduction

Once you have the important things plugged in, then you can fill it with fun “selling” posts showing off your product.

**And ALWAYS try to ask a question in each post to keep it interactive!

Since I’ve started planning my Facebook parties, they simply FLOW better. They just make sense. So I highly encourage you to really take some time and put some thought into what it is you would like to do with your Facebook parties and get creative!

Here’s our team file I made to plan your own Facebook party if you’d like:!AkYgT2PVhSEHjAgNUF20H58_v1ec

Hugs and happy planning!

Melissa Fietsam


January Booking Idea #6

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Here’s your January Booking Idea #6!


I tell my team over and over…a sale is a DEAD END if you don’t make some kind of lasting relationship with your customers.

You have to take this outlet sale as a way to get these customers into your customer group!!

If you don’t get them into your customer group and stay in front of them, they won’t have the chance to see all the amazing things for the Spring catalog. They’re going to be getting a new catalog in their outlet sale order. Do you want them to remember your NAME when they find something they love and want to order? Because that catalog isn’t going to have YOUR NAME on it. So you better be following up with every single customer who orders from the outlet sale.

Here’s my suggestion:

Every time someone orders, send them a TEXT with a “thank you” graphic like this with TEXT like this added. You can literally copy/paste this message all day long as people are ordering from the outlet sale:

Hi there! I simply wanted to say thank you for your order today! And…I wanted to let you know you will be receiving a brand NEW Spring 2017 catalog in your shipment!

And if you’d like to get a head start and never miss a deal, click on this link and join my customer group on Facebook! Because you were ALSO entered in to win a free prize just by ordering on the outlet sale! ((INSERT LINK TO YOUR CUSTOMER GROUP))

thank you graphic, thirty-one gifts, 2017, outlet sale, join thirty-one gifts

And if you missed how to ROCK your Thirty-One Outlet Sale…check out this training to maximize your outlet sales:

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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January Booking Idea #5

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Here’s your January Booking Idea #5!

So this idea is all about reaching out to your past hostesses from 2015 and maybe even farther back than that!

We want to tell your past hostesses…”there’s this deal going on…if you collect a $35 order or make a $35 order in January, you get a sneak peek at the new SPRING catalog.”

We’re tying all of this back to that VIP Catalog idea. Where if someone places a $35 order, you will mail them a new catalog:

But the REAL reason behind this, is opening up a conversation with those hostesses and showing your excitement about the Spring Catalog.

Our goal is to get them to collect or place a $35 order in January…with the ULTIMATE goal of having them RE-book a party in February!

Honestly, these are also people you could be reaching out to for the Penguin Parade idea I shared too!

Check this out:

So it’s all about reopening those relationships and conversations with your past hostesses!

Melissa fietsam, Ind. Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Host Your own Fashion Show in January!

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Here’s a FUN idea for January that will:

  1. Get January sales
  2. Get February bookings
  3. Increase #’s in your customer group
  4. Increase participation in the Facebook event
  5. And make life easier by integrating all these ideas into ONE event!

So I’m basically taking all my January ideas and getting them all into one group!

I’m going to use my normal January Facebook Party Script which you can find here:

I’m going to take out a few of those posts and add in the SNEAK PEEK posts. I’ll post one SNEAK PEEK a day.

I’m going to be doing daily giveaways of $1 Lottery Tickets. They won’t know what that prize is, just a mystery prize each day for participation in the event.

When I mail that lottery ticket, I’ll be mailing with a card that says, “didn’t win ? Win BIG and turn this in for $10 off your February party when you book your own SPRING party in February!”

I also created a POLL in my customer group to get some buzz going. If you don’t know hwo to do that, here’s a video: HOW TO CREATE A POLL


I’ll be reminding everyone that anyone who orders on this party will also be mailed their very own Spring Catalog. That is something I’m personally doing, not the company. I’m using my commission from this party to mail those catalogs!

Here’s some graphics I made for my Spring Fashion Show Event:

Showing off the new hostess exclusives



Talking about some on the go items!


Talking about some of the new organizing products:


Talking about the retirement list:


Talking about some of the new products and colors:


Talking about the new thermals and updates:


Happy January Bookings!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

January Booking Idea #4

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Here’s your January Booking Idea #4:

Penguin Parade!


thirty-one gifts, join thirty-one, become a consultant, 2017, january

You get 6 people to collect $100 in orders.

You split the hostess benefits between those 6 people.

First person to turn in their $100 gets top choice on gift they want.

If they collect $200 in orders, they get TWO prizes.

It’s an EASY way to get people collecting orders! You can mail them a catalog and customer special flier, do a Facebook party, whatever they want!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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Host a Thirty-One Fundraiser!

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I LOVE to do fundraisers! They are one of my favorite parts of this “job” of mine!

I’ve been doing fundraisers for about 7 years now. I’m going on 8 years of being a consultant! So everything runs like clock work when you host a fundraiser with me! I want to show you all the fun and unique ways we can do fundraisers to help you and your organization or cause.

So how do I do them?

And HOW can I help YOU and your organization?

Here’s the TOP 5 ways we can run a fundraiser to benefit YOU!

The great thing about these things, is that you can COMBINE any and all ways that you love! Combining a few different ways will ensure your team’s success when it comes to hosting a fundraiser with me!

#1 Online Party

This is SO easy! We have a link to your fundraiser on my website and everyone can follow the link to order. 30% of all orders are donated to your organization. All participants get a packet of goodies with a catalog, fliers, and order forms.

#2 Home Show

You can host a home show and invite all your friends and family to see the product themselves and order there!

#3 Facebook Event

Facebook events are GREAT to show people product usage and great ideas on HOW they could enjoy some Thirty-One in their lives while donating to a great cause. I set the entire event up for you and all you have to do is invite your friends. All ordering is done online. Easy peezy!

#4 Trunk Party

You’re already at practice, or church, or somewhere with all your friends. Why not invite them all to a special night where they can literally see all the products and order at a convenient location where they’re already going to be!

#5 Team Party

Each parent takes a hostess packet and collects orders individually and we enter as one big party! This is the most successful way. Each parent has a link to their own orders. It’s easy to track. AND…parents have an incentive from ME if they hit a certain amount in sales!

*Combine this with the online and Facebook event, and there’s no limit to what you can earn for your organization!

Would you like more information about hosting a fundraiser with me? Fill out this quick survey below and I’ll contact you ASAP!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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January Booking Idea #2

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Here’s your January Booking Idea #2!

Anyone who orders $35 or more in January will be getting a brand new catalog.

thirty-one catalog, join thirty-one, become a consultant, 2017

SAY WHAT?! What if I told you how to do it where it won’t actually cost you a dime?

Here’s the breakdown. 

A) Someone orders $35- you make 25% of that in commission, which =$8.75. 

B) It costs you approximately $2.50 to mail a catalog to that person who just ordered. 

C) On a $35 order, you still made a profit of $6.25.

D) But I know what the January customer special is. And I know they aren’t passing up that $10 tote. So let’s just increase our profit a little more, right?

Check this out and then look at some statistics below:

I haven’t mailed new catalogs during a catalog launch in TWO YEARS. And you know what’s happened the last 3 years?

Fiscal Year 2013-2014: I had $20,516.43 in personal volume (mailed new catalogs to too many people)

Fiscal Year 2014-2015: I had $45,894.15 in personal volume (and didn’t mail a single catalog)

Fiscal Year 2015-2016: I had $56,914.39 in personal volume (and didn’t mail a single catalog)

Notice a pattern? I stopped blindly mailing catalogs to people who never ordered in the first place and it didn’t hurt me a bit. There was NO return in investment by blindly mailing catalogs to anyone who wanted them. STOP doing that!

But what if I had mailed catalogs to those people who WERE actually ordering? What would my sales have been THEN?! How many MORE people could I have gotten in front of?

I really want to get this catalog into people’s hands that LOVE Thirty-One. Because the more that are out there with my name on it, the more people will see it.

SHOUT FROM THE ROOF TOPS that every single person who orders on your VIP parties in January, will be getting their own catalog on their door step! Use part of your commission to cover those expenses. If they were wavering on ordering something you’re offering, that will be the one thing that might tip them to say…okay….I want a new catalog!

Melissa fietsam, Ind. Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts